Anti-Inflammatory Dessert Recipe to Astound Your Friends!

Anti-Inflammatory Dessert Recipe to Astound Your Friends!

Now here is a recipe I can respect! Medicine in a bowl. Thank you Alex. Always the resource of wonderful remedies.

For those who haven't met or checked out Alex Jamieson, check out here website and amazing healthy meals to get you on track!

Anti-Inflammatory Dessert Recipe to Astound Your Friends!


When cooking and ordering food, think of herbs and foods that help not hinder multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases. We can work on many levels to reduce pain without the nasty side-effects of prescription drugs or over-the-counter pain pills by using natural medicine, essential oils and good sense.

You can even make life easier by ordering take-out meals that include these ingredients (think Indian food):

Black Pepper

I keep essential oils in my kitchen to use in case I'm out of certain necessary items such as ginger, clove and cinnamon.

Here is a great rice pudding recipe which can be made with a variety of grains depending upon allergies and personal preferences.

Anti Inflammatory Rice Pudding

(4 servings)

2 cups rice milk (vanilla or plain). I also use almond milk.

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

1/2 cup short grain brown rice

1/4 cup brown rice syrup

1/4 teaspoon each: ground cardamom, ground ginger

1/8 teaspoon each: turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon

1/3 cup organic raisins

  • Combine the rice and coconut milks in a medium pot over medium-high heat.
  • Bring the rice milk and coconut milk to a boil and add the rice. Bring back to a boil, lower to a simmer and cook, covered for about 30 minutes. Add the spices and cook for another 15 minutes or until the rice is cooked.
  • Add brown rice syrup and raisins after the rice is cooked. Allow the rice to cool and refrigerate in individual bowls for a few hours before serving.
  • Optional: vanilla is always tasty and Additional dried fruit, nuts and seeds are all good Add ons. Look at the benefits of pumpkin seeds. These alone make this meal even better. In fact, I'm off to make some for breakfasts right now!

What are some of your favorite recipes?




Groundbreaking for the LA River and for Girl with MS!

The first fishing derby at the LA river! Fly or spin, it was a day of fun and good peeps, beautiful weather and a handful of fish. Here I am at opening ceremonies with Jim Burns speaking. I bowed this photo from His blog, LARiverFlyFishing which is very informative and keeps you up to date on fishing conditions and other fun activities along the bike path.

"Fishing for carp, waiting for steelhead"

The last steelhead taken out of the LA River was photographed in 1948. Can we bring them back despite the concrete channel and city life?

We now have bass, tilapia, carp, bluegill, sunfish and more...thanks to Friends of the River (FoLAR) and other organizations and peoples hard word.

FoLar or Friends of the River have been working since 1986 to being fish and wildlife back to the river. With over 212 bird species alone, I think they've done an outstanding job. Not to mention the fish!

Well, who would've thought I could live in LA and drive 20 minutes to a fishing hole without getting on a freeway. As y'all know with my MS, driving is not a big option for me. But I can get to Atwater village with about four turns and twenty minutes. I'll take that all day long.

They even had some great trophies and prizes! I didn't land any and missed four but that's OK with me. I'm a bit rusty on the fly so practice is necessary for me.

The river rover is a 38' mobile educational, rolling river. Amazing for students of all ages!

While wading in the LA river is not usually open, it was open for the derby. Here is a shot down stream and one upstream. You can see the fishermen on the bank.

While many folks just trudged through the water in river sandals, I went for the grip of my patagonia wading boots and my redington waders. I really didn't need waders for the fishing I do along the she but I love the grip on these and wanted to be MS safe.

Here are the winners! The largest was a 6lb carp. And then a few small large mouth bass were caught. The ones I kept missing. Oh well. For me the important part is being on the river. Watching the wildlife. Enjoying the scenery and the people. Or being solo and enjoying the solitude. Whatever I'm in the mood for, fishing brings it to me.

Well, because sometimes it not always about the fish...

The river opened to fishing just a few years ago in 2011. It's taken a lot of effort from many people and groups to get this going. Can't thank them enough!

Here I am chilling by the river on a different day. Again, I missed a few. Got to practice my timing.

Quite a flow of water in the river. Enough for small flat bottom boats and kayaks to meander.

And even if you don't fish, there's plenty of trails for biking, walking and hiking along the river.
Can't wait to go back!

Groundbreaking for Multiple Sclerosis

Fishing with MS is doable for me if the conditions are right. But I'm not sure walking around with sharp pointy objects on slippery rocks is too smart with my balance issues. Also, I have to be very careful about my energy. It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and not listen to ones body which results in a terrible day after. I actually listened to my body and ended as needed. But I'm still pretty wiped out today.

I kept cool and that was important. I brought my cooling vest along and had a few frozen wet bandanas with me but didn't need them during the derby. I kept hydrated with my camelback and had an instant cold pack in bag for an emergency. Ok, I actually looked kind of silly, as if I was ready for a six hour adventure. But with MS you never know. But the temperature stayed relatively mild and the slightest breeze kept me cool. I also stayed near the bushes and conserved my energy and at one point went Into the water and cooled off that way. I didn't trust my balance to go very far from shore.

I am going to get a waking/wading stick. I've seemed to have lost all my old hiking sticks. But with my balance it would be a good idea. And I love the stickiness of the wading boots so will wear them again. The only issue was that my big toe on my left foot bumps into edge of boot. Need to trim toe nail or something but they're not that long. Obviously I am trying out some new gear and getting ready for bigger trips than an hour along the LA river.

And tying on flies is not easy for those with MS. Between wonky vision, heat intolerance, balance issues and shakey hands, it takes me quite a bit of time to change flies. But yesterday I did several times. I'm getting my rhythm back so to speak and it feels so good!

So with anything and MS we have to take it slow and easy. No major expectations. One day, one fly, one fish at a time.

And we also must reward ourselves! I've worked years with my health and managing my multiple sclerosis to be able to do somehing like a fishing derby. Never thought it would be possible. I need to get a good wading staff. Maybe one with a seat so I can sit and tie my flies on. Yep, I'll be the lazy fisherman with a chair, a beer and eventually a fly tied onto my line. And I will be loving it!




Caroline's MS and reBoot Journal


Thanks for joining me in my never ending quest for better living with multiple sclerosis (MS). I use lifestyle, nutrition, essential oils and other tricks to manage my MS. 13 years ago I couldn't walk or see unassisted. Things have changed! I still relapse. I still have symptoms. Life itself has changed much. But there are ways to help manage MS and life in general with natural healing.



I live in a wonderful town that is more than just its name. It is a community and one I've belonged to for over 47 years. Last night was a great example of how this has all grown.

We had our first trail council board meeting. Nine of us with three new members. But it didn't feel new. They felt like they had been along all the time. Mainly because most of us all grew up here or have spent enough time to call La Canada our home.

The meeting was a huge success with lots of great ideas, volunteers and enthusiasm for the coming year. This sense of community has been bound through the lives we lead in our town, working together for the same goal, to keep our town small and familiar. And it's this same community that makes social media so dang helpful for folks with conditions like multiple sclerosis.

Social media is a community. Join it. Use it. Enjoy it. The support we get from talking to others in the same situation is priceless.

Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. All can be helpful. Here are some twitter handles and hashtags to get you started on the journey:





And so many more.....comment or ask us questions for more help and support. We are here for you!

8/21 Priorities, Adrenal Fatigue and Getting Healthy!


Wahoo! Boy did I sleep well last night and man did I need it! Was exhausted and worn out. Body feeling run down. Last night I had water, a light dinner of healthy veggies and soup, my vitamins and a very quiet evening. In my diffuser was sandalwood, an excellent essential oil for nerve issues. I slept like a log, if logs sleep. Awakening once in the night to relieve myself then back to sleep. So strange to have such a good nights rest after two awkward nights of restlessness.

Been working hard lately, getting things done. I've been very good about setting boundaries and keeping my priorities defined. In addition to my wellness coaching and essential oils/nutrition, I'm very active in our community and helping local businesses.

Yesterday I joined the steering committee for a friend running for city council. It's a great committee, lots of active folks from our community, and our friend is an excellent candidate to keep our integrity in our little town.

Priories and boundaries: I can emphasize these enough for our overall wellness. Without these we are lost. Some folks are wired to easily define these but others, like myself, are wired differently. We are wired to go, go, go! And it's this constant going that streses our adrenal glands and makes for an unhealthy lifestyle.

For folks with ms, or any autoimmune disease, this stress on the adrenal glands is not good! It ages our bodies and diminishes our lives. We must listen to our body and rest and restore when necessary. Sometimes we can't rest. We have jobs, families, responsibilities. But if we don't take care of ourselves be won't be here for others. We must put our health first.

Have you ever heard of the Adrenal stress index (ASI)? There is a test we can take to test out the cortisol hormone levels in our bodies. From this we can tell how stressed our bodies are and if additional support is needed.

Click Here for a subjective test to get use started on stress and whole body health and see where you measure up:

There are many tricks to calm the adrenal glands and reduce stress. One trick I have is a local cold press juicery called Orchard Flats. I've always had good success with juicing but these elixirs are amazing. Little shots of wellness in a bottle. Here's one of my favorites:

Found this image and not sure who to credit. But it spoke to me and reminds me of the very importance of fragility in my life for which I often take for granted.

Today, I'm rested and restored. How do I maintain this feeling while I get work done and keep life's stressors at bay? In addition to nutrition, essential oils, a positive mindset, I also know that moving and mindfulness are huge in restoring stressed adrenal glands.

Yoga, meditation, qigong, and any other types of movement and awareness can help us restore. Often I will do a free flow in the morning. Turn on music and just start moving and stretching to get the body awake. Some yoga moves to awake and restore the body are necessary for health of mind, body and soul.

Here I am doing some casual fee flows and having some morning chats.

Now that I've distressed and restored, I'm ready to hit the day! Which will be a big one...lots to do and lots to be aware of. Listen to my body and react accordingly. If my body says slow down, then darn it all, slow down! Easier said then done but it's a goal to pursue, an awareness to maintain.

We have lots of tools to deal with stress and adrenal fatigue from medical support to friends and family. One major support I use is social media: twitter and Facebook: #MSPals #takethatMs #girlwithms

This is just the beginning. The more we can manage our adrenal stress the better our lives with MS, fibromyalgia and other annoying painful illnesses.

How are you managing your stress levels?



Where did this week go? A bit of insomnia today but since I went to bed while it was still light out explains it. I was so fatigued yesterday. Didn't do that much but got done what I needed to do so that's good. The randomness of MS can really mess with ones agenda and plans. But this weekend it didn't!

I had a Crazy good times with old friends from the hood. It was high school type fun. Lots of memory lane and laughter. Man, That was just good and just what the doctor ordered.

Often with MS comes mood swings and depression. It's easy to get sucked into the void. For me it's vital to have family and friends around, especially times like this, to keep from going to the dark side. We don't want to go to the dark side.

I'm not very good at reaching out for help but I'm getting better. It seems my friends know it before I do by instinct. So with friends in town, some good eats and fun spirits, we journey onward through life, seizing what we can, living life to the fullest, and avoiding the dark side.

We have so many tools in our shed, such as friends and family. Let's use them to the fullest to help make our lives with MS, chronic pain and everything else we deal with more tolerable.

One of my tools: elixirs from a Orchard Flats. Straight shots of healthiness!




Very minimal pain today. What explains it? I'm not sure. But I did take advantage and go fly fishing I the LA a river. Always a fun escape. Escapes like these are necessary for managing our health. Spending time enjoying the little things in life helps us appreciate our life of new normals.

I didn't catch anything today but greatly enjoyed my casting and getting back into the swing of things. One of the locals, John, caught a nice carp. The other day I caught a little sunfish like this one. Today I missed quite a few but it wasn't about the fish today. It was about the process. It was about making knots. About changing flies, on the fly. It was about casting and taking what I've recently read and learned and practicing it. So glad I read this book about the arm and casting. Not sure what it was but saw things that clicked which hadn't before.

Fishing is cathartic for me. Always has been. Off to dream about drifts and tight lines...And I'm diffusing some frankincense and vetiver for so,e solid sleep tonight. I did sleep about 12 hours last night so something was up. Tonight feels different already.I am feeling much better than this past weekend. I think I was fighting a virus or bug. I took some cold sore medicine and rested. Lots of fluids. Maybe my extreme pain was from a bug exacerbated by my MS. Who knows. But today, some relief.




Shark week! I love all things animals and nature. And it takes my mind off the weird extending pain in my legs. Assuming MS but intense right now. Lower left leg. Earlier it was right thigh. Misfiring of nerves around the body and screaming for attention. Well you got. And I'm going to bed!

I am diffusing frankincense and sandalwood. And drank lots of water. And rubbed deep blue into thighs earlier. Time for this thing they call sleep.

Catch y'all on the flip side!


Oh man. I'm not in a good way. My legs are killing me. Inflamed and I don't know from what. And I had a really good day yesterday though I did go out and do things. That was it! I did things. Man if I only didn't need to do things maybe my MS wouldn't effect me. Wrong! But it wasn't even that much. A few errands, the dog park to sit in the shade, lunch on a patio, some shopping with the girls, some chores around the house, some movies... (OK, that actually sounds like quite a bit for me after I write it down). But I couldn't sleep and I'm exhausted. I turned the light off around 1:30am and finally fell to sleep. Woke at 6:00am because that's what I do.

So, today I'm physically wiped and about to become emotionally wiped. My friend Kim's husband passed away suddenly (heart attack) two weeks ago at 61. Memorial is today. Kim is a newer friend who I know through business. I have great admiration and respect for her and can only slightly imagine what she's going through.

As you may remember I lost my companion four years ago. He was an amazing gran and I'm reminded daily that he is forever a part of my life. But it's been four years. I remember the rawness at first. That gut wrenching, heart-wrenching pain tearing through the body.

And unfortunately there's just not really anything one can do but "Put of your dukes and fight it out" from a dear friend.


Can't sleep. Wide awake. Just put Serenity Blend essential oil in diffuser. Massaged some vetiver into my feet and used basil on my painful legs. Not sure why the pain was so bad today. I did run around a bit today: appliance store, (need new washer/dryer), flooring shop to return samples, dog park with Little White Dog, met a friend, then took dogs to Star cafe in Montrose, California, a very dog friendly town. Watered, fed birds earlier. Made soup for dinner and watched a few movies. Yes, a few! Embarrassing but vision was too wonky to read and can only spend so much time on ipad.

Last night was fun: dinner party at friends and then a two hour aroma therapy yin yoga class. Ahhhhh.....so nice!

Chain reaction...doggy style
A little dirty after the dog park

It was Daisy's first time at a Dog park. Been working with this dog for nearly a year. Completely different dog then a year ago. Very smart but wasn't taught proper boundaries when younger especially around aggression. But she's a darn good watch dog a smart one to train. Socializing is huge with her so will be doing many more dog parks in the future.

Going to sleep now....or at least start the turning off process with the mind. Night all!



Was up around 3-4am but fell back to sleep for a bit. My friend left this morning and now it's time to get back to work. I'm working on a book:

Top tips and tricks for Living with MS (or some,thing like that)

It's part way done and I'll let you know when it's ready for sale. It's an easy read and guide for those living with MS.

Banks the BIG dog and fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden

I'm working on a wellness fair that's coming up in a few weeks and then I speak on a panel at a "Women in Pain" conference at the Endowment Center of the Arts in Downtown Los Angeles.

I had to cancel a dog sitting gig yesterday. Bummer! It is a big 20 day gig at a place I love but I'm freaked about my schedule, summer weather and my multiple sclerosis. Oh how I hate to be so Unreliable and that's what this illness does. Makes me unreliable.

I'm reliable to a point. But as soon as I over commit I know it and it freaks me out. Yesterday I was freaked. I cancelled the gig, knowing I let the owner down, but I have to put my priorities first. My health is my top priority. And so it is. MS trying to dictate my life. Every now and then we just have to let it have it's say and then move on.

Grilled corn, onions, steak, fresh heirloom and burratta



what a weekend! My dear friend came into town who I haven't seen in almost a year. My brother and his family came into town. Good food, friends and family. Lots of board games, cards, and more!

We're having some weird weather here in southern California. Rain! Love it. We need it so bad. And it calls for a good day to snuggle up in something comfy, put a log on the fire, make some nice tea or coffee, put on some good music and get to turning those creative thoughts into words on paper.

Why not join me?

Start your own blog, or journal. It brings a certain awareness to our MS, by tracking everything from food to exercise to emotions. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just start scribbling things down. Write or draw. Doodle. Make notes on a computer. Whatever is your style, time to take advantage and help your MS with some cathartic release.




Time for bed! Amazing day at farmers market and more. Friends. Family. Yard work and chores. A full day and more to come.


Woke at 2am. Not sure if I fell back to sleep. Need to be up around 7:30. Wouldn't mind more sleep but thought I'd putter a bit. My mind starts a revving and trying to sleep seems a distant possibility. A good friend came over last night and we chatted and caught up. The evenings here can be so lovely. Sometimes I could use cooler temps while I'm trying to sleep but all in all, not bad.

My legs are on fire as I sit here. I'm diffusing Serenity and Balance "liquid Xanax" essential oil blends to calm my nerves and rubbing some lemongrass on my thighs. While lemongrass is abit warming and stimulating it seems to help alleviate the pain and feels like it brings life back to my deadened nerves. Sometimes I use aroma touch or other oils, depending on my mood.

August! Ok, I'm not usually this excited about August because it's Hot. But for seem reason I'm happy it is August. For some very special reasons: friends and family. A very good friend is coming this weekend whom I haven't seen in almost a year. And my nephews are coming this weekend. Yay! Good times to be had. I'm looking forward to many games, good eats and much laughter.

The importance of friends and family never ceases to amaze me. While at times I want to hide, not take my MS outside on bad days, stay hidden away, it's my friends and family that can pull me out of the deepest of deeps. And it's also friends who can hurt the most.

I've been spending almost a year working with little white dog. LWD from next door. Just found out they needed a dog sitter and they hired someone else. Wtf? This is after praising my work with the dog, her training, everyone's growing comments on her improved attitude, every thing and then the biggest slam of all, hiring an unknown to come in and care for her. After never once offering to pay me.

I expressed my anger and disappointment but she didn't want to tell the other lady no. Funny, throw a friend of 47 years under the bus over someone you have just met. Unfortunately I'm busy the rest of the year and while I offered to do this gig and let the other person do the other work, the owner still said no. I'm not available in Sept-Nov so she's on her own. I didn't realize money was even an option. I had a not so friendly discussion with LWD in the beginning and she shattered my finger. It's permanently disfigured and not 100% useful. I didn't make a big deal about this or other expenses as I worked hours to train this dog for free. But I wouldn't mind covering my expenses.

Obviously I'm still upset and probably why I couldn't sleep. How could she not know I dog sit? How could she be so rude to hire someone else? And then when she had a chance to fix it she chose not to. This is a neighbor of 47 years. Upsetting to say the least. So upsetting that in fact, when I awoke and couldn't sleep, I walked over and dropped off the dog bowl, dog poop bags we bought and some kibble. Left it on the porch.

You know what? I'm tired of being nice and then being taken advantage of. It's been happening too much lately and I'm putting my foot down and drawing boundaries. This is my life after all. Not yours or anyone else's. But mine. And I am making the rules now, baby. I am making them!


Last day of July!

Wow this summer is screaming by. Lots of fun projects going on and of course lots of down time in the summer heat that's just life with MS. Summer comes, time to turn on AC, read, computer, work, etc. it bums at times cause what we really want is to be active and fun and be outdoors and able to play and work. But summer heat takes its toll.

There are so many great resources online now for folks with MS. Websites, social media, meet ups, support groups, it all seems to help life with multiple sclerosis.

One of my favorites is the social media. And the main reason being is that folks with MS understand me and I need and want that connection. No one truly gets the disease except folks with the illness.

Check these out and become acquainted with some new friends!








California Multiple sclerosis Support Group

And many others! Check them out and join up.




I guess if you go to bed by 9pm it makes sense to wake up at 3. Doh! Oh well. Actually feeling pretty rested and restored. I needed a few down days of quiet and mellowness. I did chores all day yesterday or so it seemed. Definitely get print things checked off my list. And then received tragic news.

My friends husband up and died on her Sunday of a heart attack, less than 24 hours after his daughters wedding. Not very old. In good health. So tragic and sad. I fell into a big pool of tears and figuring out how I can actually help the family at times like this. How does one truly help and not hinder? I'm still figuring that one out.

Other than the tragedy it was a quiet time. Slowly moving through the day I got my stuff done. The trick: don't be In a hurry. I even spent quality time with friends and LWD. Little white dog. It was a day of friends, support, struggles and more. A day I don't want to relive but one that showed all loving aspects of life. For that I will appreciate this day forever.

Using some aromatouch in more sore muscles and diffusing frankinsence and serenity. Ahhhh...




Been awake since 3am then 5am. What is it with MS and sleep? I find it's difficult to get both the physical and mental energies dialed down at the same time. And this heat! It's not even that warm yet but my body is feeling it. Well, Ok, the internal heat is probably from the food choices I made last night.

I really wanted a nice lazy Saturday morning with a black cup of coffee and nice eggs and bacon. Unfortunately it's all too fatty, salty and warming for me right now. Bummer! But I must listen to my body or pay the price. I'm paying a bit for last night as we were at a Tournament of Roses happy hour fundraiser and I ate so poorly. All the appetizers were fried, processed, salty. I devoured some celery, my body crying out for cooling, clean eating food. But generally it was not a meal for MS and here I am, Saturday morning NoT drinking my black coffee. And with that whine I'll be cooling the body and nerves with Mamaki tea from Hawaii. Love love love this stuff and off to make a cup. Hold this thought.

Time to start over...

Good morning!

It feels so darn good to be writing again, the cathartic release rushing through the bloodstream. It's only been a couple of days but the real pleasure comes with being able to sit down, relax, and fall into ones writing, putting all other concerns aside. I have been too hurried lately. And that's not how I want to live my life. MS taught me that much. And I have already made major decisions that will positively change this in the coming months. As we know with MS it's essential to set priorities and boundaries and to stick with them. I recently excused myself from a couple of positions to lighten up my load and I am taking a much needed vacation at home and spending time with friends and family - the important things. AND, Being mindful and growing ever more aware.

And I am ever so mindful of the lovely Mamaki tea I am drinking. And aware as my body begins its shift from the MS blahs of this morning to a new level of clarity and inspiration. And check out the nutrient factor. Pretty cool: from www.miraclemamaki.com. I don't understand why crushed leaves would have no iron but whole or ground does. That will require some more investigation. In the meantime, it's interesting at least.

Do you know the Hawaiian Legend of Mamaki? Here's an earlier post about it on my blog: click here for GWMS and Mamaki Tea

Honestly after just one cup, I am feeling much better now than when I first woke up. In fact you can probably feel the energy of my writing change, from slow and sluggish to zippier with a touch of sunshine! I'm blaming the tea. Wow. OK. Sometimes it's easy to forget how little things, like a cup of Mamaki tea, can help tone the blood and mind pretty quickly.

I am also diffusing Serenity essential oil blend in my room. Ahhhhhh! And had several glasses of water. Feeling tons better than When I woke up.

Now of course I'm feeling much more excited and ready to hit the day. So much for my lazy day? Off to yoga, farmers market and anything else I can get into trouble with today.

We don't have tall buildings where I live but the weather isn't too bad today especially now that my internal heat just dropped by a few degrees.



Well, my detox went great! Needed a few days to cleanse out the system. Just clean eating and lots of water. Nothing too serious but a focus on veggies, fruits and healthy grains. And then my brother gave me a surprise visit last night!

Now that was just fun. We haven't had a real conversation in years and we have always been very close. Nothing changed except marriage, kids, a growing career and very busy life. So the visit was a wonderful gift for God. So many gifts lately. How thankful I am!

One of my favorite easy breakfasts: Bob's Red mill gluten free breakfast blend, hemp milk, nuts, seeds dried fruit, cinnamon, whatever my little heart desires. Some detox tea and lots of water and lemon.

I'm a little slow this morning but it was worth it. To stay up late and catch up with family. Time I wouldn't exchange for anything in the world.

I planned this week as a medical break. All week except for dinner with a friend tonight who is passing through LAX from panama to Oregon.

Until then, my chores are done, little white dog has been walked, brother off to see his family, and I'm off to bathe and yoga stretch.



Well, what a weekend and a week! Last week my MS was creeping toward a relapse. Weak and miserable I slogged through the days leaning on a cane and leaning on my friends for all of their help! And that was before the fair. In fact, at one point on at hursday I was running an errand in town at our local print store, Printefex. And I was leaning on the counter thinking, I could have brought my cane in. Then I see a CHP drive In next door to get lunch, which he did, in the comfort of his car parked right next to mine.

No big deal right? Except I was so wobbly I was walking like I was three sheets under. And I had no cane. How was I to get from this counter to my car without this CHP pulling me over for a DUI? All I can say is his food from Taco Deli was amazing (as always) and he had no interest in seeing me hobble and lean my way to my car. Whew. Two more errands and maybe a twenty minute rest before my marathon tonight with our Christmas in July chamber /City mixer. I'm in charge of the business expo.

Friday, my first night at the fair, I was so wobbly that I had four bottles of water and waited in car until my friends were ready to go. I could clearly here the AC/DC cover band singing Dirty Deeds. All was right in The word. I saw AC/DC live years ago. Brought back fun memories.

The fair was cool. Only 80F. And I got a last minute ride with a friend. And my friend needed some help with the pig. The perfect storm created the perfect weekend.

I helped corral the pig into its pen and we went for some gentle exploration by foot. Slowly and carefully. Then, that evening I got a second wind and pushed through an amazing day with my friends daughter, who is the closest I have to a niece, including mutton bustin, wall climbing and the Ferris wheel! Click here for my day at the fair

Here are A couple highlights from the fair and recovering afterwards:

Meeting inflatable service men, trying to win a gun at the National Wild Turkey Federation, taking a selfie with my girl Izzy on the Ferris wheel, tucking in the Pig for the night and so much more...

After the nice long weekend at the fair, a feat I never would have been able to do until the perfect storm of situations hit, I took advantage of some down time and had a very mellow Monday and plan to have the same today, Tuesday.

With MS it's imperative that when we do activities that we save some time for recovering. Time to rejuvinate. Time without deadlines, without demands and without stress.

I used my oils all weekend. From serenity at night for sleep to MS blend during the day, to various oils to help throughout: lemongrass for my burning legs, melaleuca for the cold sore trying to evolve, to wild orange and OnGuard to get going healthy and strong in the morning. I carry this little container with me everywhere I go. I always have an oil to help!

And time for restorative yoga! I'm really enjoying attending classes at TheraYoga Studio in Montrose California, and took one yesterday to help me feel better.

In addition I made some major changes to diet. Fair food is not MS friendly! I made whole grains, vegetables, salad, fruit and all things natural. Removed some fat, sodium and cheese and kept it clean eating. My body is so much happier today!

This morning I'm sipping chamomile tea with Mamake leaves from Hawaii. Delish and so soothing!



Uh oh. It's morning on a long day and I'm already wiped out! Have a meeting in 30 minutes. Where's my cane? Going to need it today. Actually should have taken it yesterday to doctors appointment but I didn't. Marathon day today!

Tonight is big chamber mixer, Christmas in July, that I've been working on for month solid now. Great event but looking forward to so,some else running it next year. It was the straw that broke the camels back!

I made it through the day and night but this maxed me out. My energy. My health. It's all waning. Time to take control of my health! I see some nice rejuvenation and rehab time in my near future. That's what's keeping me moving right now, Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.



What's in your diffuser? I be inhaling some Serenity...time for bed!

A good day. Almost forgot a meeting though. Was already to melt into a yoga session and my calendar alert went off. Luckily I had set an alert. Meeting was great but no yoga. Had a few projects to work on. Grateful I did some bathtub yoga first thing this morning.

My body felt pretty good. I didn't drink any caffeine this morning, a good thing for me. I have gone years without it but got back into the coffee habit again. Honestly, I love the taste of black coffee. But my MS and spasmodic torticollis can't stand it. Soooo, time to ease back into only herbs and teas.

The pain in my neck from this spasmodic torticollis is really bugging me. My neck is so tense and tight. Using Some sandalwood EO on the spasms tonight as well as on the soles of my feet. Sandalwood is calming on the nerves. I also used my usual lemongrass EO on my thighs and calves, the sore muscles. It all helps, or at least makes me smell like a Thai restaurant. Actually the oils I use are pure and are not perfume like at all. That's why I can use them.

As for nutrition, well, the day was fine but not really. I had some little baked goods at a meeting (ie including gluten and sugar) and a handful of Doritos (yes, the nasty nacho ones) and then steak dinner with friends and big glass of Merlot (yes, Merlot). Not my usual whatsoever. Granted I had fruit, nuts and cheese during the day, which work fine with my body, but the processed food wasn't a good idea. At least I've had about twenty glasses of LemonEO water since then so I should be pretty clean by now!

Tomorrow is another big day in a way. Several meetings, two of which I'm leading. One is a workshop on reinventing ones medicine cabinet. These are always fun! I'll be sharing oils and meeting new folks. The other is a marketing brainstorm session with a committee I volunteer. And I love marketing!

Bottom line things for us to remember:

  • Manage energy and activities
  • Manage what We have control over - diet, stress, exercise, friends, time spent
  • It is what it is.
  • Be positive. It's worth it!


Happy Monday!

Time to reboot this booty into some healthier living. Had amazing weekend seeing lots of friends, new and old. My MS was acting up horribly and almost fell over numerous times. I'm blaming the heat and doing a bit too much. It was a long week. And the 90F and increasingly warm summer temps are doing me in. Time to spend the day in the A/C and reducing stress load.

Some pics from the weekend. Family, Animals. Friends. They all complete my support group.

I have a few items that need doing today but first, I'm off to do some free flow and get moving. I feel sludgy and slow like the decaf coffee I just drank. And way too much salt yesterday! My face looked like a puffer fish this morning. I took a shower and did so,e bath tub yoga to get started this morning. Now it's Back to water for this girl. Water with lemon oil to help cleanse from the weekend. My hot list for the day:

1. Take care of me. Bathe, reade, yoga, water, healthy eating. Whatever works.

2. Take care of commitments: what must get done today? What can wait?

3. Connect with family and friends. Always.

Off to move this booty...join me!



Yesterday was a tough one for me. It's a been a long week. Mentally in marathon mode I mucked through the week and events knowing Friday would be a down day. And man did I need it! I was so weak I almost fell over several times. I had one event in the evening, retirement party for our minister, and it was tough. Dad wanted to dance. He's 81. I made it barely through one. All I could think about is how drunk I looked and all I had was water all evening. Four bottles of water. I was thirsty! And I had Gumby legs! I definitely felt like a weeble holding on to every table, chair or person I could find.

I had been debating on taking a nap but really didn't want to be up late in the night. So I did an MS battery recharge: lie down in a resting pose, on back, on bed or sofa, wherever it's quiet and not too bright. Using a diffuser and a balancing essential oil (EO), either a blend or a single oil, fall into a peaceful space, calming mind and body. Possibly an eye pillow if it's too light. I also use EOs on the soles of my feet. I used Balance EO blend - one of my favorites for weak and wobbly days!

The mental focus is on recharging the battery. Sometimes I use a relaxing APP on my ipad to play raindrops or Tibetan bells. Actually yesterday I listened to a Native American flute. If my mind wanders or gets busy I bring it back to my breathing. Breathing. So important for managing life with or without illness. I extend both inhale and exhale, filling the empty spaces in my body and relaxing my bones to the floor, releasing to the power of gravity. And if my mind needs activity I visualize a battery recharging in its station, then turn to my breathing.

Tip: Use an alarm so You can relax fully and if sleep happens, it happens. You won't miss your next appointment. Even just a few minutes in this position calms the flare ups and helps preserve the battery.

Before I left for the event I massaged Balance EO into my feet, used Peppermint EO on my legs, and EO blend, aroma touch, on my neck. I was a mess. Weak legs. Balance issues. Tremors in my neck. Pain in my neck. Body sagging tensely to the ground. But it helped! I had recharged my battery as much as possible. Had comfortable clothes on, drank water with Lemon EO in it for restoration and cleansing.

Got home, went to bed. Diffused Serenity EO to calm my nerves further and to help fall into a deep sleep. The night before I had terrible restless legs. I diffused lemongrass EO to help with that. But last night I just needed a solid sleep. I rubbed lemongrass EO on my leg muscles and some Serenity EO on my neck.

Felt much better this morning! When my MS flares up my whole life feels wonky. And today, much better. I needed a day of rest and taking care of me. I did wake to some inflammation. I could feel it in my legs. So decided to use my new White Fir EO in the diffuser and EO Deep Blue Lotion on my calves and thighs. Ahhhh. Relief!

Loving the white fir and how it cleans the air and so much more! I chose it for my pain and for fighting off a cold and fatigue. Diffusing away....

After a restorative night sleep and a restful morning I spent some time with Blue the horse and Daisy the dog. They belong to my friends. I borrow as needed for mental therapy. Today I almost fell over a couple of times with Blue. Just walking around, not riding. Silly gumby legs are still there bu not as bad. Body balance isn't great but if I take it easy today, it will improve. I know that.

I love having my journal back! Here are some quick notes on EOs I've been using. This is probably more for me than you as it's scribble:

My MS Essential Oil Diary



12am. Nite nite.

Orange is new black on netflix.

Long day. Rested.

Club for dinner

Angry. Angry and frustrated. Diffused Wild a orange for attitude adjustment.


1:30 am. Bedtime

Long ass day.




using some melaleuca oil on some odd bug bites I got yesterday.looks like I ran into a spider fest.

played with food in kitchen. made hummus. can sit down in between steps. today my legs feel like what a drunk frog might look like, trying to dance. they hurt. nerves quivering. i was on them too long. we had some fruit that was going bad and wanted to cut it up. it was a push. ready for a nap and haven’t even worked yet…just have one project to work on. that’s enough for this tired girl. fatigue…still not used to it.



Mind games to keep fit. Lumosity for one.

Diffused with OnGuard. Preventing colds etc.

off to feed a friends horse.

Tired today! Long weekend....catching up.

Time to work.




Used balance on feet and neck for a warm day of fun and friends.

Music n the park

Brunch w the birthday girls

Diffusing OnGuard and using on bottom of feet at night.



Playing lumosity

Diffusing lemongrass to wake up



Played with food

Lamp chops

Panzanella salad

Amazing dinner and BBQ with folks. Cards and wine.

Used basil on legs to help with pain and fire.

10pm lights out.




So tired

Legs quivering and on fire. Numbness and tingling left leg. Fingers working intermittently.

Diffusing lemongrass and frank. Putting on soles of feet.



Diffusing OnGuard this morning while working on projects. Some folks have been fighting colds so putting on the defense on.

Woke with a bit of cough and popped some peppermint beadlets. They knock it out right away! Little pops of peppermint. Will also try OnGuard beadlets. Very easy to take and use.

Taking an easy day today. It's almost 80F and only 9am. Going to be a warm one.

Off to take my LLV vitamins. Can't wait for new doTerra order coming soon. New oils and more vitamins!



Oops. Didn't record bedtime.

Celebrating fourth early with friends and family. Overindulged a bit. Slept hard!

Diffused lemongrass during the night.

Had a busy day and diffused lemongrass while working. Really like the clarity it brings often mix it with frankincense.



10:21 lights out.



Orange new black

Diffused lemongrass

Made oil business




10:10 pm

Bless this family and friends

Diffuse frank. Lemongrass

Diffus serenity



feeling good. wanting to stay in bed but inspired to hit my first meeting.

morning diffusion with lemongrass and frankincense.

time for motivation and visitation. slow stretching into child’s pose.



Orange is the New Black season 2 @Netflix.

diffused lemongrass & frank.

Vetiver on feet

Business dinner with friends.



Had some leg cramps in the evening - rubbed basil oil on them. cramps could be from new yoga routine/lack of hydration.




Mellow eve. 2w

2:30am. Woke up - eventually fell back to sleep.

Diffused OnGuard

Zendocrine on feet.




Night night.

Water. Wine. Etc.

Family here

Whew. Tired. :).

Diffused OnGuard




Difussing and using basil. Vetiver

TofR happy hour fundraiser


6.27 8am

So tired and inflamed

Wimbledon. Fifa. Procrastination.


6/26. 12:56am

Night night





Second wind




















































Multiple Sclerosis in the News