Tired, moving, energizing

The heat is catching up with me.  But much better than in the past.  I rode a couple ponies today.  My legs felt like jelly.  I slopped all over one horse and I'm lucky she didn't toss me.  I was so close to goosing her.

I'm leaving in a couple of days for Texarkana.  Family wedding - should be a hoot.  Hmmm.  Had a lot on my mind earlier but it seemed to have escaped me.

Found an interesting chicken recipe with lots of spices in it.  Since several of us are fighting colds the added cayenne and vitamin C will be beneficial.  I don't need the heat the pepper will bring with my already inflamed MS body but I think a good push will be good.  Flush this stuff out of me and move on.

And I need a good soaking.  A massage would be great but I will gratefully settle for a soak in the tub.  

The bell has rung.  Chicken is done.  More later!

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