Emotional Hangover from MS - and what to do.

The MS got a hold of me, worse than it’s been in months.   But there were reasons.  Pushed beyond comfort by demands of life, it caught up with me.  And caught up bad.   

Often we talk about the physical pain of MS, the tremors, the spasticity.  The pain the comes from every nerve ending or the fatigue that covers us in a lead blanket.

And then the pain wanes and we feel better for a bit.  But the emotional sludge that remains behind is detrimental to our health and happiness.  

And boy did I feel it this morning when the day got started.  Frustrated, irritated and angry at life, my legs crumbled their way out of bed to get some coffee.  Crumbled for sure as there was no jumping for joy today.  

Why my?  Why this damn MS that suffocates me and keeps me jailed up in my body?  

Sure, I aim for happiness.  Positive thinking and all is great an my focus.  But today, I’m not going to fight it.  My emotions are way over the top upset and there’s no denying that I really I despise my MS right now.  

Unfortunately the angrier I get the more worked up my MS becomes.  This isn’t productive or healthy for anyone.  
Time to force a change! 

Yes, I’m using the word force.  Enter something beautiful in life:  A sit in the garden.  A chat with a friend.  A stroll through the neighborhood.  Find the beauty, grace and appreciation that is the bases of life.  It’s there but when I’m this worked up it’s hard to see beyond the tears. 

But forcing this is easier than it may seem.   Just sitting out in the garden for a few minutes is helping.  

1.  Breathe in deep to the chest.  
2.  Take the breath deeper, into the belly and gut and let it distend out as far as possible
3.  Keep taking in more air, aware of the beauty around you. 
4.  When full of air, sit a second then exhale deep.
5.  Exhale through the mouth, letting out everything dirty, angry and evil. 


Ahhhhh...  Feeling so much better already.  

Now, to remember this trick during the busyness of the day.  

Now that I can see straight and am calming down, time to record my issues.

Even after almost 20 years of this illness, I am still learning about it.  Today was a lesson learned.  AFter three days of physical hell, the emotional hangover was even worse.   Next time my body faces exacerabations from mismanagement I must remember this tailing wind of emotions that have entwined me.

Day 10: ReNew YOU Journal

Day 10 of my ReNew YOU Challenge

Have you checked out my ReNew YOU challenge?  Interesting stuff here to help you live a better life.

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An excerpt from today - Jan 10

WOW.  I cant believe I am here.  And would not be here if it weren’t for all of your well wishes and support.

I walked 4 miles today!   Wahooo!!

My work is paying off but still having some issues.

I was having a hard time committing to walking/exercise so my friend joins me - it makes me accountable and I need that!

But because I’m persevering, I am on my way to achieving my goal of improving my MS health by taking self-care steps of wellness.

1.  Walking:  Heading out for my third walk this week:  builds strength and heart health.

2.  Stop and smell the roses:  builds appreciation and gratitude.

3. Do not procrastinate - even the dullest of chores to be done now.  And it’s helping a lot.  They need to be done so just do it!

4.  Eating healthy.  Wish I got a photo of the Sushi Burrito from Bristol Farms.  Delicious!  And Uber healthy.  I split it with my friend.

5.  Time with friends.  Today with my friend on a walk.  Several friends on the phone.

6. Compartmentalize my day for work.  I divided up the day and two hours a day, first thing are spent on GWMS.  then, writing and other gigs come into the picture.  When there is ton to do, it’s important to divide and conquer.

7.  Smile.  Smile and pass it on.  The cheapest form of joy we can spread.

8.  Having moments of doubt?  Repeat your affirmation.   Today, my affirmation is this:

“Because I am walking, working hard and taking care of myself, I am on my way to reaching my goal  of improved health and I am feeling strong, capable and empowered.”

And remember... #takeTHATms!

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Find a new you with 30-Day ReNew YOU Self-Care Challenge

Jan 1, 2019 - time to make a change.  Bad habits crept in and I paid the price.  I’m doing my own 30-day ReNew YOU challenge - Want to join me?

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I had pretty bad pain during the night and not sure why.  My diet was low sodium and pretty healthy.  That can often cause the pain.  But I was mellow and took care of myself the last few days.  Why the pain?  

The holidays caught up with me both in stress and physical damage. In addition I’ve been feeling a bit down - oh heck, I hit a low.  

But the good news is that all of these are irreversible with specific self care actions.  And it’s time to make a change! 

I’m taking my own thirty-day “ReNew YOU Self-Care Challenge.”   

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This easy to follow program will get us starting 2019 in a positive attitude and on our way to reaching our goals.  Let’s do this! 

The Challenge consists of answering questions and formulating an affirmation to carry with you.  There are several sessions and these will be posted here.  

SESSION 1:  Getting Started - Creating Goals and Vision 

SESSION 2:  Action Steps - building a tool box 

SESSION 3:  Building Affirmation - Coming Soon

I do these challenges often and today seems a perfect day to start another.  

Here’s how we’re get started: 

1.  State a goal or two that we want to accomplish. 

2.  Define action steps and tools to get us there.  
3.  Create the inspiration to help us along the way.

Considering my challenges today of pain, stress and feeling low, my goal to kick off the year is to Upgrade my MS health.  I’ve let things slip and by getting back on track my symptoms and stress will be alleviated.  

During the holidays and if I’m not paying attention, my diet creeps higher with sodium, over processed flour and to much refined sugar. This year has been no different.  I’ve also been spending much time on my rear, and not out moving like I could be.  This year has also been a wonderful year of expenses.  Wonderful because they all represent memories and fun times.  But alas, time to tighten that money belt down and gain some control.  

I acknowledge these weaknesses, own them and know they  must change.  Time to rein in the unhealthy desires and replace them with positive, healthy habits.  

Join me in the process.  Follow along and answer these questions and we can discuss/chat online or on the phone.