Detoxing the Skin with Dry Brushing

After an evening of burgers and red wine, both inflammatory and toxic in nature, I turned to some key basic tools for sleeping better with MS:

  • Dry brushing the lymph nodes
  • Stimulating soft tissue with knobby massage groomer.

And use an All natural goat milk lotion with NO alcohol! Http://

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Or on it for this instance. And our skin is responsible for 1/4 of all detoxification going on with us. That's a lot to ignore. Thriving with MS is possible because we can avoid toxins or remove them if we consume them. Sometimes our environs produce enough toxins to kill several lab rats. And sometimes we ingest enough bad food or alcohol to kill a few lab rats. During these times it is vital to detox as much as possible. This includes dry brushing our skin.

There is a certain technique for dry brushing. It encourages the lymph nodes to get up and dance. And that's a good thing! Not to mention the nerve stimulation and soothing effects. No more tingling and numbness. At least for now!