Making Friends with My MS

I spend enough energy being angry at my MS. And what's the point? It just tires me out and uses what little energy I have. I am always looking for those times when I exert too much of my precious energy and see how I can do things differently to preserve this special commodity. To me this is the very tool that helps me manage my MS.

When I received my cool little bracelet from CJFreely yesterday as part of Nancy Davis' RacetoEraceMS program, well, I thought, this is just like a friendship bracelet. And bam, it hit me, time to truly make friends with my MS!

While I'm Not a hand model by any means, I love looking down at this little reminder that I can be friends with my MS. But how?

How do I do this? How do I make friends with a disease that ravishes my body on a daily basis and tries as it it may to dictate my life? This is a tough one.

First off, I'm making a list of things I'm grateful and thankful for:

  1. Learning to ask for help
  2. Learning to slow down and smell the roses
  3. Leaving the corporate world for the creative world
  4. Getting to know my parents as peers and friends by living with them
  5. Learning to ask for help. I could mention this one many times!
  6. Learning to live off a very, very small income.
  7. Learning to be poor with money, rich with life.
  8. Learning who my true friends are and will be.
  9. Learning what my limitations are and realizing they aren't that bad
  10. Meeting lots of cool new people and friends around the world with MS
  11. Knowing that my blog and info has helped at least one person deal better with this disease.
  12. Learning again what is important in life. Waking. Breathing. Living.
  13. Friends and family, couldn't do this without them.
  14. Limitations and boundaries. Learning how to make those more definite.
  15. Turning from a power player to a finesse player.
  16. Learning to listen to my body and respond accordingly

I know there's more but this is a good start this Thursday morning.

I think its good to also acknowledge what I don't like about MS in order to get the full picture. This will help me decide where I can improve in managing my MS.

  1. Unreliable. MS randomness makes it difficult to stick to plans.
  2. Each day is different. Pain, balance, cognitive, tremors, incontinence, vision, fatigue
  3. Inability to drive beyond local streets
  4. Panic attacks for no reason.
  5. Fatigue fatigue fatigue.
  6. Tired eyes, inability to read at times.
  7. Dry heaving, spasms makes it difficult to eat or have appetite.
  8. Muscle spasms at night make it difficult to sleep. Restless leg syndrome bums.
  9. Tremors tremors tremors. Hands and neck
  10. Clumsiness. Dropping things right and left.
  11. Loosing balance. Breaking toes.
  12. Folks not understanding the illness
  13. Randomness of it all
  14. Emotional rollercoaster
Things I've learned to say to myself:




Things that help me befriend my illness:

  1. MS community on Twitter @thegirlwithms
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Writing and the arts. The cathartic process.
  5. Becoming better friends with myself. This is a tough one. I'm not easy on myself and learning compassion for my illness and health is key.
  6. Finding a great neurologist to travel with on this journey. I still need one of these!
  7. Being open and honest about the disease. Building awareness and letting folks know that there are ways to manage MS beyond traditional western medicine.
  8. Research! There is so much new information about MS on social media and in books.
  9. Become my own health advocate. No one is going to do it for me!
  10. My Christian community at church.
  11. Learning that it's OK to take naps and be a couch potato at times. (This is a tough one for me!)

Bottom line, in spite of MS:

I'm living a different life then expected yet a beautiful life with many opportunities and options.

Keep all doors open with this disease. You may have always defined yourself as a "strong corporate, get things done type VP" and then bam, the rug is ripped out from under you.

Time to redefine ourselves. That's what I did. Imagined and visualized all the things I loved in life since childhood. Which of things can I do? What have I always wanted to do and what is still possible?

Fortunately I hade a very full life prior to MS: successful career, horse trainer, river guide, adventure athlete, runner, mt biker, ww kayaker, rock climber and even jumped out of planes.

But that surely doesn't mean I'm done living!

I'm finding out what I can do and what I can't. I think this is a continual thought process with this disease. And while some days I can do some things there are days I can't even get out of bed.

Take advantage of every second and every minute! Even if we are bed ridden, cane assisted, or walking three miles, every part of your life can change with MS.

Get ready to go with the flow and let's do this!

Time to become friends with our MS!




Caroline's Daily Reboot Journal - Start One Today!

Check out my daily journal as I enter into my April Reboot Program!

Caroline's Reboot Journal

Welcome to my ongoing journal about the transition into a new health program to manage multiple sclerosis. Due to various reasons my current program is no longer available. I'm interested to see how my body responds. I am so happy to report that I am at an overall 6. Maybe a 7... So, Can I move from a 6 to a 10 on my wellness scale?

Join me and share your thoughts, stories, successes, failures, and adventures!





Are your taxes done?

Least of my worries. More concerned about feeling even healthier with my MS. Had a great party last night for my essential oils by doterra. Even the children were finding oils to help. The diffuser was a big hit and as we know the oils are natural. Naturally made and naturally easy to sell. They have a purpose. And they work.

We had a full day of reupholstering some furniture, making samples, shopping, wildflower watching, chatting and grabbing some healthy eats for my friends. My MS has been feeling pretty good. Eyes and vision are tired at times. Legs tingling and quivering. Still working on the right nutritional mix.



10:15 am

Beautiful day yesterday driving up California coast to Templeton, my home away from home. Spending time with friends is one of the best medicines for MS. Along with good food and laughter. I woke up a little inflamed as I ate a bit of meat, bread and cheese yesterday. Along with a big glass of wine. Today had coffee. NOT MS friendly foods! Today, drinking lots of water with lemon. And vitamins and healthy veggies and fruits.

Feeling a little shaky but that's my fault. When we don't manage our Ms even for one day, we pay the price. Today it's back to normal. Or back to MSreboot!

I massaged my MSoothing oil blend into my neck and used breathe to open my sinuses and my senses. Better than any coffee. Sometimes I wish I didn't like tannins as in black coffee and red wine. My teeth would prefer it! They do get stained a bit.

Yesterday we drove up all over, picking up free used furniture for my friends new upholstery projects. Pretty exciting! I love watching friends fall into their passions. I love that feeling myself and believe I have found it with my GirlwithMS, the essential oils, and holistic living for better well being.

Today is a work day. Getting stuff done then we will prep for my spring fling this evening! Food, wine, and essential oils. Time to learn how to find a better level of well being!

I'm offering two more spring flings on April 22! Plus a chance to get cleansed and restored!


Wow. It's Saturday! How's it going everyone? Rebooting that MS out the door?

I had some technical difficulties and had to retire my trustee Mac PowerBook from years ago. It failed during a presentation. Blinked twice then went night night. Hard drive it ok and I'm backed up but the process of setting up a new computer does take time.

It would take less time if I wasn't so distracted with my doterra oils, nutrition, Ms and upcoming events. Distracted In a good way!

Made lots of samples, set up several events and shared some gifts with potential wellness advocates.

We are continuing our April #MSreboot camp. I've been making my goals each week and appreciate having written them down, as small as they may seem, but the accountability really helps.

I've also started a new detox program which begins April 22. Join me!



8:40 pm. A good full day. Started with a meeting. Ended with a meeting. Volunteer work and client work, appreciate it all. Without volunteers we wouldn't have community. I love community.

Feeling pretty good but ready for bed. Just rubbed some MSoothing blend on the so,es of my feet and pulse points.

Been setting up Spring Fling workshops and more. Getting samples together, pamphlets, cards, you name it. Ideas a plenty and loving every minute of it!

Having numbness and tingling in right leg. Lower leg. More of a pulsation than a tingle. There is a difference. Going to rub some oils on it and see if it soothes the nerves. Curious to find out. Ooooh. Better already. Massaged some MSoothing Blemd into calf. Feels amazing. Going to go rub it on other sore parts. Left hip. Left leg. Right thigh....

7am. Early morning full of meetings and agendas! Slept so hard. Am now diffusing some MSoothing Blemd and sipping a cup of coffee. Time to wake up!

Have some fun marketing projects, community stuff, setting up wellness clinics and running errands! It's a great day so far. Let's keep it that way!



Talk about a full day! Helped mom give a presentation on Israel to a group of ladies. Then helped my friend give a presentation at night about our local trails history. Full day of laptops and projectors!

I planned four events for Ms, nutrition and oils! Loving sharing what I'm learning with everyone. I used my MSoothing blend of oils for most of the day. Diffusing and wearing on temples, neck and feet.

The fact is, we all need sometimes is someone to believe in us. I went back to my Dr. From USC yesterday and am feeling so good it's amazing. There's just something sorry of magical about this place. They understand MS. They Understand me. Yay USC! And team Leslie P Weiner!

So, Dr Weiner suggested I try taking small doses of klonopin during the day to help my tremors. No one has recommended this before. So I'm trying it! Making me a little dopey during the day but well give it a good month or so and see how I adjust. He told me my half a pill dosage was less than they give babies!

And then he asked me some great questions about my horrible DR experience a few months ago when someone told me he didn't think I had MS. "Did this DR actually examine you? Did he read your records?" Yes, to the tune of three visits, $300 plus $2000 in new MRIs! At least I'm getting answers now.

9:30pm. Wrapping up a full day. So tired, waiting to crash as soon as my light goes off...and here I go....



Been awake for about an hour. Needed to pee, yet again. The body feels much better then when I fell asleep six hours ago. Much of the pain is finally gone. The fire subdued. Now my legs just feel like stretched out taffy, hanging limp on the bone.

When my legs, or any physical part of me goes, as they trying to do right now, it's beneficial to focus on what my mind can do. And there is Good stuff on the horizon today including several fun projects. My trusty computer of six years crashed. Bought a new one so time to get it organized. Quite stoked about it. Always nice to take advantage of a new beginning.

I'm planning a class on redoing ones medicine cabinet while learning about essential oils. And working on a couple of workshops for MS and nutrition. MSreboot camp is oming along and greatly enjoying the new folks I have met through this project!

AND, I am going to see Dr Weiner from USC today! This is amazing. 13 years since I was so sick I couldn't walk unassisted. Couldn't see unassisted. This is best news ever. Will keep you posted.

In the meantime, finding a little rest with a Xanax blend for sleep. Not freaking out but just plain tired...and I love this blend!

And wow is this blend strong...eyelids folding fast. Calm settling the nerves. Fingers collapsing from fatigue. Mind body and soul on slow track for rest and rejuvenation. Can I stay awake long enough to plug in my ipad...night night all. Night night.


7:30am and the alarm is screaming! Oh boy. I new I would be tired but I feel like concrete. A mass of concrete stuck on this bed. How am I going to move? No choice! Today is MS Walk Southern California in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.

After the race, still looking for my tribe
Team Boulevard 34

I basically down a couple cups of coffee and some water. 8:30. Get dressed, get water, and head out the door in time to meet my group at 9am.

But I can't find my group. Waiting an hour by the registration and never found them. BUT I had a great great time and enjoyed the scenery.

I actually can't believe I walked in this relatively warm weather, over three miles, after standing around for an hour in The sun. I am attributing my training schedule of walking and my MSreboot camp! I've been working on making choices for positive change. These include more regular walks. Juicing, food as medicine approach, and my trusty collection of oils and potions.

After the walk, in Montrose
Not MS healthy but awfully tasty after the walk!

Just got out of the bath soaking with Epsom salts, frankinsence, and wild orange. My legs were so inflamed today! First off I had Mexican food lady night with a friend and stayed up way too late. 2am when I forced myself to turn off the light.

Wall of Hope!
Following the happy face...always following the happy face.
Getting started. Lots of folks!

When that alarm went off. I immediately started diffusing Elevate and Purify to get myself ready for the day. Now, the end of the day, I am diffusing purify, helichrysum and frankinsence for a good night sleep.

Forcing myself to stay awake until 9pm, the toxins from my muscles and body started sweating out of my legs as The deep blue rub went deep. It felt strangely good. Had jolts of pain that shot through my hips and back of legs. Especially left hip. Eventually the body relaxed and fell into a comfortable sleep.



Nice peaceful morning. Doing lots of research on my ipad and writing for my blog. Also working on several protocols in nutrition and oils to help with some clients.

My laptop crashed bad yesterday. Let's just say old Mackie won't even start up in safe mode. Uh oh! Will find out more today after my Apple appointment. I'm not wanting to purchase a new laptop but fear it may be in my near future. It is what it is. No use wanting precious energy on it.

Energy. And time. My two most precious assets. How do I maximize them to Keep my life fulfilled while staying healthy? By managing my MS to the fullest.

Join me for my FREE April #MSreboot Camp.

We are working together to reach goals and make a positive change in our lives. Email me at thegirlwithms (at) gmail . Com. Or call me at 818-585-5660 to get started.

More information click here


8:31pm. Early to bed but after a nice long productive day it feels right! Took a long soaking bathe while diffusing Basil essential oil. Slept like a baby for two hours then woke up. Wasn't even midnight. Decided to sip up and read for a bit. Rubbed some frankinsence on the soles of my feet and diffused it into room. Fell back to sleep within the hour and had a pretty restful night. I had to keep going to the restroom to pee but that's pretty normal. I drank a lot of water before bed. Maybe not the best thing but I was thirsty!

The cooling effects of basil reduced the flaming fire in my legs. The tp frankinsence helped and all was good. No restless legs. No pain. OK, I'll take that mix again!

5:00am. Who turned the fire on in my legs? And why today and no other day this week? Diet. It has to be a, the only thing different is that I ate steak, creamed vegetables, salad and greasy garlic bread plus scalloped potatoes. Out to dinner rat an English pub type restaurant and I let my tastebuds overrule healthy eating and boy am I laying the price. Legs are so inflamed and on fire.

I immediately rubbed some doterra Clarycalm on my abdomen, lower back. Then started diffusing some OnGuard In The air. Next time I will rub some deep blue on the muscles to get them singing again...in a good way! Time to turn off this fire! Man, from one bad choice at dinner and now I need to recoup this morning and rebuild.


Productive happy day the wham, peed in my pants. Love Ms. Really. Just love this illness. Continuing with Lifelong Vitality vitamins and been good about juicing. Walked about 2.5 miles today. Getting stronger!

Wrapped up the evening with some episodes of Heartland on netflix. Family type show which I got into a while ago. Just in season three but progressing.


5:11pm. Getting things done!

And feeling good. Really good. Went on a stroll this morning. At an average of 32 minute mile, well, we're not really booking it. Gives us time to watch for wildlife. And to chat. Who's in a rush anyway? Not this GirlwithMS!

Came home and had some fresh juice.

Ran several errands, checked things off, started new things. Finished old.

My new MS protocol with Essential oils is on its way! Psyched to try these out in a new way:



What a fulfilling day! Had a free workshop online for folks joining me with an MSreboot for April. This lasted about an hour and we worked on goals and steps to reach them. Loved the interaction!

I then joined a webinar for doterra oils. Yes, I am a bit fascinated by them but if they work who am I to argue. I need their help. And so do others! Someone just heard about me and wants to sell my oils. Love it! Share the love.

Received my Race to Erase MS tee shirt today. Love it! Had to take the awkward selfie...



Just had Delish Papukea burger (Swiss/mushrooms) at North Shore In La Canada. Veggie style this time. And a fat tire pint of ale. Just sounded good! Been juicing, watering, eating healthy. But today, I'm craving big food, so I grabbed it.

Starting my new vitamins today as part of my #MSreboot.

7:13am April fools day! And I hope to have no pranks played on me.

Woke up a bit tired from the fun evening last night. Went right for the diffuser and added some OnGuard. Then dabbed a bit of it on the bottoms of my feet. Then I started working, in bed, sipping my black unleaded coffee. The taste strong and lingering.

The morning sped by at alarming speed. Much has been accomplished but wanting faster hands, slower time, less ideas...well, not really. Learning to live in balance is key with MS. Finding just enough work to keep you mentally and physically challenged but not too much that you are fatigued.

As the morning progressed I moved to peppermint in the diffuser and on my soles. And, the back of neck, strained enhanced by use of ipad. Wowza. That was a wake up! Love this peppermint. My feet are ever so tingly and not in an MS way.

Join me tonight and we can discuss further!

Are you ready for an MSreboot? Join me online tonight 4/1 at 5pm PDT:

1. Please join my meeting, Apr 1, 2014 at 5:00 PM PDT.



2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.


Dial +1 (267) 507-0007

Access Code: 613-204-589

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting


Meeting ID: 613-204-589



Online Meetings Made Easy®




Time for bed! Long, fun evening at friends house. Cards, wine, good eats and laughter. The best medicine. As part of my reboot program, I'm paying special attention to my skin and have started using doTerra's Foaming Face cleanser. I use it with my Mia and love the combination. Skin feels refreshed afterwards.

7:31 am

After solid night sleep and plenty of rest (thank you doterra!) woke up ready to face the day! What to do first? Write. Check emails. Diffuse OnGuard and get the mind revved up.

I am loving the sleep I've been getting lately. This is new to me. Waking up rested. Wow. Didn't know that could happen. Only change I've made is using essential oils to help find balance in my life. Well, the foot rub last night put my body into a much needed restful sleep. Woke up to the faint hint of clove and wild orange as the OnGuard oil blend worked its magic from the souls of my feet to the inner cored of my brain. I can feel it! And I'm ready to go. Bring it on Monday. I can do this!

A morning rose for us all...


8:30 pm. Oh so tired! In a good way physically. Mentally. Seems awfully early to go to bed but I'm not fighting it. I started my MS protocol and used OnGuard on my feet last night to ward off evilness. It worked! Slept like a baby, woke up several times but drifted back to sleep. The aroma of the OnGuard seeped through my skin and the faint smell hovered about this morning. It was nice. In fact I stared the day with an infusion of OnGuard in my diffuser. Not sure how I lived without this thing?!

Lots of good stuff on the agenda tomorrow. Now, for some restful sleep.


Another restful sleep. While it was not a continuous sleep through the night, felt rested and rejuvenated when I woke at 7am. I had awaken several times during the night to pee. Just Part of the MS. But time to get moving. First thing, drink several glasses of water. I drink it during the night. Not sure what is making me so thirsty and will look into that today.

Next, I turn on my diffuser. I'm using OnGuard again. ANd I made some household cleaner with the OnGuard. Love it!

Homemade All Purpose Household Cleaner:

1 Cup distiller water

1 tbls castille soap. I use Dr. Bronners Liquid. Flavored or clear.

10+ drops doTerra essential oil blend, On Guard

Mix in spray bottle and clean away! If using larger spray bottle, adjust recipe accordingly.

Let me know how you like it!

IThe sweet wild orange and clove is soothing to my nerves and mind. I make strong, black decaf coffee. Very dark. It's just me here, I can make it as I please. And oh it's rich and dark! The sludge fills my body. Well, yes, herbal tea could've been healthier, but there is something about early mornings, thick, black coffee and the sound of birds chirping their way through life.


As some of you know I am on the board of directors for our La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses. We are one of a few small cities left who build their own float for the annual Pasadena Rose Parade. Its a great community event. Here I am hanging with. Some local peeps and politician, Anthony Portantino. Love this town! I've known little Andy here for some 45 years. We're not so little anymore!

Ate plenty at the Happy Hour. Delicious food from all over. A pot luck style. I brought egg rolls but one set made all veggie and the other with BBQ chicken, cabbage and cilantro. Made a pineapple, jalapeƱo, cilantro sauce with rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. Delish!

Woke up around 9:20 last night when bed started rolling around like a freight train. I struggled to wake my tired eyes. Earthquake, no doubt. But is it big enough to warrant getting out of bed? Not for this So Cal girl. As I wait for the rolling to end and listen for sounds of disaster, none came. The silence was strong. Time to go back to sleep. And sleep I did!

I've had some of the best, restful sleep I've had in awhile. I'm using an herbal diffuser at night from doterra and using the OnGuard oil blend. It's a cleansing purifier, taking toxins out of the air. Well, whatever it is doing, it's working! Sleeping like a baby. Not stressing when I wake up at 3am. Falling back to sleep. Waking rested and ready for the day! Wow, can't actually believe it. But this stuff really works!

So what's on the agenda today this beautiful Saturday?

I could go to farmers market. One of my favorites, but if have a bit of produce left from last week. I need veggies for juicing so may pick some up there or go to the market.



12:09pm. Incorporated great pick me up blend of oils into my daily routine. Talk about feeling revived! Used lavender, lemon and peppermint. Ten drops each in glass of filtered water. Ok, my new morning pick me up! It's considered good for allergies and I can see why. It's like taking a shot of clarity.

I juiced early on. And drank herbal tea of pomegranate and lemon and several glasses of water.

I even made some gluten free hot cereal from Bobs Red Mill. Love this stuff! All in all ,had a good day so far with nutrients and feeding the body, mind and soul. Here's to continuing the trend!

And then ran errands to OSH, aka orchard home supply. Picked up some canning goods and couldn't resist these patriotic candies made in the USA.


A long day and I hit the sack early last night. After a fulfilling dinner of home made Thai chicken soup I settled into the computer to wrap up some projects. I decided to infuse the air with doTerra's OnGuard essential oil blend. It diffused as I slipped into a solid sleep last night and is diffusing as we speak, purifying the air around me. While it's purifying, I am sipping on Bragg's cider water. Detoxing all the way around!

I woke up in the middle of the night, to go pee, then fell right back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later, same reason, but peacefully fell back to sleep before waking for the day. It's a wonderful feeling, being able to wake then sleep and not up have the stresses of the day irritate your sleep patterns. Woke again at 6am and bam, decided to hit the day running. Well, jogging may be a better word, but feeling the love and energy today. Lots to get done! Starting taxes, working with clients, prepping for a networking event and hitting some household chores. My room looks like a bomb went off. Time to get this mess in order. At least I don't mind a mess too much. It's not something that's going to get on my way of getting things done. This was a big lesson to learn, that while our outside looks messy our insides are quite orderly. I used to get quite stressed if all of my ducks weren't in a row. But now, I know my ducks are there and will come when I whistle. No need to keep them or me on a short leash. What's on your agenda today? 3/27Wow. Woke up at 5:30am crystal clear. What is this about? The essential oils? I'm not sure but will keep you posted. Physically I felt sluggish. Mentally, ready to go! Cranked on a bunch of work that by 8am was ready for a break. Loving this day! Started:

  • doTerra Zendocrine - Doing some detoxing before I start my MS protocol on 1 April
  • Lemon pomegranate tea - 5-drops lemon essential oil, pomegranate tea leaves, tablespoon of locally produced klauses bee honey.
  • Got Moving! Went for 2 mile walk. Took me forever to return up the BIG hill on the way home. Ugh. Need more physical energy.
  • Increased herbal tea, Bragg's vinegar water
  • Juiced




Spring Fling into a New You! Time to Clean and Restore!

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It is the perfect time to renew your health, and I have the perfect tools to get the job done. While some of us started our detox a couple weeks ago for MSreboot Camp, it's never too late! And we're kicking some MSbootie. Make goals, keep a journal and let's ReBoot this MS out the door!

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