About Me

My name is Caroline Craven.  In 2001, I couldn’t walk or see unassisted.  I lost hope.  Today, despite my issues, I am thriving.   

Shortly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I was included in a three-year double blind study at USC for a T-cell vaccine.  During these three years I could not take any disease modifying treatment (DMT).  Assuming the best, my focus shifted to natural treatments. I became a certified life coach and a holistic nutrition educator.  

After the study I was told I was on the placebo.  Yet, I was doing better than most and definitely better than when first diagnosed.  

“You should be a poster child for MS,” said my diagnosing neurologist.  “You have taken control and found ways to manage your symptoms and minimize your disease.”  I took her advice.  

My blog, GirlwithMS.com provides helpful information on how to live better with MS.  Blog posts range from personal experiences, research based articles, recipes, life hacks, and resources.

I am a health journalist and have had over 100 research based articles published online. My free lance articles are found across platform.  And, as a patient expert living with MS, my work takes me across the country, consulting and speaking to help others live better.  

My strength comes from within and from all of the MS community.  Thank you for being there for me.  And please know that I am here for you.  

Stay positive, know we have your back, and #takeTHATms! 


Caroline Craven


Nauman Nazir (myhappylifepk) said...

You are doing a job which deserves apprciation.
Keep showing pwople the bright side of life.

Ryan K Luke said...

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