A Rocking Day with MS...

Here's to rocking life with MS: Yoga, walking, healthy eating, fun projects, family and friends!

After a great free flow yoga session, (video coming) I hit the morning with a walk. Summer heat is staying away allowing for cool mornings...

Had a great phone call with a bestie. Friends are vital when suffering from any illness, especially MS.

Seemed like a good time to make some fresh watermelon juice!

And if that wasn't enough, after a couple hours on the computer, I hit the kitchen for some vegan, GF spring rolls! Tamari cashew cream is the key.

My physical and nutritional needs are met, now time for friends, work and play projects, gardening and enjoying life. Glad I love my work as it often makes for fun and creative times....and allows for time to stop and smell the roses...or in this case find little katydid nymphs on the chamomile.