A Perfect storm makes for a Perfect Weekend!

Since when is it ever 80F at the Mid State Fair!? Just last week It was 107F. But an odd cold front is coming through.

And then a friend called, "I'm heading to Paso this weekend, want a ride?". So I called my friend up north, "Yes, come on up, We can take Izzy and her pig to the fair on Saturday." Wow! Could the timing be any better?

So my friend picked me up Friday afternoon and we headed north. Her 2 yr old daughter and lovely dog, Hickson, joined us. Taking the I5 shuffle north to hwy 46 cuts out quite a bit of time rathern than going hwy 101. Not as pretty but saves about an hour.

Arriving safely, we part ways, and I get ready for a Friday evening at the fair with friends. Time to get a little dolled up! The only issue is that I was on a cane all day Thursday and was so wobbly from my MS when we got to the fair. I didn't bring a cane and it might have been good to have one. I was so weak that I drank four bottles of water and went to the car at 9pm to wait for my friends. And my bladder! Oh my that nervous MS bladder. Peed all the way around the fair. Drank water and peed.

Even with the weakness and wobbles we were able to see a few things before I crashed. The most important thing to me was meeting the folks at the National Wild Turkey Federation. Two veterans were working the booth. One from Vietnam and one from Afghanistan and Iraq. They were selling raffle tickets to win a gun of choice (of what's available). It was a great fundraiser! Every sixty tickets sold created a new drawing for a different gun. When all the guns are chosen, the fundraiser will end. Yes I bought a ticket but didn't win. Yet... I did buy a much needed pink camouflage hat which was the ONLY thing on my list of wants. Girl can't have enough camo and pink!

Saturday brought a whole new set of adventures as we head out early to take Oreo to the fair. Weighing in about 240 he should do fine this week depending upon the style of the judging. Every year it's a bit different.

Izzy helping with Oreo:

Pigs are very sensitive to heat and stress. While it wasn't too hot out, Izzy kept Oreo well hydrated. We did see a pig stress out and it probably won't make it for the market class Tuesday. Some times pigs will die before they show. Sad but it does happen.

After settling the pig in we walked around a bit. I was in Much better condition than Friday. I saw a plaque in honor of some folks I used to work for: Phoebe Cooke and George Hearst. I used to show at the amid State Fair for years. Horses and my students. It was extremely fun to go back and see so many familiar faces.

They now have a covered the arena. We used to just ride in the sun and heat. And trust me it can got very warm here! One year I had a student fall and break her pelvic girdle. That same year a young kid fell from these stands and hit like humpy dumpty on the concrete. I heard it. Worst sound ever. Skull on concrete.

This year I really wanted to see the exhibits. The flowers, quilts and jams. I didn't make the latte two but had fun in the horticulture department!

And then we wrapped up with carnival rides and climbing wall for the girl! Not to mention a little mutton bustin.

I threw caution to the wind and followed a ten year old up the Ferris wheel!

And of course, some mutton bustin with my girl!

I was so fortunate to have been able to come and help and play. All the right conditions made this happen and I thank God for giving me this time with friends and my life. What an experience!

And then on the drive home, we actually had a rain drop on the car. Not enough because we really need rain. But the most pleasant sound on earth right now for us Californians. Rain. And a fun dr Seuss silo that's been on this route forever. Love my California!

So Take That MS! I rested. Drank plenty of water. Avoided some of the fair food. Made my boundaries and stuck with them. I listened to my body and made good choices. Was blessed with great weather. While I'm not back to my latest normal, I am on my way with a restorative day ahead of me with yoga, meditation and quiet time.