What would you do with extra time each day?

“Thank you Avior Nutritionals for helping those living with MS find a higher level of wellness and for sponsoring this post.”  

An Open Letter to My Friends Living with MS

Caroline Craven - the Girl with MS

To my friends living with MS, 

What would you do with more time in the day?  Even 5 minutes? 

That’s what I’m asking myself now, almost every day.  

I used to rest and take naps in the afternoon.   I never scheduled anything after lunch.  Who knows how I would feel?  

But things are different now. I continue to take better care of myself.  Yoga, gentle living, and healthy eating are just a few things I focus on.  Going to the doctors and taking my vitamins are also kept up on a regular basis.  

And then, last spring, I added Myetin into the mix.  It has been a huge bonus in my life.  The spasms and pain have been greatly reduced.  But most impressive has been this new found energy.  

Myetin is a combination of high-dose biotin and NAD+ made by Avior Nutritionals.

I know that this post is sponsored by Avior Nutritionals, but I am writing from the heart to say that sure do wish I had started this supplement much earlier.   On a daily basis I am amazed at the level of my afternoon energy on any given day.  

Whale Watching Pacific Ocean
Everyone with MS is different. And I am not a medical professional. But, there is scientific research behind high dose biotin and its potential benefits for those living with MS. 

And dang, if they don’t taste great.   I’m grateful that I can’t overdose on them.  As I’ve said before, these are my Scooby snacks.  After my pills, and only after do I get to slowly dissolve my Myetin.  

Please consult your health care provider.  And as always, if you have any question at all, please feel free contact me online at GirlwithMS.com

I still have down days, where a rest is needed after lunch.  But these occurrences are scant compared to the past.  Lately my afternoons are spent with friends, puttering in the garden, cooking for the family or working on MS advocacy.  Wow.  
Enjoying Harvest Festival! 
It’s still a rare occasion that I plan anything too important in the afternoon.  But if it’s necessary I seem to be able to pull through.  

Never imagined this energy would return.  

Thank you Avior Nutritionals for all you do to say #takeTHATms!  


Caroline Craven

This blog post created in partnership with Avior Nutritionals. 

Guest Blog Post: Dr. Terry Wahls Recruiting for Diet Study


MS Diet Study Research Opportunity Worldwide 
Many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) are very interested in dietary approaches to managing MS-related symptoms. 

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research on which diet people should follow. Research has mostly focused on which supplements to take. Studying food choices and diet is much more complicated and equally as important. 

Right now there are two studies planned to examine if there specific diets that help reduce MS-related symptoms.

To find out the impact of specific diets, we need participants. Please consider enrolling in these two studies. 

  Dr. Terry Wahls  

1st STUDY:  Dietary Approaches to Treating MS-Related Fatigue 
Dr. Terry Wahls does clinical research at the University of Iowa, studying diet in the setting of multiple sclerosis. We are conducting an interventional study to understand how diet can affect fatigue. 

In our study we will be comparing the effectiveness of the low–saturated fat diet (Swank) and the modified Paleo (Wahls Elimination) for reducing the severity of MS-related fatigue symptoms and quality of life.   

The study lasts 36 weeks. We conduct baseline assessments and ask participants to continue eating their usual diet for 12 weeks, during which time there are repeat assessments. Then patients are randomized to one of the two study diets, trained on their assigned diet, and receive coaching calls to help them successfully adopt and sustain the study diet. There are repeat assessments 12 and 24 weeks later. 

We are currently recruiting participants and will continue recruiting through early 2019. Participants must have a diagnosis of relapsing-remitting MS, fatigue, and live within 500 miles of Iowa City, Iowa. This includes the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin, and parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. 

Individuals interested in being considered for enrollment in this study may complete screening questionnaires and use code JMJPYEJHP. 

For questions, please email MSDietStudy@healthcare.uiowa.edu or call 319-384-5002.

2nd Study:  Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Multiple Sclerosis  
The second study is an observational study being conducted at Bastyr University for people with MS, optic neuritis, or clinically isolated syndrome. The survey asks participants about their diet, complementary and alternative medicine use, current symptoms, and quality of life. 

Participants are asked to complete surveys twice a year. Because it follows people over time, this study can also help answer questions about which diet is associated with better quality of life and fewer MS-related symptoms. 

Also, because this is a survey-only study, people can participate from all over the globe. You can learn more about this study and complete the surveys using this link.

Please consider participating in these important studies and encourage others to consider participating as well. Changing clinical practice so dietary advice is part of the care for people with MS requires research that asks the question, “Can diet reduce MS disease severity?”  

We have two studies asking that question. MS researchers from around the globe including myself and the MS community are anxiously awaiting the results from these studies. I hope you’ll consider participating. 

We’d love to include you! 

A Fresh Start: Job-Hunting After a Major Illness

Guest Blog Post from Rufus Carter: 

Finding a job is often a cause for considerable angst. Some common concerns may include fears of discrimination, how much you should disclose about your injury or illness and gaps in employment while you focused on your wellbeing. While these may be legitimate cause for worry, it’s also important to bear in mind that you are not alone. 
Job hunting after a medical absence is not uncommon, but that doesn’t take away the fears you might fear. But there are many ways to get back in the game. 
Creating your own gig
Sometimes difficulty finding a full-time job presents an opportunity to start your own venture, using your own skills. If you enjoy cooking but don’t have the means or confidence to open a full-blown restaurant, why not try a pop-up restaurant instead? It’s a low-risk, low-overhead proposition that can help you build a clientele, work according to your own schedule and earn income quickly. 
Carefully consider your talents and background. There’s probably something you can turn into money-making venture while you conduct a job search. If you’ve got a talent for making decorative objects, consider selling them on Etsy. Or, if you have a musical background there may be an opportunity to give lessons, either in person or online. Writing is a popular and potentially lucrative online gig these days, whether you’re producing marketing content or writing a blog, it’s a great way to make money doing something you enjoy. 

If you love animals, consider starting a dog walking or dog-boarding service, a growing and successful niche for many individuals who’ve decided to enter the gig economy.
Remedy your resume
Job searching takes place online to a very large degree these days, but that doesn’t mean a sharp, well-written resume is any less important. If anything, that makes it more important to place a coherent, informative and eye-catching account of your work history in front of employers. If you’ve been out of work for a while, it’s probably necessary to do some updating and make sure your most recent work experience is explained, as well as the highest education level you’ve attained. Remember, this is an employer’s introduction to you, so be as thorough as possible. Mention what you enjoyed about your last job, what skills you possess that would be especially valuable, and where you’d like to be five years from now. 
Where to go for help
If you get stuck along the way, there are many resources, both online and in-person, that can help set you on the right path. Many organizations can help you put together an effective resume and locate jobs despite your former health issues. If your illness resulted in addiction, America in Recovery is an excellent resource and maintains a job board that can put you in touch with employers. If you aren’t sure where to even begin, consider reaching out to an employment agency. This is a group that works directly with employers and can coach you through which jobs may be a good fit for you. You’ll have an opportunity to hold a temporary position while you gain experience or walk the direct-to-employment path. 
Finding a new job and readjusting to life after being down can be difficult. Draw on your innate abilities and interests to earn an income while looking for a long-term opportunity. It can instill in you a new sense of purpose and give you new goals to shoot for. Embrace the opportunity, remember what you’ve learned during treatment and reach out for help if you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com.

THANK YOU Rufus!  
For this awesome input about finding work and keeping hope during difficult times.    #takeTHATms!   

Epic vacation, lost vitamins, fighting a relapse.


Where is my pill box?  

This trip was flawless until now. Everything organized and flowing like a dream.   

Until midway into the last week when my vitamins were nowhere to be found.  Oh crud.  My Myetin was in this box.  Not to mention my Grandmother’s diamond ring. But in reality it was the Myetin I was most concerned about.  

This means five days without my high dose biotin, Myetin  Oops.  Not a good thing when venturing into 100F heat, adventures and time with your boyfriend.  Not good at all.  

The heat hit hard but my MS stayed at bay.  

Fun was had by all.  Mid-State Fair, Dwight Yoakam and great friends.  One couldn’t ask for more.  Except to find their Myetin.  

Energy flows where attention goes.  And I do not have energy to waste.  Putting my lost vitamins aside, we had a beautiful drive to the Central California Coastal town of Harmony.  I’ve been visiting this town since 1985 and the charm never fades.  

After some pottery purchases and selfies with the Cow parade, we ventured on up the road to the unbelievable Hearst Castle in San Simeon.  It’s been years since riding the visitor’s bus up the hill.  And, well, let’s just say my MS had the better of me.  Dizzy, fear of heights, it took everything I had to relax and meditate my way up the historical path.  

These frantic, nervous feelings are new to me.  Prior to MS, my weekends consisted of rock climbing, white water kayaking, racing mountain bikes, and back country skiing in the Cascades of Oregon.   Now I am afraid of a bus ride. 

Then, we arrived at top, and the sun came out.  Not too bad at first and fortunately not a scorcher this day.  But the rooms, those grand rooms of William Randolph Hearst, they got a little warm.  

A once avid adventurer, this girl with MS is limited in many ways unnoticeable to the naked eye. Fatigue, pain, balance issues, spasticity, are just a few to having a nursing, loving caregiver such as Tim, has made all the difference in the world.  My parents have been wonderful caretakers, but traveling with Tim does have its benefits! 

As dizziness rolled over me and the heat related MS hug crept its creepy hands around me, Tim grabbed a chair, a fan and sat me down.  I don’t look sick.  People stared, but only for a bit.   

Do people with invisible illnesses need to wear a sign? 

Often I feel the need to carry my handicap placard with me, hanging it around my neck.  Or to wear some sign that says, “I have MS and might trip and fall on you.”  

Frustrating to be in this position, with an invisible disability, but it is a good reminder to look at other people the way I want to be viewed, with kindness and gratitude in my heart.  To see without judgement.  

Almost ten years of my life were spent in this beautiful Central Coast of California.  I yearn to return to the countryside with Tim.  Have a garden, animals, couple of horses.  But that’s another story.  

A bit of Life before MS

A former horse trainer and ranch hand, I was fortunate to have worked several of the Hearst Ranches.  There were broodmares and foals in Paso Robles at Phoebe Hearst’s Circle 6 Ranch.  This ranch also housed a couple of international vaulting teams and the USET two-up carriage horse team.  This was all fascinating and fun work while studying Agribusiness and marketing at nearby California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  

In addition, my ranch work took me to the Estrella Ranch where I exercised cutting horses, rode turn back, worked cattle and witnessed a variety of wildlife while loping across George Hearst’s 17,000 acres.  Also, The Jack Ranch out in Cholame was a beautiful, historical setting to work cattle and hunt wild boar.  Thank you Hearsts and Hearst Corporation for amazing memories!  

Distracted from my lost vitamins, we continued down the Pacific Coast Highway to the beautiful Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach.  Thank you, Tim, for this wonderful gift and surprise!   

Still no Myetin 

My attitude was all positive but symptoms started to rear their ugly heads.  

First, my vision started to wane.  Try as I might, but it was getting hard to focus.  Fortunately for me, all I had to look at was this incredible view of the beach. This is why my hands are not on the steering wheel.  When it goes, it goes!  

Next, the weeble wobbles.  And, we do fall over, unless there is a cane, chair, or a loving caregiver, like Tim, nearby.  Blessed to have the latter, it was easy to lean on him, both physically and emotionally.  Because let’s admit it, having times like this get us down whether we like it or not.  

The pill box is nowhere.  It must be somewhere in the trailer back in Templeton.  I cant buy my Myetin  at a store.  Hmmmm.  Definitely next time I travel, will pack a backup supply, or two.  Because I really don’t like this feeling and I want my vitamins!   

Tim and I had an amazing adventure.  We tootled on home down Hwy 1, the Pacific Ocean to our right, the burned hills of Montecito to the east.   

Life is good. Very good. And it will be even better when I get to my vitamins.   

Research has shown it’s also important to understand that taking high dose biotin may provide a false positive result on a thyroid test.  For a true thyroid result, research recommends abstaining from it for two weeks prior to the test.  

I shared the research with my doctors. And more importantly, shared my personal results.  

Pain, fatigue, cog fog has reduced to a point of non recognition. Work productivity and energy level are at an all time high.  

My life with MS is thriving at a level I’ve never expected or believed would happen.  

Thank you, Myetin, for creating a product that works for me.   

And thank you, me, for knowing how to research and fine quality interventions to help me and others with MS.    

Back on Myetin.  

My pill box was left in Templeton.  Grateful to know the diamond ring wasn’t lost.  And to know I actually did leave it somewhere and didn’t lose it. Whew.   

Back on Myetin and it feels oh so good!   

It tastes so good.  LOL, I can’t believe how much I actually like this dissolvable tab.  Talk about an easy vitamin to take.  

So, if you read my earlier blog post about Myetin, I call it my Scooby Snack.  Only after all my swallowable pills are taken may I partake in my tasty Myetin.  The things we do to stay on track.  

But even then I tend to rush through my tab.  That’s not the point!   The point is to let the tab take its own sweet time to dissolve under my tongue.  

The problem is, I have no patience.  Literally, none.  Especially for sweet tasting tabs of wellness.  

Take the MyMyetin Challenge!

So, I’ve created the MyMyetin Challenge.  

How long can you take to dissolve your Myetin?   

I’m at .... lets see, I better try one now so I can see what my record it.   Hold on for a sec.   

OK.  One minute!  sixty Seconds!  That is my record for dissolving My Myetin tablet.   

Can you pass the sixty second MyMyetin challenge? 

#MyMyetinChallenge #SixtySeconds #BeatThat #takeTHATms!


This blog post brought to you by Caroline Craven, Avior Nutritionals, and Myetin, your high dose biotin for MS.   Thank you all for your continued support of GWMS and our mission to say #takeTHATms!


Meal Kits, Food Delivery and Living with MS

We should do what we enjoy, while we can.
Caroline Craven, @theGirlwithMS, at McKenzie River Lavendar Festival
You all know as I do that things change.  For better or worse, things change.

One of my favorite enjoyments in life is cooking.  In fact its just all things food.  From agriculture and farming to cooking shows and playing in the kitchen.

But there are days when my MS gets in the way.  Big time in the way.  And these are the days where we need to practice Self Care.
Knives become dangerous.  Standing on two feet becomes a chore.  Many of us have been there but what can we do?   Eating out becomes expensive, boring and can often contain the incorrect foods for people with MS.

There are a growing number of options for people who need assistance making their meals.

*By purchasing here you help Girl with MS and Caroline Craven continue their MS advocacy work.*
Grocery Delivery

Ever have those days where your MS just says “No way, Darling, you are not going to the super market today”.   And, despite your best efforts, you realize it is true, for this day.

Groceries and products like sundries, household items and more can easily be purchased online.   Of course you have your general Amazon prime, the provider of everything.  But many of you realize how important it is to support your local markets and businesses.

Here are some options that you may find in your neighborhood or offer unique products:


 CALIFIA FARMS - Plant based butters, probiotics, cheeses and more at Califia Farms.


Sign up for email and receive 15% off your first order at Califia Farms! Artisinally crafted from nuts, seeds, fruits, and roots. Shop Plant Milks at Califia Farms!

Try their special probiotic and watch your gut health improve.  It might even help your MS symptoms.

Introducing Probiotic Dairy-Free Yogurt at Califia Farms. Plant powered, dairy-free, and most importantly, delicious. Shop Now!


Includes Gluten free options moist and Uber tasty.  Sometimes we just need something sweet!


SAVE 25% - Dancing Deer Delicious Gluten Free Cookies and Brownies Gfits (USE CODE:GF25)

SAVE UP to 40% OFF-Dancing Deer Great Deals - Fresh, soft and YUMMY brownie and cookies gifts in elegant gift boxes. (No preservatives,high quality ingredients, amazing flavors). SHOP NOW!


Community Supported Agriculture - Farm Fresh to You allows you to Customize your produce box. There are other options too - fruit, veggies, farm products and more.  If you are unable to go to farmers market then this is your best option!

 Check it out:


Ingredients and groceries to make your life easier!   Cook the food you want with Thrive.

Meal Kits

The growing fad of meal Kits continues.  They’ve been around long enough for folks to take them seriously.  Because, they work!

Usually there is a monthly subscription and a choice of food options.

Meals in 5-Minutes or Under! 

1.  BistroMD.com 
Offers meals based on your dietary needs and ready in five minutes.  Gluten Free, Vegeterian, Low-sodium are just a few choices.  But they don’t end there.  Each meal kit is customizable.  And we love when we can do that!


Get simple recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your door!
 Weekly Meal Delivery Specials with Balance.BistroMD.com! 

Low Carbohydrate diet containing 25g or less of NET carbohydrates per meal with Balance.BistroMD.com!

Balanced nutrition for weight loss with Balance.BistroMD.com!



Babeth’s Feast offers a variety of prepared meals such as vegeterian options, fish curry and carne asada. These meals pack a wallop of flavor!

Kits Ready for Preparation

1.   Dinnerly offers fresh ingredients in meal kits ready for preparation. This allows you to cook but not do the shopping. Itr the thinking. Easy Peasy if you’re able to cook. Meals cost about $5 per person and take 30 minutes or less to create.

Dinnerly is always 50% OFF! Talk about making it easy for us to decide.

Get simple recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your door!


Research shows that Seafood good for MS. Are you near the ocean or need some help getting fresh sea food to your house?


Cameronsseafood.com - Free shipping Best Sellers Sampler shipped to your door!- Get Maryland Blue Crabs, Maryland Crab Cakes, Spiced Shrimp and Cream of Crab combo for only $99.00

Save 15% On Alaskan Halibut Portions & Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 Using Code: 4HALIBUT18 At VitalChoice.com!


Premade food that can feed a crowd, or give you plenty of leftovers make it easy, especially during the holidays.

One company offering prepared food is Chicago Steak Company


Impromptu Gourmet delivers amazing looking food! Enough for an entire Holiday Party or a Family Event.  Check out this bacon wrapped shrimp~

Order today and get free shipping for orders over $99!

Impromptu Gourmet - Free Ground Shipping $99 or More - Promo Code: IMPJULY

This page will continue to grow so bookmark it and check back!