Being Thankful During Covid

 Unprecedented times, no doubt.  

As I review my photos and things that I have done since Covid started, I’m feeling better.  A little happier!  

First of all, my friends, supporters and family have been amazing during these times.  There always seems like someone is just a phone call away, especially when feeling a bit down.  

Time to look for things that make me happy. I find myself enjoying paint parties.  A great way to build hand-eye coordination, get messy, feel like a kid and have fun.  I use the “It’s Just Paint” by Sarah Van Loan.  Click here to join one of her many parties planned for the next couple of months!  And TRUST me - she  makes it so easy.  I have never really painted before. These are my firsts:

Cooking, gardening and watching wildlife in my yard were some major highlights these last nine months. The vegetables did great this year. Homemade pickles, lots of sauces and veggies and some beautiful flowers.

This little buck would come over from across the street (the mountains) and join me while I worked and blogged. He’s my little MS activist.  My outdoor office desk is about ten feet away from him.  It was a nice distraction from the nuisances of MS.  

This little lady was across the street and next door.  She came down to my patio with her two cubs after I left to run some errands. They had been taking a nap in a tree next door.  

In the cooler weather I was able to get some good walks in, 3-miles at times! Most of this came from all the encouragement I received from all my MS friends and supporters.   I did get tested for Covid but came up negative. No antibodies either so whatever cold I had before was probably something else.  

One place I found a lot of support was via the BELONG.LIFE app, BelongMS. (Click Here to download app). The communities provided, including my support group, Girl with MS, have allowed me to survive during these times. I found myself in a dark hole more than a few times.  I reached out and found ways to self-care.  I also called my doctor and had my medicine adjusted for anxiety. 

I even took out the art pencils and started doodling a bit along with some journaling.  

And on the cooler days my legs were able to carry me to the river for some fly fishing. Always one of my favorites.  

Because of my walking and yoga... I have been able to keep up with a relatively healthy summer and fall.  For that I am very grateful and thankful.  

We’ve got this!  #takeTHATms! 

I know, lots of photos.  But they make me happy and remind me of the good times of Covid and not just the stress.  Thank you for being there for me! 

My journey with MS Parts 1, 2, 3 - Going Rogue in Guatemala

New Podcast!

Diagnosed in 2001, it’s been awhile. Remembering how it came about in Guatemala and what I went through reminds me of how far I have come.

Thank you Jessie Ace and @DISabledtoENabled for hosting me on their podcast. Jessie Ace is amazing and lives with MS. She’s a bright light in this world and I feel blessed to be a part of her program.

“Twenty years ago couldn’t walk or see unassisted. Today she is thriving and helping thousands of people with MS learn to thrive too. Her award-winning blog (Girl with MS) shares tips and tricks that she’s picked up as a certified life coach, motivational speaker, health journalist, and MS advocate. Years of studying alternative and holistic nutrition and lifestyle skills have given this Girl with MS a chance at life again.

ENabled warriors, please help me in welcoming to the show the amazing… “

Caroline Craven

: We chat about her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis, how it happened, and what medications she takes for it.

Wednesday: We chat about how she started a blog that helps so many people(and how Facebook shut down all her pages overnight!)

Friday: Find out Carolines answers to the not-so-super-quick secrets round - find out about her hilarious Halloween costumes!


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Lance Armstrong - It's not about the bike. 
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Stay #ENabled and #takeTHATms! 

P.s. It's not the cards we're dealt that matters, it's how we play the game that counts ;)