Mushrooms, MS and Oregon

Tis Mushroom season! But man, you better know what you're doing.

The chanterelles are easy. Very identifiable and the slugs love them.

Then there was this one. I know nothing about mushrooms so I am just going to post some pics until I learn their names.

Some we found along the roadside...
There were a few of these flame orange ones. Interesting!
This little guy reminded me of a puffer fish.

MS can really take you down. It is nice to remember the little things in life, the funny, obscure, little mushrooms that make our life laughable.

So, let's go laugh!


MS on hold, Fishing on hold, rain flowing freely

Ever notice that MS hides with the sun? Well, it seems to be for now! Haven't felt any real MS symptoms since arriving in Oregon. Haven't had much sun either.

Round two of mega storm is hitting as predicted. We took advantage of the break earlier and headed down the coast to Yachats, a lovely, quaint little town, which I haven't visited in well over ten years. On our way out Beaver Creek there was already some flooding on the road. Our trip, depending on the rain level, would need to be pretty quick. The road can become impassable and chain saws are a good idea with the wind and downed trees. We're just picking up a newspaper. We don't need too big of an adventure!

Heading south through Waldport and on down HwY 101, I was filled with wonderful memories of living in this great state. So often my friends and I would be spending our time in nature and on the road, most likely based around some adventure of kayaking, mt biking, back country skiing or more.

Like any good state with water, there are numerous bridges in Oregon. This new one is being painted and stretches across the Alsea river into Waldport.

Looking toward the bridge through the increasing rain and decreasing visibility.

We decided to look for the Sunday Oregonian paper and get back tomthe ranch before the road flooded. On our way we saw a small sign for a fly shop. The shop was in the lobby of a motel called the Dublin House.

It would be interesting to come back here and do some saltwater fly fishing. The entrance to Yachats river looked promising for some large sea running trout. Both noted for future times. Excited about the possibility of a small cutthroat on Beaver creek is enough for me. Especially if I can find one on the ranch in that little fishing hole...but it will all depend upon the rain.

And considering how fast the fields are flooding, we may be fishing from kayaks in the horse pastures!

The creek is swollen. Cows are calling for their calves. Horses taking cover. Fishing will wait.

In the meantime, good to review regulations, write, build a fire, eat tomato soup, chat with friends, and enjoy his great life I've been given. Take THAT MS!


Rain doesn't slow down this Girl with MS

Typical Oregon. Lots of rain. But, plenty to do inside!

A little boggle, good friends, excellent generator and some fun art makes for a great soggy day.

Melissa's dinner on paper. Yum!
Not MS friendly but time for a Russian cigarette!
Melissa's self portrait with donkey.
The generator. Necessary when the power went out yesterday.
Tucker dog!
And the Pepper at feeding time. We brought them in due to the storm. Miss this girl! Love the home grown alfalfa Timothy mixture. And amazing grass hay. Hoping for a few days of sun so we can hay another field before winter. It won't be this week though!

We may go into town today pending weather. It's a little quieter right now but round two is on the way.

I'm loving how my MS is staying low. Granted, the weather helps as it's been in the 50s. Not cold enough to effect my arthritis but cool enough to keep MS settled. Plus the non stringent schedule helps. Wake up. Jacuzzi. Write. Coffee. Water. Explore.


Exploring Newport Oregon with MS

If you haven't been to Newport, Oregon, it's a definite must see. An arts driven community, it has a variety of good eats and places to explore.

Up and over the bridge we go...

While the weather was a bit soggy, it's always nice to see the Pacific Ocean.

Local Ocean is supposed to be great restaurant (located down by the working wharf) and with the 30 minute wait I wasn't surprised. Just one look at their fresh seafood caused a small drool on the tile floor for which I quickly blamed a nearby dog.

But not being in the mood to linger outside in the rain we headed to our second option, La Maison, for a hot cup of chowder.

We headed into some fun, almost predictable art galleries and stores.

Down by the water we drove by this cool old hotel, the Sylvia Beach Hotel. Each room is designed after a certain author in history. Just think, I could stay in Ken Kesey's Cuckoos Nest. Seems appropriate with my MS. It definitely looks like a fun place to come back and visit.

Due to great local support, there is both the Newport Performing Arts Center and the Newport Visual Arts Center.

If you want the best bakery go to Paninis. We were headed for cinnamon rolls. Denied! Get there early...

They were out so we drove to Seal Rock and stopped at the fudge shop, Indulge Sweets, where we had 1/4 of a brownie. Intense richness. We picked up some citrus doodles for after dinner. Um, well, we ate a few of them. And they were not small at all. But, All in the name of MS!

Staying comfortable, warm and dry is essential for everyone's health. But it is definitely essential with the MS! Leaving la Maison and off for some more adventures...


Mini Donkeys, bear scat and Microbrew with MS

Loving that my MS is staying at bay. Good friends, moderate weather, nutritional management, making dreams happen and good times can be the best medicine for MS.

It doesn't hurt being greeted by three miniature donkeys at the barn in the morning:

Theres been Much bear activity around the ranch. Apple trees are one of their favorites. Here's some apple scat.

The ranch grows their own hay. It's also a working timber and cattle ranch. And, it has just become home of Wolf Tree Brewery specializing in spruce tip ale. Wow. Can't wait to try this later this week!

And look...more chanterelles!

Oh, and look, another fishing hole to check out after the storm. Love this place!

So, sometimes its easy to forget about the MS when life is treating you so well. Just being in this beautiful place and thinking about what may happen while enjoying every moment that is occurring can seem to put this disease in remission. It's a nice feeling but you don't want to forget so much that you find yourself not managing the illness. It's easy to feel so good that you overdo. And then it's back to bed and we don't want that.

Our goal for MSontheRoad is to explore, have fun, and not relapse. Let's do this!




Oregon with MS: beaver creek, chanterelles, fishing holes.

Day one and wow! What a beauty. We hit the trail in the morning and had a nice three mile stroll up north Beaver Creek road. Birds were out and the skies still clear, you could feel the weather creeping in. The ladies were in front of me. While trailing a bit thought I might see some wildlife spooked up by their chatter. I kept my eyes scanning the forest and tree lines looking for horizontal lines. As a hunter that was always a good scan for horizontal lines in a vertical forest. Deer, elk, bear, cougar....they are all here and you can feel the wildness as you walk.

Small video clips along the way and various photographs make for a good recording of this area. Some nice looking fishing holes along the way. After the rain storm settles we will go check some of these out.

View along north Beaver Creek, Oregon
Beaver creek, Oregon
Beautiful incense cedars among others fill the forests
My friends donated some trees from their forest for this project. Nice to see it in action!
We explored the Beaver Creek Nature Area. It's relatively new and a great place to visit!

Then we went chanterelle hunting/gathering. Fall, after a rain, look for chanterelles. And we found some! Many had been chewed on and a bit soggy but they will work for sure.

What a bounty this earth provides. And there's more...