Help for Multiple Sclerosis

I have found some of these very useful and some quite intriguing.  Much substantiated research on these items.  Check them out.  Tips and Tricks for Living Better with MS!


Oxidative stress is known to be really hard on multiple sclerosis.  Basically it means that they fight free radicals in an effective way to be maximized by the body.   It is something we can actually work on improving.  Using an Nrf2 activator, such as Protandim, may help with some of your MS symptoms.


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Protandim is made from natural ingredients, plants and such.  Includes bacopa monnieri and turmeric.

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curcumin from turmeric

Natural forms of Nrf2 activators proven to work include curcumin, from turmeric, as well as green tea.  

Interestingly, the DMD, Tecfidera (a dimethyl fumarate drug) is based on the same activation within the body.

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Vitamin D
Long touted as help for MS, this easy to take vitamin is proven again and again that it scientifically helps those with MS.  Recently studies showed that mothers who are deficient in vitamin D during their pregnancy were more likely to give birth to a child with MS.

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May sound a little whacky but magnetic therapy is gaining ground in helping folks with MS using solid scientific studies.  Devices such as the Bemer, might just help you feel a little better.

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Keep Checking Back - More Tips to Come!


(*This is not a medical site nor am I a medical professional -- These are items that have either worked for me or look promising based on research.*)

Stress busting away the New Year

In planning for the new year I came across this article I wrote last year for Mango Health   Resonates quite nicely this time of year.


Inspiration! #takethatms

My favorite meditation app:  Calm (click here to download). Love this tool to help manage the stress of life each day. Just 10 minutes a day. Sometimes mediation takes place in the bath tub where it's quiet and peaceful. And safe from interruptions. 

Afterwards I often enjoy a nice cup of mellow, calming tea.  My nerves are always a bit frazzled with MS and the tea is greatly appreciated. 


Homemade bath salts take the event to a whole new level... 
Just ten minutes a day can change your life. 

What's your favorite way to take the edge off? 

 Try it. Talk to me. We've got this!