Horses, Movement therapy and MS

Movement therapy.  I know nothing about it but believe in it.  Nothing calms my MS better than riding my horses.  Even just at a walk.  Or a trot.  Rhythm, balance, movement.  And I sweat!   That sounds weird but I don't have to work hard, it comes easy, I sweat out toxins and cool off my body.

I have actually been able to stay out in the heat this summer.  Granted I water down often and I'm not doing that much but compared to the last eight years.  Wow.  And sometimes I use my cooling vest from Arctic Heat.

Here you can see a photo of me in the Galapagos wearing a sun shirt over the vest in this ego-boosting article about my photography:

MS management takes into consideration all aspects of life:  diet, exercise, stress-free living, friends, family, happiness, love, life.

Heat management is one that can be dealt significantly with diet.  I ate my apple today.  several glasses of cool water.  Shentrition.  Cheese sandwich on white bread (OK, not good, but sometimes you just have to go for comfort), water, water, water.   Fruit.  Water.    We'll have chicken tonight because that's what is in the fridge.  I could grill - but do we need the added heat?  no. But will it taste good?  you bet.  We'll see.  I haven't decided.  And that's a good thing with MS - we must learn how to be flexible and not have everything planned or expected a certain way.

As you can see, I'm a rambler.  An e-babbler.  But within this babble is something note worthy to those with MS or who may know someone with MS>

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