Surviving Summer

Today is the first day of school for many students.  Wow do they start early!  For us it was always after Labor Day.  To start when temperatures can still reach 100F is not a pleasant thought.  What's worse is that the parents doing all the driving and cooking may have MS.  And, if that's the case, then that can be doubly difficult.

For us in Southern California the summer heat can easily stretch through to the beginning of October.  Usually by the middle of the month we are free and clear of 100F days.  But it's only August 14, so we have at least another six weeks of summer in these parts.

Here are some suggestions to help us all survive that last warm weeks of summer:


Cook light, healthy and with efficiency.  High protein and lots of produce can help make the summer more tolerable.  Another trick is the use of some key ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and nutritional yeast.   This dressing is one of my favorites and shared on  

"What is best for anyone with a compromised health system is to eat with efficiency. For folks living with MS in the summer heat, this means foods rich in minerals and nutrients, anti-inflammatory foods, and those with cooling or neutral energies." 


Read this article for tricks that will help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the day while still taking advantage of the long hours. Select the rituals that feel right for you, then create daily habits of them to make the most of your summer.

If the heat is too much - than stay in side and play some video games.  Some of them are actually quite good for us!
Click here to read the which video games can help.  

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How do you say #takethatMS in the summer?  

Creating Your Own Health - Supplements for MS

Time to take charge with your supplements and say #takethatMS!  

We talk a bit about diet and nutrition but it is time to share some information about supplements for multiple sclerosis.  There are a variety of ones to check out if you have MS, and to discuss with your neurologist about the possibility of taking them or not.

The following supplements all have scientific research showing that they have the potential to be helpful for MS patients.  This does not mean you should go out and take all of them at once, but definitely do your research and talk with your medical research.

These articles are all fact-checked, substantiated, written by me and posted on

Vitamin DVitamin D May Help Prevent, Treat Multiple Sclerosis

High Dose Biotin - a Study Looking at High-Dose Biotin as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana Touted by Some as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

NRF2 activatorsHow Oxidative Stress Affects Multiple Sclerosis

It is nice to know that there are some steps we can take to creating our own health.  There are other supplements we will look into but this is a good place to get started!  

What are some of your favorite ways to say #takethatMS?   

Remember, I am not a medical professional, and share my own personal experiences and research.  

Creating your own health: Using Diet to Treat MS

Probably one of my biggest factors in managing my MS symptoms is the use of diet and nutrition.  During my three years in the double-blind, T-cell study, back in 2001, my hopes were on nutrition and all things alternative.  I willingly went off all DMD in search of a cure for MS.  But then reality set in, and it was all engines forward in the battle of natural ways to fight the progression of this disease.

Sporting my flower peace wreath
There is a lot of incoming research on Diet and MS.  There are also some active clinical trials.

Click this out:  Here is my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Diet - or better yet, a nutritional protocol, is essential in my daily battle against MS.  If my daily intake has too much salt, too much caffeine, too much gluten, too many processed foods, then I will pay the price.  And while that price may not be paid that same day, trust you me that it will not forget and will rear its ugly head.  And, more often than not, all of the prices will want to be paid on the same day at the same time, wreaking complete havoc on your life.

Go for color when cooking and creating healthy menus 
Fresh lemon is key!  Use in water, tea, baths, etc.

Click here for my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Become friends with your body and find a new level of wellness.  

Welcome to living with multiple sclerosis.   As you know it often does not bode well for us MS patients.  Out diseases are random and progress willy nilly.  But there are modifiable risk factors that we can take into consideration to help us strive for the best life possible despite's our illness.  These risk factors include cigarette smoke, alcohol, nutrition, supplement intake, exercise, and other situations that we have control over.
~if need be - pee on it and walk away~

Cig smoking is bad.  Bottomline, cut it out.  Alcohol is considered OK in moderation.  Consult with your neurologist or medical expert.  Often people find that Vitamin D, B12 and Biotin can all be beneficial supplements.  In addition, the nrf2 activator, Protandim, is found to be great at fighting oxidative stress.

So, that brings us to Diet, or nutritional protocol.   Everyone is different so finding a protocol that works best for you is key.
Gluten free bread is an option.
Here it is paired with home-made soup and fresh salmon salad.
One person who is making a difference with diet and MS is Dr. Terry Wahls and her Wahl's Protocol. I had the great fortune of speaking with Dr. Wahls a few weeks ago for an article I was writing for - "Diet as a possible treatment for MS".   And wow!   So much great information going on with diet and MS.

The Wahl's Protocol is a modified paleolithic diet.  More about it click here. For those who do not know, Dr. Wahls has made diet a form of treatment for progressive MS.  Thank you Dr. Wahls!   I have been following and almost identical diet based on my own experience for over 15 years.  It is the number 1 "go to" when things are going bad with my MS.

And if you don't have fresh flowers, the fake ones are fun too!

First, I ask myself:  How is my diet?  Where am I going wrong?   And most of the time, this usually fixes it for m!   Like I say, everyone is different.  This is one reason I love the Wahl's Protocol - as it suggests elimination type diets to see what you personally are sensitive to and this is BIG!

Here is my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Here are some food common sensitivities:

Processed foods
Red meat
Simple carbs
Diet anything / excitotoxins or NaStY for MS

FYI - I eat dairy.  Cheese.  I tried to take it out of my diet once and my boss told me to add it back as the rest of the staff was complaining about my horrid mood.  That was near 30 years ago and I haven't tried to remove it since~  I don't eat a lot of it but like it now and then.   I will willingly cut everything else out, before the cheese~

Lately I haven't been able to eat much meat.  My body, probably due to the warm summer months, is craving cooling salads and fresh fruit.  Unfortunately I like beer, especially in the summer months.  It's not the alcohol that bothers me but rather the carbs and gluten.  Talk about a weight gainer!  And then if I add bread....Oh dear save me.

Last winter I made the mistake of letting way too much beer, bread and gluten get into my diet.  Showing no restraint at all for about six months eventually led to a 15 pound weight gain, horrid dry skin and then the dreaded MS relapse!   Ugh.

My vertigo and vision got so bad that driving was out of the question...even just to a friends house.  Lethargic and inflamed my life consisted of laying in bed and "trying" to motivate.  Oh how I hate this feeling!   My skin was dry and eczema appeared all over.  Hair loss was abundant and my breath was so bad it even grossed me out.   What have I done?  So healthy last summer and then wowza, what a defeat brought on by my own weaknesses.

Time to make a change!

Feeling the summer spirit, light and fresh!
Nothing huge at first, just cut the carbs back down to no more than 10% of diet or so.  Eliminated processed foods again and removed gluten for the most part.  A little now and then does not bother me.  But a six pack of beer and loaf of bread is not considered moderation.   That's OK, the change feels good.

Back to juicing and healthy eating.  Beautiful summer produce combined with beans and grains cooked fresh are making the table.  Herbs from the garden and cheeses and meats from local farmers inspire this cook to create.

Some of recipes for your enjoyment:

Anti-inflammatory Rice Pudding

Obsessive Gaspacho 

Juice Recipes

Chia Pudding

Words of Advice:

Try different diets.  Work with nutritionists who understand MS and the different trending diets.  This is your health - it is your body.  Do not try whack-doodle eating schemes.  Try stuff that has worked for others, the key word being "try".  Give yourself a chance with different foods and see what you might be sensitive to.  Everyone is different!  

Add color and energy throughout your house with fresh flowers.
Here is my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.