Caroline's MS and reBoot Journal


Thanks for joining me in my never ending quest for better living with multiple sclerosis (MS). I use lifestyle, nutrition, essential oils and other tricks to manage my MS. 13 years ago I couldn't walk or see unassisted. Things have changed! I still relapse. I still have symptoms. Life itself has changed much. But there are ways to help manage MS with natural healing.



Well, what a weekend and a week! Last week my MS was creeping toward a relapse. Weak and miserable I slogged through the days leaning on a cane and leaning on my friends for all of their help! And that was before the fair. In fact, at one point on at hursday I was running an errand in town at our local print store, Printefex. And I was leaning on the counter thinking, I could have brought my cane in. Then I see a CHP drive In next door to get lunch, which he did, in the comfort of his car parked right next to mine.

No big deal right? Except I was so wobbly I was walking like I was three sheets under. And I had no cane. How was I to get from this counter to my car without this CHP pulling me over for a DUI? All I can say is his food from Taco Deli was amazing (as always) and he had no interest in seeing me hobble and lean my way to my car. Whew. Two more errands and maybe a twenty minute rest before my marathon tonight with our Christmas in July chamber /City mixer. I'm in charge of the business expo.

Friday, my first night at the fair, I was so wobbly that I had four bottles of water and waited in car until my friends were ready to go. I could clearly here the AC/DC cover band singing Dirty Deeds. All was right in The word. I saw AC/DC live years ago. Brought back fun memories.

The fair was cool. Only 80F. And I got a last minute ride with a friend. And my friend needed some help with the pig. The perfect storm created the perfect weekend.

I helped corral the pig into its pen and we went for some gentle exploration by foot. Slowly and carefully. Then, that evening I got a second wind and pushed through an amazing day with my friends daughter, who is the closest I have to a niece, including mutton bustin, wall climbing and the Ferris wheel! Click here for my day at the fair

Here are A couple highlights from the fair and recovering afterwards:

Meeting inflatable service men, trying to win a gun at the National Wild Turkey Federation, taking a selfie with my girl Izzy on the Ferris wheel, tucking in the Pig for the night and so much more...

After the nice long weekend at the fair, a feat I never would have been able to do until the perfect storm of situations hit, I took advantage of some down time and had a very mellow Monday and plan to have the same today, Tuesday.

With MS it's imperative that when we do activities that we save some time for recovering. Time to rejuvinate. Time without deadlines, without demands and without stress.

I used my oils all weekend. From serenity at night for sleep to MS blend during the day, to various oils to help throughout: lemongrass for my burning legs, melaleuca for the cold sore trying to evolve, to wild orange and OnGuard to get going healthy and strong in the morning. I carry this little container with me everywhere I go. I always have an oil to help!

And time for restorative yoga! I'm really enjoying attending classes at TheraYoga Studio in Montrose California, and took one yesterday to help me feel better.

In addition I made some major changes to diet. Fair food is not MS friendly! I made whole grains, vegetables, salad, fruit and all things natural. Removed some fat, sodium and cheese and kept it clean eating. My body is so much happier today!

This morning I'm sipping chamomile tea with Mamake leaves from Hawaii. Delish and so soothing!



Uh oh. It's morning on a long day and I'm already wiped out! Have a meeting in 30 minutes. Where's my cane? Going to need it today. Actually should have taken it yesterday to doctors appointment but I didn't. Marathon day today!

Tonight is big chamber mixer, Christmas in July, that I've been working on for month solid now. Great event but looking forward to so,some else running it next year. It was the straw that broke the camels back!

I made it through the day and night but this maxed me out. My energy. My health. It's all waning. Time to take control of my health! I see some nice rejuvenation and rehab time in my near future. That's what's keeping me moving right now, Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.



What's in your diffuser? I be inhaling some Serenity...time for bed!

A good day. Almost forgot a meeting though. Was already to melt into a yoga session and my calendar alert went off. Luckily I had set an alert. Meeting was great but no yoga. Had a few projects to work on. Grateful I did some bathtub yoga first thing this morning.

My body felt pretty good. I didn't drink any caffeine this morning, a good thing for me. I have gone years without it but got back into the coffee habit again. Honestly, I love the taste of black coffee. But my MS and spasmodic torticollis can't stand it. Soooo, time to ease back into only herbs and teas.

The pain in my neck from this spasmodic torticollis is really bugging me. My neck is so tense and tight. Using Some sandalwood EO on the spasms tonight as well as on the soles of my feet. Sandalwood is calming on the nerves. I also used my usual lemongrass EO on my thighs and calves, the sore muscles. It all helps, or at least makes me smell like a Thai restaurant. Actually the oils I use are pure and are not perfume like at all. That's why I can use them.

As for nutrition, well, the day was fine but not really. I had some little baked goods at a meeting (ie including gluten and sugar) and a handful of Doritos (yes, the nasty nacho ones) and then steak dinner with friends and big glass of Merlot (yes, Merlot). Not my usual whatsoever. Granted I had fruit, nuts and cheese during the day, which work fine with my body, but the processed food wasn't a good idea. At least I've had about twenty glasses of LemonEO water since then so I should be pretty clean by now!

Tomorrow is another big day in a way. Several meetings, two of which I'm leading. One is a workshop on reinventing ones medicine cabinet. These are always fun! I'll be sharing oils and meeting new folks. The other is a marketing brainstorm session with a committee I volunteer. And I love marketing!

Bottom line things for us to remember:

  • Manage energy and activities
  • Manage what We have control over - diet, stress, exercise, friends, time spent
  • It is what it is.
  • Be positive. It's worth it!


Happy Monday!

Time to reboot this booty into some healthier living. Had amazing weekend seeing lots of friends, new and old. My MS was acting up horribly and almost fell over numerous times. I'm blaming the heat and doing a bit too much. It was a long week. And the 90F and increasingly warm summer temps are doing me in. Time to spend the day in the A/C and reducing stress load.

Some pics from the weekend. Family, Animals. Friends. They all complete my support group.

I have a few items that need doing today but first, I'm off to do some free flow and get moving. I feel sludgy and slow like the decaf coffee I just drank. And way too much salt yesterday! My face looked like a puffer fish this morning. I took a shower and did so,e bath tub yoga to get started this morning. Now it's Back to water for this girl. Water with lemon oil to help cleanse from the weekend. My hot list for the day:

1. Take care of me. Bathe, reade, yoga, water, healthy eating. Whatever works.

2. Take care of commitments: what must get done today? What can wait?

3. Connect with family and friends. Always.

Off to move this booty...join me!



Yesterday was a tough one for me. It's a been a long week. Mentally in marathon mode I mucked through the week and events knowing Friday would be a down day. And man did I need it! I was so weak I almost fell over several times. I had one event in the evening, retirement party for our minister, and it was tough. Dad wanted to dance. He's 81. I made it barely through one. All I could think about is how drunk I looked and all I had was water all evening. Four bottles of water. I was thirsty! And I had Gumby legs! I definitely felt like a weeble holding on to every table, chair or person I could find.

I had been debating on taking a nap but really didn't want to be up late in the night. So I did an MS battery recharge: lie down in a resting pose, on back, on bed or sofa, wherever it's quiet and not too bright. Using a diffuser and a balancing essential oil (EO), either a blend or a single oil, fall into a peaceful space, calming mind and body. Possibly an eye pillow if it's too light. I also use EOs on the soles of my feet. I used Balance EO blend - one of my favorites for weak and wobbly days!

The mental focus is on recharging the battery. Sometimes I use a relaxing APP on my ipad to play raindrops or Tibetan bells. Actually yesterday I listened to a Native American flute. If my mind wanders or gets busy I bring it back to my breathing. Breathing. So important for managing life with or without illness. I extend both inhale and exhale, filling the empty spaces in my body and relaxing my bones to the floor, releasing to the power of gravity. And if my mind needs activity I visualize a battery recharging in its station, then turn to my breathing.

Tip: Use an alarm so You can relax fully and if sleep happens, it happens. You won't miss your next appointment. Even just a few minutes in this position calms the flare ups and helps preserve the battery.

Before I left for the event I massaged Balance EO into my feet, used Peppermint EO on my legs, and EO blend, aroma touch, on my neck. I was a mess. Weak legs. Balance issues. Tremors in my neck. Pain in my neck. Body sagging tensely to the ground. But it helped! I had recharged my battery as much as possible. Had comfortable clothes on, drank water with Lemon EO in it for restoration and cleansing.

Got home, went to bed. Diffused Serenity EO to calm my nerves further and to help fall into a deep sleep. The night before I had terrible restless legs. I diffused lemongrass EO to help with that. But last night I just needed a solid sleep. I rubbed lemongrass EO on my leg muscles and some Serenity EO on my neck.

Felt much better this morning! When my MS flares up my whole life feels wonky. And today, much better. I needed a day of rest and taking care of me. I did wake to some inflammation. I could feel it in my legs. So decided to use my new White Fir EO in the diffuser and EO Deep Blue Lotion on my calves and thighs. Ahhhh. Relief!

Loving the white fir and how it cleans the air and so much more! I chose it for my pain and for fighting off a cold and fatigue. Diffusing away....

After a restorative night sleep and a restful morning I spent some time with Blue the horse and Daisy the dog. They belong to my friends. I borrow as needed for mental therapy. Today I almost fell over a couple of times with Blue. Just walking around, not riding. Silly gumby legs are still there bu not as bad. Body balance isn't great but if I take it easy today, it will improve. I know that.

I love having my journal back! Here are some quick notes on EOs I've been using. This is probably more for me than you as it's scribble:

My MS Essential Oil Diary



12am. Nite nite.

Orange is new black on netflix.

Long day. Rested.

Club for dinner

Angry. Angry and frustrated. Diffused Wild a orange for attitude adjustment.


1:30 am. Bedtime

Long ass day.




using some melaleuca oil on some odd bug bites I got yesterday.looks like I ran into a spider fest.

played with food in kitchen. made hummus. can sit down in between steps. today my legs feel like what a drunk frog might look like, trying to dance. they hurt. nerves quivering. i was on them too long. we had some fruit that was going bad and wanted to cut it up. it was a push. ready for a nap and haven’t even worked yet…just have one project to work on. that’s enough for this tired girl. fatigue…still not used to it.



Mind games to keep fit. Lumosity for one.

Diffused with OnGuard. Preventing colds etc.

off to feed a friends horse.

Tired today! Long weekend....catching up.

Time to work.




Used balance on feet and neck for a warm day of fun and friends.

Music n the park

Brunch w the birthday girls

Diffusing OnGuard and using on bottom of feet at night.



Playing lumosity

Diffusing lemongrass to wake up



Played with food

Lamp chops

Panzanella salad

Amazing dinner and BBQ with folks. Cards and wine.

Used basil on legs to help with pain and fire.

10pm lights out.




So tired

Legs quivering and on fire. Numbness and tingling left leg. Fingers working intermittently.

Diffusing lemongrass and frank. Putting on soles of feet.



Diffusing OnGuard this morning while working on projects. Some folks have been fighting colds so putting on the defense on.

Woke with a bit of cough and popped some peppermint beadlets. They knock it out right away! Little pops of peppermint. Will also try OnGuard beadlets. Very easy to take and use.

Taking an easy day today. It's almost 80F and only 9am. Going to be a warm one.

Off to take my LLV vitamins. Can't wait for new doTerra order coming soon. New oils and more vitamins!



Oops. Didn't record bedtime.

Celebrating fourth early with friends and family. Overindulged a bit. Slept hard!

Diffused lemongrass during the night.

Had a busy day and diffused lemongrass while working. Really like the clarity it brings often mix it with frankincense.



10:21 lights out.



Orange new black

Diffused lemongrass

Made oil business




10:10 pm

Bless this family and friends

Diffuse frank. Lemongrass

Diffus serenity



feeling good. wanting to stay in bed but inspired to hit my first meeting.

morning diffusion with lemongrass and frankincense.

time for motivation and visitation. slow stretching into child’s pose.



Orange is the New Black season 2 @Netflix.

diffused lemongrass & frank.

Vetiver on feet

Business dinner with friends.



Had some leg cramps in the evening - rubbed basil oil on them. cramps could be from new yoga routine/lack of hydration.




Mellow eve. 2w

2:30am. Woke up - eventually fell back to sleep.

Diffused OnGuard

Zendocrine on feet.




Night night.

Water. Wine. Etc.

Family here

Whew. Tired. :).

Diffused OnGuard




Difussing and using basil. Vetiver

TofR happy hour fundraiser


6.27 8am

So tired and inflamed

Wimbledon. Fifa. Procrastination.


6/26. 12:56am

Night night





Second wind














A Perfect storm makes for a Perfect Weekend!

Since when is it ever 80F at the Mid State Fair!? Just last week It was 107F. But an odd cold front is coming through.

And then a friend called, "I'm heading to Paso this weekend, want a ride?". So I called my friend up north, "Yes, come on up, We can take Izzy and her pig to the fair on Saturday." Wow! Could the timing be any better?

So my friend picked me up Friday afternoon and we headed north. Her 2 yr old daughter and lovely dog, Hickson, joined us. Taking the I5 shuffle north to hwy 46 cuts out quite a bit of time rathern than going hwy 101. Not as pretty but saves about an hour.

Arriving safely, we part ways, and I get ready for a Friday evening at the fair with friends. Time to get a little dolled up! The only issue is that I was on a cane all day Thursday and was so wobbly from my MS when we got to the fair. I didn't bring a cane and it might have been good to have one. I was so weak that I drank four bottles of water and went to the car at 9pm to wait for my friends. And my bladder! Oh my that nervous MS bladder. Peed all the way around the fair. Drank water and peed.

Even with the weakness and wobbles we were able to see a few things before I crashed. The most important thing to me was meeting the folks at the National Wild Turkey Federation. Two veterans were working the booth. One from Vietnam and one from Afghanistan and Iraq. They were selling raffle tickets to win a gun of choice (of what's available). It was a great fundraiser! Every sixty tickets sold created a new drawing for a different gun. When all the guns are chosen, the fundraiser will end. Yes I bought a ticket but didn't win. Yet... I did buy a much needed pink camouflage hat which was the ONLY thing on my list of wants. Girl can't have enough camo and pink!

Saturday brought a whole new set of adventures as we head out early to take Oreo to the fair. Weighing in about 240 he should do fine this week depending upon the style of the judging. Every year it's a bit different.

Izzy helping with Oreo:

Pigs are very sensitive to heat and stress. While it wasn't too hot out, Izzy kept Oreo well hydrated. We did see a pig stress out and it probably won't make it for the market class Tuesday. Some times pigs will die before they show. Sad but it does happen.

After settling the pig in we walked around a bit. I was in Much better condition than Friday. I saw a plaque in honor of some folks I used to work for: Phoebe Cooke and George Hearst. I used to show at the amid State Fair for years. Horses and my students. It was extremely fun to go back and see so many familiar faces.

They now have a covered the arena. We used to just ride in the sun and heat. And trust me it can got very warm here! One year I had a student fall and break her pelvic girdle. That same year a young kid fell from these stands and hit like humpy dumpty on the concrete. I heard it. Worst sound ever. Skull on concrete.

This year I really wanted to see the exhibits. The flowers, quilts and jams. I didn't make the latte two but had fun in the horticulture department!

And then we wrapped up with carnival rides and climbing wall for the girl! Not to mention a little mutton bustin.

I threw caution to the wind and followed a ten year old up the Ferris wheel!

And of course, some mutton bustin with my girl!

I was so fortunate to have been able to come and help and play. All the right conditions made this happen and I thank God for giving me this time with friends and my life. What an experience!

And then on the drive home, we actually had a rain drop on the car. Not enough because we really need rain. But the most pleasant sound on earth right now for us Californians. Rain. And a fun dr Seuss silo that's been on this route forever. Love my California!

So Take That MS! I rested. Drank plenty of water. Avoided some of the fair food. Made my boundaries and stuck with them. I listened to my body and made good choices. Was blessed with great weather. While I'm not back to my latest normal, I am on my way with a restorative day ahead of me with yoga, meditation and quiet time.



Empowerment To Heal - Reposting today for encouragement

I wrote this a year ago today. Woke up feeling a bit blue and legs on fire. This was a good read to get me feeling good again. This post is from Oahu, Hawaii near Kailua. Love this place!

What a morning. Woke up. That was good. Had no desire to do anything. I was angry, pissy and antsy. And it was beautiful outside. My last day at the beach and my legs felt like concrete. After some water and self encouragement my clothes adorned, I grabbed my bag to go explore the town. Or at least to stretch the legs.

Sun was shining bright. A bit too bright. hat on. Body covered in light clothes. I wasn't sure if walking to town was meant to be. The ocean washed among my toes as the sand passed by. But the sun had a chance to stop me.

I wouldn't let it! Meditation, prayer, mental concentration took over. Focus on warmth was waning and walking became pleasant. A couple miles down the beach I veered into town and hit the road. Trees and shade from the clouds a pleasant reward.

Wandering can be such a freedom. How often are we stuck in neutral with MS. But not today. I empowered myself to mentally move beyond my illness.

I kept walking. Strolling more like it. Taking every sight in. Every sound. Soon, I was at town center. An hour or two later and I've explored local scene and ready to hit the road home. Knowing that I could catch a bus was a good back up plan. But I strolled back the long way and strolled down the beach one last time before my flight. What a feeling!

A morning of concrete boots ended with a beautiful six mile adventure. The feeling of empowerment was and is amazing.

We are capable of so much more than we realize.

There is a fine line between empowering to do good for your body and over doing it. Today I found the balance and it felt amazing! The meditation while I walked created the attitude adjustment I needed. I pushed myself but just to the level of comfort.

Upon returning home I took necessary precautions and drank a double serving of "Calm", a magnesium supplement, took a rest and drank plenty of water. Boy did it work!

All of my negative energy that I awoke with was gone. A clean, clear presence swept through my body. Peace again for this GirlwithMS, peace again.




Let's get moving!

Even from bed or a chair, we can get the body moving and flowing. I was able to stand for some of these as I've been working daily on balance and other MS related issues. Wanted to share and continue to receive inspiration from you, my friends. Please remember I am not an instructor. I practice a casual form of stretching based on yoga to help keep my MS at bay. Yoga has been my number 1 solution for this crazy disease, from emotional support to physical confidence. Don't know where I would be without it!

Whatever we do, we need to be safe, gentle and always thinking about our illness. This is what I do:


New Intentions, the power of the Moon and right Choices

A few weeks ago a full moon graced our skies. I could feel the energy building. The strength was overwhelming. Frightening. Oh how I've loved to howl at the moon the past. To sit on the barn roof and fall into its power. But it's also a time where I can over do. Over indulge in food, coffee, wine, anything not necessarily good for me in quantity. Add a women's hormones into the mix and well, sometimes it's best to heed the warnings.

Photo and More about moons from PlanetforKids

Choices. That's what we have. Choices. During this full moon in the middle of June, I stole away to a friends house and chose to live a cleansing retreat for five days. From herbal teas to lots of water, healthy food, yoga and meditation, it was empowering: Feeling the energy of the moon and restoring the energy of the body mind and soul.

As my mind cleared I began thinking of new intentions. For me. For life. Not just goals, but actual intentions. Then ways to get there.

New intentions:

  • To live wholly and honestly.
  • To live and love with an open heart
  • To care for my world
How to get there:

  • Faith. Family. Friends.
  • To be one with Christ.
  • To balance work and play
  • To optimize health
  • To be a productive member in my community
  • To grow residual income for my future
  • To continue growth as local business woman.
  • To continue to help others grow in life
  • To grow in meditation, yoga and body mind soul.
  • To love with an open heart
  • To live with an open heart
  • To care for demons and anxiety with love and an open heart

While this list can and will continue to grow, for now I feel content. Content to be present. Content with where I've come from. And content with where I am going.

I could have chosen a different direction during the full moon. One of destruction and discouragement. But I didn't. I made the right choices, lived with my multiple sclerosis and optimized my life.

This past Friday, June 27, was a new moon. A time to focus on these new intentions and to let go of old ones. Let go of spiderwebs in your attic. Let go of all that is unnecessary and set forth a path of positive choices for the coming month.

During the next two weeks the moon will gain in power as it reaches its full size. As it builds so will I. Continuing to find my new self within my illness. Continuing to make new intentions with which to grow my life. Continuing....

What are your new intentions for this month?

Join me in conversation. Let's do this!





Join me for an MS morning chat and some free flow movement!

Good Morning World!

MS morning chat and free flow sessions. - Join me! A casual chat about MS and what's going on and a couple of days of watching this girl with MS get moving. The videos got cut off a couple of times. That happens with me. But it's a start and gets us moving in the morning which is what these old MS bodies need.

Please note, I am not an instructor. My free flow yoga type routines are ways for me to wake up my body and get the blood flowing. Sometimes I just chat and swing my arms. Sometimes I fall into a nice yoga flow. Each day different, just like The effects of multiple sclerosis.

Here we go...

Sometimes the inspiration of seeing what I've done over the years, what I couldn't do, What I can do now, it all helps! Everyday is different. Take advantage of the good days!

Honestly I'm pretty wiped put today. I volunteered at the casting club yesterday to spread mulch for the wildflowers. Then helped the folks with a dinner party. Wanted to go to music in the park but family trumped friends yesterday. Next week I plan on going. It's such a fun event and one I can do!

Today it's about getting back to work after the weekend. Using my essential oils to cleanse and purify my living space and me!

Let's do this!


Multiple Sclerosis in the News