Mind Body Cleanse - my Journal

Hello all!

Welcome to my journal about my gentle cleanse as I reboot my mind body connection. I'm working with award-winning author and certified fitness trainer, Loa Blasucci, and her online mini system is just 5 days. I can do this!

Day 1:


What a glorious morning. Had a restful night sleep and ready to start the cleanse and reboot my mind body.


Started off by not drinking the usual cup or two of coffee in the morning. This morning started with two glass of lemon water. I'm used to going back and forth from water, tea and coffee, so this first step is pretty easy for me. What's interesting is how my body was craving the ginger-lemon hot hottie and not the usual black sludge. Now don't get me wrong, I love a nice cup of coffee now and then, but going back to hot lemon water is fine by me.

Having several things on my to-do list today encouraged me to get started early. But, no slumping at the computer for the next four hours. Twenty minutes - get it done and get outside for a walk before it gets too warm. And crank it out I did.

Looking at the clock and realizing it's later than I would like I check the temperature outside. Beautiful and not too warm yet. A shade trek should be nice and doable. Not too hotside...yet.

Slow and lethargic I moved along the street, my 82 year old father by my side. He wasn't slow, I was. He was on his cool down after walking 1.5 miles at the gym. Good genes.

As we walk, my mind starts releasing toxic thoughts. I can feel them coming and then, just as quickly, they leave. No stressors. No anxiety. Just thoughts that come and then leave. I practice breathing deep and with intention. What do I want to release today? what negativities are holding me back in life? Ahhhh. My breathing gets deeper. I can do this!

In a gentle room I stretch. Nothing harsh or drastic, just a peaceful environment, my diffuser and essential oils going away, and positive thought in my mind and heart. Breathing deep, I stretch a few minutes and then head back to the laptop.

After about a half hour on the laptop working away its time for my morning juice. I am so blessed to live in southern California and have this abundant produce everywhere around.

I'm off to cook, juice, chop, and prep for the coming week of cleansing.


Made plenty of reboot soup, salad, quinoa and fresh juices to nosh on during the day. Delish! Throughout the day my mind was continually trying to hang up on something. To get anxious and upset. To find that one thing to justify anger. But it wasn't there. I let it go. I kept letting it go. Every time something got me anxious and short of breathe I took a big deep inhale and let it go. And it worked. I felt free of angst and it felt amazing. I'm looking forward to continuing this freeing feeling with breathing and relaxing techniques as I cleanse months of crud out of my system.

Time for bed. Took a relaxing bath with bath salts and essential oils. Lavender and cardamom. Boy did I sleep well! At least the first part of evening til about three am, then I woke for a bit. But that's OK. I fell back to sleep a bit and woke for good about an hour ago.

Day 2:

Continuing my cleansing and growth through the second day. Starting the day off with a ginger lemon hot tottie and prepping for me gentle Loa Flow class that starts in an hour.

My body is warm tho. Very warm. I can feel the inflammation in my legs as the crud from my body is expelled. I can see negative thoughts leaving my body and mind. A reboot is happening and it feels so good!

I am aware that our bodies are amazing and they cleanse on their own. But sometimes modern day life makes a cleanse feel necessary.

Well, actually I never made the tottie and ended up just drinking filtered water. But that's what my body was asking for and I listened. That's one of my best learned lessons in life. Listening to the body. Really listening.

The amount of anger in me taking to the surface is surprising. I didn't realize how many negative things had accumulated. In my body. In my mind. But today, yesterday and this week, they are exiting this building!

Cleansing in some ways has become easy. Almost. But there are deeper parts about a cleanse that can get the mind going.

The light meals and juices are keeping me going all day. I made some lovely lemon ginger iced tea to sip on which became real refreshing on these warm summer days.

Day 3:

This was a good week to choose to cleanse. My schedule is light and easy with some work but not a lot of obligations.

Interesting as thoughts of work and projects would enter my mind, trying to raise my anxiety level, but my body just breathed deep and relaxed. No anxiety. Wow. The mind body cleanse is working!

Throughout the day I practice deep breathing and some gentle meditation. My intention is continually bringing my mind to the present as my anxiety levels release and disintegrate. Man this feels great.

Again this morning I go for the filtered water. Several glasses before I get out of bed. How refreshing!

My morning walk started with a spring in my step. Where did this spring come from? I'll take it that's for sure. Must be the lightness I'm feeling as the crud is leaving my body. I pick up the pace. It's supposed to be a gentle walk but my legs are wheeling spry. I take advantage of the feeling and let my legs go with it.

By the time I got home my whole body was aglow with sweat. My body felt strong light and hydrated. This is a feeling I like and will bring to intention throughout the rest of this cleanse.

Patience. I'm not known for it and struggle daily with finding it. Today was a good example of how I'm growing as a person through this reboot. I was at the market picking up six apples for my juices. I got in the wrong line. Almost a half hour later I am being waited on so I can pay my $1.68. The lady in front commented on how calm and happy I looked. Well, there was nothing I could do about it so I mentally succumbed and enjoyed a couple of magazines while waiting. Love this feeling! This is also an intention I'm carrying throughout the week and beyond. Succumb. Relax. Know the things we can change and the things we can't. Courage. It all helps.

Day 4:

Morning world!

What a great night sleep. While the last several nights brought sweats, pain, and inflammation, last night had just one wake up for a restroom break and some water then back to sleep. Yay team!

I'm off to make a hot lemon toddy! I'll be back. But for now I'm enjoying my cleanse. I have a gentle schedule today and will focus on my intentions.

Juicing through this day feels refreshing. Almost easy as if by following these simple instructions gives less to think about. The cravings are not really there. And an earlier time of healthier eating raises its beautiful head and reminds what eating could be like. Oh I love this reminder!

The negative thoughts still escape me. I love the feeling of them leaving my body as my lungs fill deep with air and comfort my tired, MS body and mind.

Bits of anger and impatience flit about reminding me of my weaknesses. I struggle for a moment but then the fleeting annoyances fly away. Fly away. Float away. Fall away. They do it all and my strength grows.

My intentions during this cleanse are to let go of what o can not control and to choose those elements I want in life. My life goals for this chapter are writing, artistry, and living each day best I can.

Day 5:

It's 2am and I can't sleep. Keep thinking of my beautiful aunt who is dying of brain cancer right now. Hospice is with her and she is joining her God as she leaves this world. Man, I love this lady and now she's gone. The tears flow freely. For my aunt. For her family. For my uncle. Life is amazing. So powerful yet so vulnerable. Life is the snowflake we are given. Unique. Delicate. Destructible.

How do we protect our snowflake yet let it shine like no other?

This day became a bit more challenging in ways and easier in others. After a morning stroll to get the blood flowing, and so,e time in the garden, I continued my juicing. Keeping my schedule light I used this time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Ahhhh. I needed this!

We had a big dinner to go to tonight so I glad I stared my cleanse a bit early. A local favorite prime rib spot is closing. I'm not a big prime rib fan and coming off the cleanse wanted to keep it light so went woth French oinion soup and spinach salad. I keep the bread and cheese to a minimum and are the broth and onions. Delish! And plenty for dinner.

I always have this great Sense of renewal after a cleanse. A true reboot. And this was no different. As the toxic crud left my body I was left with clear vision of what I choose in life and what I am letting go from my mind.

I could still feel a few rid bits of toxicity left in me. Negative thoughts, anger and impatience. As I breathe through each possible moment of anxiety I know that I have the tools to move forewar, successfully. And that's just what I'm going to do, use my tools: journaling, meditation, exploration, nature.

Join us as we move forward with what we choose and let go of what we want no more.

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A New Year. Time to manage some stress!

Another new year and several intentions to follow for my multiple sclerosis. Fourteen years since my diagnosis yet I'll never forget how lost and scared I was stumbling to my doctors office looking for answers. Well, not the answer I wanted with an MS diagnosis, but better than being dead. So bring it on and let's do this.

Fourteen years later and I've learned so much. I've talked a lot about nutrition and other ways to manage ms. One area that does more for me than anything else is stress management.

How do we best manage stress?

A few of my tricks include:

  1. Take a break and recharge the battery. Even if it's just five minutes in a quiet, dark place can help unwind and recharge. No lights no sounds. No electronics. Just me, relaxing and recharging. Five minutes can mean making the afternoon or not. Try it out and see what works for you.
  2. Let go let God. We have enough static in our lives to charge an army. Now seriously, is what we are stressing about even within our control? Time to staple it shut, give it a name, and throw it away. Choose carefully what your energy is spent on because if it's used up on silly stuff we have no control over then where do we get the energy to deal with actual important stuff? Let go of it. Staple it shut. Throw it away.
  3. Ask for help. My friends told me, after I got sick, that MS taught me how to ask for help. Finally. And that's a good thing. We are not in this alone. There's a huge community out there waiting to help us. From twitter @thegirlwithms and @mspals to MS nurses and support through programs like there are a variety of ways to find support.

These are just a few tricks. Movement and attitude are other contributing factors. Often I participate in morning free flow and chat sessions to help me deal with my MS, life and all that goes in between.

In addition to flowing and chatting, it's imperative for me to stay on top of the stress management aspect of MS. This means every few days, checking in with myself and seeing how I am really doing. Am I sleeping? Am I eating healthy? Am I full of angst or able to sit, relaxed in a chair? No two of us are the same. But we all can have similar feelings of unrest. These feelings often are a result of stressors that haven't been dealt with in appropriate manner.


Wow, and let's watch those words we are using in our daily lives. Are we setting ourselves for success? Or for failure? Are we saying "I get to work for the next hour" or "I have to work for the next hour"

Every word we use, even in the minutest of details, can set us up or start to destroy us. Words like Try, Have to, Need. Let's use words such as Do, Get to and Want.

"I don't have to work today. I get to work because God gave me another day on this earth that wasn't guaranteed" (what is guaranteed anyway?). "I get to work because my clients believe in me and hired me to do their work."

Whatever it is we are doing, let's use the words that put it in the right frame of mind. If we go in negative, we come out negativ. And that is not managing stress for MS. Positivity helps mange stress.

In addition, get moving. Can't emphasize this enough. Even a scooter ride around the block will help get the blood flowing and the air moving.

There is so much we can do to help manage stress.

What are some of your top stressors and how do you Manage them?

Join the conversation!


Race to Erase MS, Nancy Davis, Dr Weiner: Winning!

Time to Erase MS!

For those who don't know about Race to Erase MS, Nancy Davis and Dr. Leslie P. Weiner, well, you have a lot to learn about awesomeness in fighting multiple sclerosis.

Nancy's foundation, Race to Erase MS, not only raises awareness and lots of money but she's finding answers and helping others through her Center without Walls Program. And all of this while living with MS and raising a family.

First off, Nancy holds a wonderful Gala every year to raise money to find a cure for MS. I went one year and it was amazing! I highly recommend it. At $1000 per seat it's not inexpensive but a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for MS and have fun. There are also ways to sponsor and support at all levels.

Race to Erase has also set up an easy way for individuals to raise money for fighting MS. They have a program called the Virtual Race to Erase MS. I just signed up!

I've been deciding which foundation to direct my fundraising efforts from MSontheRoad and have decided on Race to Erase MS.

Click here to reach my personal fundraising page and to donate!

So why did I choose Race to Erase MS? Because they rock!

Nancy raises money for a program she developed called Center without Walls. While Nancy came from an affluent background and can afford many medical needs and luxuries, she knows there are many folks out there that need help. A lot of help. Thus, Center without Walls was created. Here is some information from their website:

Center Without Walls - Program Overview

"The Race to Erase MS wanted to build a winning team so we sought the best and the brightest throughout the world to create the Center Without Walls program." – Nancy Davis

Funded by the Race to Erase MS, the Center Without Walls program (CWW) has provided support that has permitted the medical community to link together multidisciplinary scientific programs and expertise across the country to advance the understanding of the cause of MS and to develop new treatments. The Center is a break-through success because of the vision, insight and flexibility of these extraordinary doctors.

The Center’s theme is simple: communication – doctors working together toward a mutual goal. When this goal is reached, all will share in the victory.


Partnering with the Best

While Nancy has the illness, energy, ideas and funds to help, she also has the smarts to surround herself with the best of the best. Now we are talking about Dr. Leslie P. Weiner from USC. I had first hand experince with Dr. Weiner back in 2001-2003 during a three-year, double-blind study for a T Cell vaccination. I got to see Dr. Weiner on a regular basis. And boy do I miss that MS intelligence.

But now Dr. Weiner has a new facility with some great staff. Check out the USC Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center and Research Group.

I am so stoked about this. I just spoke with Pat, the project manager at the facility. She remembers me from the USC study ten years ago!

I explained my situation. How my diagnosing neurologist retired and referred me to another Doctor who after three years of seeing me told me she didn't have any of my history or medical records. She "treated" me without knowing anything about my illness. Since it was becoming a joke, her inability to treat anything since she didn't know anything, I found a new neurologist. After several tests, time and money, the new doctor said he wasn't 100% sure I have MS and wanted to send me to Dr. Weiner.

Talk about full circle. And why this doctor laughed at me when I asked for a jury excuse. He said I looked great. Since when does looking great mean your MS is OK? I tried to ask him a few question about my tremors, loss of right hand that day, weak legs and balance. He didn't have time. This was after waiting two hours for him! I stumbled and fell walking back to my car. While he ran a litany of tests which I will use, he clearly doesn't understand me or my MS.

Frustrated beyond belief I called USC and spoke to Pat. She is getting me some answers and a new neurologist. I'm hoping to get in to see Dr Weiner if just for a consult after all of these years. He's not taking new patients but I know the others doctors there are all MS focused. We will see.

Bottom line, I'm finally in good hands again!

And because I wanted to, I ordered a cool bracelet to raise money for Nancy's programs.

Nancy is always thinking outside the box and partnering up with some great folks. Check out this group who makes the bracelets CJ Free Jewelry.

And if bracelets aren't your thing, check out the variety of fun fundraising ideas at the shop:

Here's to the folks at Race to Erase MS, Center without Walls, Dr. Weiner, CJ Free Jewelry and everyone fighting to find a cure for MS.

Let's do this!



Free to Pee!


In honor of snaughling, diapers and MS, I am running a contest to help promote Wearever incontinence underwear and build awareness around their MS projects such as fundraising for the MS Foundation.

Introducing the #FreetoPee contest!

Wearever provides financial donations to MS Foundation, who in return provides us all with lots of great information.

So, to enter the contest:

1. Check out the array of products at Wearever and see how they could make your life easier with MS

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It's that easy!

Remeber - Your input could help others in the same situation.




Essential Oils and Multiple Sclerosis

What is multiple sclerosis and how might essential oils help?

According to the National MS Society:
"Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The exact antigen — or target that the immune cells are sensitized to attack — remains unknown, which is why MS is considered by many experts to be "immune-mediated" rather than "autoimmune."

And we know MS as being a royal pain the rear. So how can we learn to live just a bit better?  Because sometimes it just takes a "bit"!

With this in mind, it's time to try some natural solutions that might help calm the autoimmune response and find overall health in the body, mind and soul. Time for essential oils!

I have had positive results using several oils for everything from sleep, nervousness to clearer breathing and wanting more energy. I have found better living through essential oils. Quality of essential oils is a must. The highest quality insures the safest and most effective way to use essential oils whether it's ingested or used topically.
The beginning is always the toughest. Taking that first step. Well, I did and I am not looking back! Essential oils are helping me manage my MS so I can live better. There is a lot to learn about which oils might help you for which MS symptom. Call me and let's chat!  818-585-5660.
Time to change your medicine cabinet!
I am excited about continuing to change my medicine cabinet! Essential oils can help with any issue, medical, mental or physical. I started with the Oil solution for allergies, asthma and it sold me! One inhale and I'm ten times better.

In learning more about essential oils and multiple sclerosis I came across the following protocol for possibly helping with MS: I had never heard of helichrysum before. (I have helichrysum on order!) it's part of the daisy family, asteraceae. I will check it out more on this oil. Looks promising!

There are many benefits to using essential oils for holistic health and wellness. Any time we can find alternative ways to reach a healthy life, it's worth it!

It's time to be aware of what we put in our bodies.

Want to learn more about essential oils and living a more stress free life?

Contact me today for a private consult!
Caroline at 818-585-5660

Little Miracles, a Essential Oils and Thriving with MS

We wake up, not knowing what the day will bring. We have ideas, probably a plan and even an agenda, but the day will unfold as it may, and not necessarily to match our expectations.
The other day I had an agenda. To work on my new workshop on MS and nutrition, A New Diet = A New You. And as I worked, the day started to unfold in mysterious ways. First, the workshop was rescheduled at one venue. OK, I said to myself, let's use the time for research. But instead we formed a circle, pulled a little miracle out of the community help box and decided to proceed with a soul circle meditation. Wow! Imagine a small group of folks, talking and supporting each other as we discuss life, struggles, work and more. This was truly a miracle. My mantra for the month:
Dreams grow holy put into action.
OK, Time to put these dreams into action!
In the meantime I met a lady who impressed me with her healthy lifestyle, Miss Christine Merritt from Texas. She was radiant, healthy and beautiful. She exuded the look of holistic health.
What was her secret? Essential oils? OK, heard of them but never really gave them their fair share. Time to try them. First I tried an oil combination designed for asthma and allergies.
And Boy was I impressed. The oil immediately helped my mothers asthma and cough and helped me with post nasal drip and the common allergy. In fact I woke up in the middle of the night wanting my Oil! But it was in my mothers room. I had to wait until morning. (My order of The oil is on its way)
While I was ordering my Oil, other essential oils were popping up with my curiosity. How can these oils possibly help my MS symptoms? I found a protocol for essential oils and MS. I also found that certain oils can possibly help MS such as sandalwood, clove, frankincense and more. From calming our nerves to finding serenity or energy, these oils offer many solutions for our MS symptoms. And right then I decided without a doubt that I needed these oils to complete my holistic approach to thriving with MS.
So I ordered more! In the mail is coming many Oils to possibly help with my MS symptoms, to calm my nerves and help my life be as fulfilling as possible. AND, because I know these oils help and are now part of my solutions for MS, I decided to become an wellness advocate for oils. It just seemed the natural thing to do!
What started out as one day quickly turned into quite another! While I work with my clients, rebuilding lives after MS, creating new diets and nutritional help, I am pleased to include these essential oils with my healing workshops and private wellness coaching.
Workshops are provided throughout the year in various locations. Call me for more information at 818-585-5660. See you on the road with MS!

Multiple Sclerosis in the News