Cannabis Awareness, Pain Management & Multiple Sclerosis

 “The light whispering down the hall is enough to encourage a restless night.  Breaking sleep to use the restroom, my mind wanders, can comfort return long enough to fall back to sleep or will this be yet another endless battle of little rest and much tossing?” 

———  Journal entry, April 1, 2022.  



What does a pain-free life mean to those living with chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis (MS)?  Or to anyone who suffers needlessly in pain while the body and mind try to figure out how to find peace? 

Chronic pain causes anxiety, loss of sleep and depression if not more.  It can decrease mental focus and moods may be altered as the pain and inflammation creep and ravage the body from within.  


The first response from doctors and health care professionals is often NSAIDS (ibuprofen, etc) and narcotics such as oxycodone and norco.  But maybe there are other options.  


The opioid problem is world known: too many easy-to-acquire drugs that can cause addiction and death. And do they really take the pain away?  


One option gaining steam in research and use is cannabis, specifically the CBD derived from a cannabis plant.  CBD is not mind altering such as its counter point THC.  

Click here to learn more about marijuana, hemp, THC and CBD.


I sat down and chatted with Todd Vanderah, PhD., of the University of Arizona Health Sciences. 


Vanderah has researched cannabinoids for more than two decades.  He says, “It’s unfortunate that the whole general population of cannabinoids fall under the biases idea people have about medical and recreational marijuana, because you can’t lump it all together.  Nature has made a lot of useful plants, from aspirin to chemotherapeutic to antibiotics, and there are things in cannabis that could be medicinally beneficial.”  


Read more About Vanderah and the Smoke around Cannabis: click here


Vanderah is a member of the UArizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center.  


Much of his work has involved the endo-cannabinoid system within our bodies and how it interacts with the body, with pain and with cannabinoids taken internally.  


“Everybody has an inner cannabinoid system,” explained Vanderah.  “We produce higher levels of cannabinoids than endorphins,” and further explains that it is “a lipid type structure found throughout body.”   


Vanderah’s quest is to see how the cannabinoid system  is affected by pain – directly interacting with nerves conducting pain signal.  


“Cannabis works on inflammation by decreasing inflammatory mediators that promote pain.  It has an affect on the anxiety caused by pain. And it provides a reward pathway so that people say, ‘I feel ok’”.  

“The reward factor is when the euphoric feeling overrides the pain.  Cannabinoids provide this reward factor but not to extent as opioids.   When you feel the euphoric part you don’t feel the pain.”  

“There is a reward component so possibly there could be some addiction,” says Vanderah.   


He further explained.  What’s unique within the endogenous cannabinoids, are the differences in the ability to be produced.  There are genetic differences and sexual differences.  These differences were found in a small study on Migraine patients. 


Click here for Cannabis and Migraine Study.


There is much to learn about cannabis from sleeping issues, inflammation and pain.  Different types of cannabinoids work on different people.  It’s as snowflake as MS.  


Vanderah’s work focuses work on the cannabinoid, CB2, which tends to be on the immune cells, throughout the body and within brain and nervous system. 


The yin and yang of pain in body


Simply put:  Prostaglandins cause pain. Lipids cause inflammation.  Interestingly, these are very similar to endogenous cannabinoids in the body, which is another lipid system that limits the pain.   One causes pain, one eases pain, all in our own bodies. 


Vanderah said there is much to learn about CB2 receptors and the inner cannabinoid system.  Some people may lack CB2 receptors.  Or their bodies may have adjusted and changed over time.  Possibly the body produces less as one gets older Do people lack the CB2 receptors?  


People living with MS


It would be nice to know what happens to the cannabinoid system in people living with MS.  


I found the following quite interesting.  If a drug has an approved FDA medical use, then it is considered a schedule 2.  THC, is schedule 2 but CBD is schedule 1 as there had not been an FDA approved drug using it.  But this will change as a drug has been approved using CBD.  


The Senate approved to spend more money in research on medical cannabis.  We need to know what it does long term, short term and side affects.  People need to know the risk to benefit ratio so they can make formative judgements on their own.  


I am  so glad that the federal government is supporting research to learn more! 


“Did you know there are over 500 chemicals in one marijuana plant?  Imagine what can we learn,” Vanderah shared.  He is looking forward to bringing in more researchers to continue this work.  We all are!  


It regulates many things – The endogenous cannabinoid system.   I like to say, “It gets things in balance.”  


“Opioids can cause more pain in a way,” explained Vanderah.  “If we shut down all the pain, the body is still trying to tell us something.”  In my laymen’s term, the body needs to express it’s pain so as we shut it down it may produce more pain.  But the natural reaction of the inner cannabinoid system would not create more pain. 


If cannabinoids are present they act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce pain.  They can also decrease bone wasting as found in osteoporosis.   This is great to know!   


BUT We need more research! 

Research is a challenge.  

CBD is not federally legal.  Creating an MS model for preclinical trial is difficult.   


So, I think it’s time for us to start a go fund me for research in CBD and MS!    Watch this spot.  There is so much more information that I may be adding to this post.  

But it’s 4:20 on 4:20 so I’m off to post this blog and celebrate life! 

Thank you UA Health Sciences for all you are doing to help us live better!   

What’s the difference between Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC?  

Girl with MS Support Group & BelongMS are here to help!

Help!   I definitely need extra support during these epic times.  How about you?  

As many of you know, my focus is Conquering MS with Self-Care.  Self-Care means a lot to different people but for me it represents a combination of awareness, education, action, and medical expertise.  As people living with MS, the need for social connection is essential in keeping us sane. At least it is for me!  

One of my most asked questions is “Do you use an app or other social media to help with your MS?” And the answer is Yes. 

I’ve used and tried different apps and social media outlets over the years and each has slightly different offerings and options.  After being shut down by facebook due to a hacker, (My story here) I knew I needed something more reliable.  

For my current life with MS, I have chosen BelongMS (part of to share my twenty years of experience to help others.   

We created a Girl with MS support group.  And it’s not just for girls. As a certified life  coach, nutritional educator, health journalist and someone living with MS for twenty years, we have stuff to talk about!  There are many tips and tricks and just over all support that will help us live better with MS. Will help us all say, #takeTHATms!  


And now we can chat directly via Belong.  Anyone with MS can join Belong and find tons of support, friendship, expert advise and even clinical trials. Once the Belong app is downloaded and you have registered (click here for app), then you can scroll down and see the different support groups.  Mine is circled below and is the Girl with MS.  Join me!  

The Girl with MS Channel is all about Self-Care.  We’ll talk about different ways to take care of ourselves, ways to find ourselves and ways to support each other.  

Because if I don't take care of myself, this is how I end up feeling:  


But when I do take those extra steps, those extra little measures to take care of myself like medical visits, and extra caution,

I can have days like this: 

I’m looking forward to “seeing” you on Belong and having a channel to talk directly with all of my MS friends out there.  If you already have Belong App, then look me up and let’s chat!   

MS is a challenge but together we’re stronger.  Together we can support ourselves with questions, answers, encouragement and laughter.  Together we can BELONG!    

And together we can say #takeTHATms! 

FUMS Podcast: Natural Treatments and MS

Wahoo!  A start of something wonderful and new.  

My first joint FUMS Podcast with host Kathy Reagan Young.  This one is about holistic and natural treatments for MS symptoms.  

Celebrating The FUMS Podcast Show's 20th episode, we're talking to Caroline Craven, The Girl With MS, about natural and holistic treatments for #MS. is the brainchild of Kathy Reagan Young, another MS advocate and warrior.   She has so much great information on her blog.  Her podcasts cover a variety of important topics.  

GREAT NEWS: Caroline is now a contributor to the podcast and will be featured on a regular basis!

We're looking forward to many more of these podcasts.  

What do you want to hear about?   Let us know and Join the conversation!   

CLICK HERE for PODCAST about Natural Treatments for MS Symptoms 

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MS is like an iPhone Battery...and I need a recharge!

Keeping ones battery charged with MS can be as tricky as keeping an iPhone going all day. Remembering to turn off location services and programs running in the background is vital to keep an iPhone chugging along. But how do we do this with MS?

How do we turn off those programs running in the background. That constant chatter of energy being wasted. Do we meditate? Medicate? Or both. 

And when it comes to our location services, how do we unplug ourselves from those wanting our energy? Do we withdraw? Or de we become strong and set boundaries?

So much in life has changed with my MS. Every decision, every thought is focused on how it will effect my mind, body and soul. While this is a good thing in the long run sometimes one really just wants to kick down a loaded cappuccino, go for a hike, enjoy a pipe on a cold and rainy day while reading Harrison, drink a glass of wine or two with good friends, tie some flies, hop in the car and drive...just drive. A certain since of freedom is stripped when a disabling disease like MS hits. Freedom in so many ways. Once a road warrior. I am now a shuttling sissy.

It started with a panic attack on the LA freeway amongst heavy traffic. No escape. Panic stricken, batteries faded fast. Eyesight diminished rapidly. Then the convulsions and dry heaving that would randomly hit never made it safe. Let cramps, not good for driving either. While these issues don't happen all the time, they've occurred enough for me not to trust my body, understanding now that my batteries could crash at anytime. Knowing this makes me feel vulnerable and vulnerability creates fear. Too much fear can strip us of our lives.

To a point we can quick charge our batteries: caffeine, tobacco, provigil, sativa, sugar, etc. But how long can we quick charge before the battery won't take a charge? And when we are left stranded there is no back up battery. No way to plug into the wall and recharge. We have only one battery. We must take care of it.

So how do we turn off those extra programs running? Visually I imagine the blinders on horses. Those eye guards that keep the horse looking ahead and not distracted. "Put your blinders on Caroline" and get to work. Focus on one project. Or one meditation. One walk in the rose garden. The point is to have just this one program running. And turn off all others. Blinders. This works for me, most of the time.

But there are those times when it doesn't work. When I need a distraction. And another distraction. And again and again until I have six programs running and my battery bar is slipping fast. "Put those blinders on." But sometimes it just doesn't work.

Then, finally, I stop everything and go lie down in a nice cool place that's not to bright. Closing my eyes and just being quiet. Recharging. Ahhhh. It takes strength to keep our batteries charged. To know what we need to do to take care of ourselves. To unplug from others when we are on low battery and turn off our location services.

For me this meant learning a lot about boundary setting. Rules. My rules for my health. This can be hard on friends and family. Setting boundaries can take a lot of explanation, patience and communications. But it's essential for defining our needs to keeping us alive and void of fear. To live life on a full battery. That's my goal. To manage my software and take care of this battery before it won't hold a charge.

Let's do this. Let's keep our batteries charged. Let's rid ourselves of fears and vulnerability. It's time. It's time to take charge and recharge.


Self-Care Challenge: Sit Quiet and Rest the Mind

Challenge accepted!

Time to "Make a Change - Make a Difference"

“SIT QUIET and Rest the Mind”

Start with 1 minute, one day, then grow to 5 minutes for five days.

Set a timer on your phone/watch so you're not thinking about time.

As your mind begins to wander, remind yourself that everything will be there when you are done.  And, that you will find answers and solutions at that time but for now we are to rest and be quiet.

Breathe deep.  Inhale through the nose.  Exhale through the mouth.  Seek always the quiet.

Find a quiet place and clear the mind.  This will not be easy but let your mind find peace in absence of thought.

Wellness begins in the heart and with a grounded body mind and soul.

"I am worthy of a healthy life"

Let these intentions carry you away into a beautiful positive life.

Join us on BelongMS - a safe community for you and your MS   

Finding peace and quiet with my Belong MS community, a safe place to discuss Life with MS with people who understand.  Join my channel or one of the others for tips, help, support, friendship and more. #belongMS 

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Because together we’ve got this!

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Emotional Hangover from MS - and what to do.

The MS got a hold of me, worse than it’s been in months.   But there were reasons.  Pushed beyond comfort by demands of life, it caught up with me.  And caught up bad.   

Often we talk about the physical pain of MS, the tremors, the spasticity.  The pain the comes from every nerve ending or the fatigue that covers us in a lead blanket.

And then the pain wanes and we feel better for a bit.  But the emotional sludge that remains behind is detrimental to our health and happiness.  

And boy did I feel it this morning when the day got started.  Frustrated, irritated and angry at life, my legs crumbled their way out of bed to get some coffee.  Crumbled for sure as there was no jumping for joy today.  

Why my?  Why this damn MS that suffocates me and keeps me jailed up in my body?  

Sure, I aim for happiness.  Positive thinking and all is great an my focus.  But today, I’m not going to fight it.  My emotions are way over the top upset and there’s no denying that I really I despise my MS right now.  

Unfortunately the angrier I get the more worked up my MS becomes.  This isn’t productive or healthy for anyone.  
Time to force a change! 

Yes, I’m using the word force.  Enter something beautiful in life:  A sit in the garden.  A chat with a friend.  A stroll through the neighborhood.  Find the beauty, grace and appreciation that is the bases of life.  It’s there but when I’m this worked up it’s hard to see beyond the tears. 

But forcing this is easier than it may seem.   Just sitting out in the garden for a few minutes is helping.  

1.  Breathe in deep to the chest.  
2.  Take the breath deeper, into the belly and gut and let it distend out as far as possible
3.  Keep taking in more air, aware of the beauty around you. 
4.  When full of air, sit a second then exhale deep.
5.  Exhale through the mouth, letting out everything dirty, angry and evil. 


Ahhhhh...  Feeling so much better already.  

Now, to remember this trick during the busyness of the day.  

Now that I can see straight and am calming down, time to record my issues.

Even after almost 20 years of this illness, I am still learning about it.  Today was a lesson learned.  AFter three days of physical hell, the emotional hangover was even worse.   Next time my body faces exacerabations from mismanagement I must remember this tailing wind of emotions that have entwined me.

Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones

Finding Confidence to Travel with Multiple Sclerosis

Thank you Arctic Cool for this opportunity to find better and more effective tools for MS patients!   We appreciate your continued support of our blog and MS community. originally posted in 2017, I still wear my Arctic Cool gear all the time and now it’s 2022!

Traveling with MS is  never easy.  But there are some tips and tricks to make things easier.  With a good-size adventure on the horizon I've been testing some new gear and getting psyched.  One of the biggest concerns with traveling is not knowing how one's body is going to react.  Will the MS subside?  or will it roar its ugly face in mine?

Heat sensitivity can affect many of those with MS.  It will take me down faster than a nano second. SO, I'm getting out the defensive gear and cooling off!

I'm trying out a new cooling shirt to prep for possible hot weather.  We are traveling form Jackson Hole, Wyoming, (Grand Teton National Park) to Yellowstone National Park to Crazy Horse Memorial then Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota on a tour by Tauck Bridges tour aptly called "Cowboy Country".

Here I am trying out my new shirt from Arctic Cool:

And here I am after climbing a really big hill to get to the local teepee.  Yes, we have a teepee nearby.  Local people own it and hike there often.  It's a treat to visit and this day was no different.

Sporting my Arctic Cool shirt
- for when the sun decides to come out!

Caroline Craven at top of Bee Teepee Hill - 6.4 miles Rountrip


Looking out over La Canada, the 210 freeway, and downtown Los Angeles off in the distant.  What a beautiful day!  Cloudy and cool but that's great for many of us who suffer from heat sensitivity.  I had my Arctic Cool cooling shirt on and several times had to take off my wraps and cool off.  Then, when the clouds and breeze came back, simply put my over shirts on my back.  Love the fact the cooling shirt had it's cooling technology.  It definitely gave me a small boost of confidence on ths hike and sometimes that's all one really needs to make a big difference in their life.  A little bit of confidence.

Feeling primed and ready - Here we come Rocky Mountains!

Cowboy Country - The Trip

The weather forecast was for blue skies and mid to high 70's.  Pretty darn perfect but that sun can be sneaky and warm one of up faster than appreciated, especially if that person has a malfunctioning thermostat in their body, such as many an MS patient who suffer from heat sensitivity.

So, despite the cool forecast, my go-to shirt throughout this 10 day trip was my trusty, short sleeved Arctic Cool in Navy Blue.  Here are some pics of me throughout my trip sporting this cooling device.  And there were times that my gratitude for this shirt was overwhelming.  One day in Jackson the temps were nearing 90F, which for this girlwithms can be detrimental.  It's one thing to be in warm temps but another to be walking around, outside, watching over young people and old people, with little escape in sight.

Our trip began with a beautiful two day stay at the Jackson Lake Lodge.  Out for our morning stroll before getting the day started, I'm sporting my tank top from Arctic Cool.  The morning was still brisk but the tank and the yoga pants made for great clothing during my stretching routine.

We saw beautiful wildlife on our tour of the Grand Teton NP as well as in Yellowstone NP.  

One of our bison...

Old Faithful.  hot just thinking about it.  The ground is hot. The energy is hot. The atmosphere is hot.  let's just say, the cooling shirt was worn every day and put on with a big sigh of relief.  

One thing I noticed though was the stench that comes from wearing a shirt like this everyday.  SO, easy fix - just hand wash it in the bathroom sink with gentle soap and hang to dry.  Easily dry by morning.  Mine was washed everyday - and trust me, it needed it!

We took a rest outside of Yellowstone National Park to check out a hunting lodge in Pahaska owned by Buffalo Bill Cody.  So cool.   The sun came out and boy was I glad that my navy blue Arctic Cool shirt was there to keep me cool.

We saw quite a bit of wildlife throughout the trip.  Some was difficult to shoot while others were easy as pie.  Easier than pie really.  

This little elk was close by but driving and behind glass makes for not the best photo. But at least the memory was captured and sometimes that's the best part of a photograph.   

We took a river float trip on the Snake with the Grand Teton Lodge Rafting Company and saw a variety of birds including this bald eagle.  

The trip was great and our guide was excellent.  Just happens that our guide, Wayne Johnson, is a local writer and knows quite a bit of history about the area.  Our raft was full of information and insightful thought.  Fascinating, really.  

Again, the morning started out brisk and cool, but we knew the sun was coming.  Sporting my Arctic Cool cooling shirt, another shirt and a fleece started out the morning on the water.  Come afternoon the shirts were off the cooling shirt was doing its job - keeping me cool.  

My Arctic Cool cooling shirts have become my new trusty stand-by.  Especially as temperatures are starting to rise for the coming summer months, the tank is put on when yoga or activities are involved.  Navy blue short sleeved cooling shirt used for almost every other event.  

How do they work?  There are tons of little, tiny microns that sense your rising body temperatures and activate a "cooling" technique within the fabric.  Well, maybe not exactly like this but that is my interpretation from a layman's standpoint. The point is, it works, and that is all that really matters to me.  

I just heard that they have come out with a long-sleeve version.  Thank you Arctic Cool!   Can not wait to try the long sleeve white shirt for the coming summer months.  Talk about hiding from the sun and saying:  #TakeTHATms!   

Click Here for more info about Arctic Cool and Cooling Shirts.  Thank you!

The trip didn't end with the wildlife.  We ventured on into South Dakota and took on Crazy Horse Memorial and Mt. Rushmore.  And, once again, my cooling shirt saved the day.  

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
It was a gorgeous day, but go to a memorial, with tons of people and lots of stairs and add a few museums, walks and bookstores and you have one tired puppy.  Yep, this puppy was hot and tired.  But the few degrees that the cooling shirt kept me, under the sun protection of a long sleeve blouse, kept this photographer very happy.  In fact, I felt a bit too confident... maybe.  But that's OK. 

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Considering I used to freak out and be scared to leave the house if temperatures went over 80F, the fact I can now explore memorials, spend time with my nephews and see the world with confidence?  I'll take that all day long!   


 This blog post was originally posted in 2017 and was sponsored by Arctic Cool and rightly so.  They make a great product designed to help us live better with MS.  Thank you Arctic Cool for all you are doing to help our MS community.   

Click Here for more info about Arctic Cool and Cooling Shirts.  Thank you!  

Escaping the Red Zone of MS

Sometimes this is not very easy to do, keeping your clothes on, with MS. Summer months are brutal and just hiding out by the AC doesn't cut it for most folks. Planning ahead with cooling devices is best but sometimes we simply wake up in the "red zone", inflamed and sensitive, a red flag for a relapse.

When I'm in the Red Zone the first thing done is to rate the shade of red. Am I getting a little pink or have I fried myself?

And then ask myself why?

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What did I eat?
  • What was the temperature?
  • How did I sleep?
  • What's on my agenda today?

What can I do now to move into the "Blue Zone"?

Hanging by water is a great option. Pools, rivers, lakes, oceans provide instant relief from warmer temperatures. But not all of us have this opportunity nor can we often remove our clothes to cool off so improvise we must.
Quick tips:
  • Cool shower. Even Luke warm is fine. Just hop in the shower for instant cool down.
  • Wet bandanna around cooling points: neck, wrists, ankles
  • Ice water, drink it, pour it on your head, pour it down your shirt!
  • Wet shirt, cool off body. Huge help in the Sahara when my guides put my shirt in the crocodile infested waters so I could cool off. They don't have ice on safari in Tanzania, FYI.
  • Juice it! With Cooling, anti inflammatory and detoxing foods such as cucumber, apple, pineapple, etc.
  • Visualize the Blue Zone:
Ahhhhh....feeling cooler already. Now, not to mess it up.
That means to watch diet and activities all day:
  • Cooling foods
  • Activities by AC
  • Water, hydration
  • Reduce stress and get those items checked off to-do list
  • Have fun brainstorming on some new projects
  • Find balance
  • Be at peace
  • Mellow in the "Green Zone"
So, How do you deal when you're in the Red Zone?

Originally posted in 2015. Still pertinent today in 2022! 

Creating your own health: Using Diet & Nutrition to Treat MS

Probably one of my biggest factors in managing my MS symptoms is the use of diet and nutrition.  During my three years in the double-blind, T-cell study, back in 2001, my hopes were on nutrition and all things alternative.  I willingly went off all DMD in search of a cure for MS.  But then reality set in, and it was all engines forward in the battle of natural ways to fight the progression of this disease.

Sporting my flower peace wreath
There is a lot of incoming research on Diet and MS.  There are also some active clinical trials.

Click this out:  Here is my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Diet - or better yet, a nutritional protocol, is essential in my daily battle against MS.  If my daily intake has too much salt, too much caffeine, too much gluten, too many processed foods, then I will pay the price.  And while that price may not be paid that same day, trust you me that it will not forget and will rear its ugly head.  And, more often than not, all of the prices will want to be paid on the same day at the same time, wreaking complete havoc on your life.

Go for color when cooking and creating healthy menus 
Fresh lemon is key!  Use in water, tea, baths, etc.

Click here for my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Become friends with your body and find a new level of wellness.  

Welcome to living with multiple sclerosis.   As you know it often does not bode well for us MS patients.  Out diseases are random and progress willy nilly.  But there are modifiable risk factors that we can take into consideration to help us strive for the best life possible despite's our illness.  These risk factors include cigarette smoke, alcohol, nutrition, supplement intake, exercise, and other situations that we have control over.
~if need be - pee on it and walk away~

Cig smoking is bad.  Bottomline, cut it out.  Alcohol is considered OK in moderation.  Consult with your neurologist or medical expert.  Often people find that Vitamin D, B12 and Biotin can all be beneficial supplements.  In addition, the nrf2 activator, Protandim, is found to be great at fighting oxidative stress.

So, that brings us to Diet, or nutritional protocol.   Everyone is different so finding a protocol that works best for you is key.
Gluten free bread is an option.
Here it is paired with home-made soup and fresh salmon salad.
One person who is making a difference with diet and MS is Dr. Terry Wahls and her Wahl's Protocol. I had the great fortune of speaking with Dr. Wahls a few weeks ago for an article I was writing for - "Diet as a possible treatment for MS".   And wow!   So much great information going on with diet and MS.

The Wahl's Protocol is a modified paleolithic diet.  More about it click here. For those who do not know, Dr. Wahls has made diet a form of treatment for progressive MS.  Thank you Dr. Wahls!   I have been following and almost identical diet based on my own experience for over 15 years.  It is the number 1 "go to" when things are going bad with my MS.

And if you don't have fresh flowers, the fake ones are fun too!

First, I ask myself:  How is my diet?  Where am I going wrong?   And most of the time, this usually fixes it for m!   Like I say, everyone is different.  This is one reason I love the Wahl's Protocol - as it suggests elimination type diets to see what you personally are sensitive to and this is BIG!

Here is my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Here are some food common sensitivities:

Processed foods
Red meat
Simple carbs
Diet anything / excitotoxins or NaStY for MS

FYI - I eat dairy.  Cheese.  I tried to take it out of my diet once and my boss told me to add it back as the rest of the staff was complaining about my horrid mood.  That was near 30 years ago and I haven't tried to remove it since~  I don't eat a lot of it but like it now and then.   I will willingly cut everything else out, before the cheese~

Lately I haven't been able to eat much meat.  My body, probably due to the warm summer months, is craving cooling salads and fresh fruit.  Unfortunately I like beer, especially in the summer months.  It's not the alcohol that bothers me but rather the carbs and gluten.  Talk about a weight gainer!  And then if I add bread....Oh dear save me.

Last winter I made the mistake of letting way too much beer, bread and gluten get into my diet.  Showing no restraint at all for about six months eventually led to a 15 pound weight gain, horrid dry skin and then the dreaded MS relapse!   Ugh.

My vertigo and vision got so bad that driving was out of the question...even just to a friends house.  Lethargic and inflamed my life consisted of laying in bed and "trying" to motivate.  Oh how I hate this feeling!   My skin was dry and eczema appeared all over.  Hair loss was abundant and my breath was so bad it even grossed me out.   What have I done?  So healthy last summer and then wowza, what a defeat brought on by my own weaknesses.

Time to make a change!

Feeling the summer spirit, light and fresh!
Nothing huge at first, just cut the carbs back down to no more than 10% of diet or so.  Eliminated processed foods again and removed gluten for the most part.  A little now and then does not bother me.  But a six pack of beer and loaf of bread is not considered moderation.   That's OK, the change feels good.

Back to juicing and healthy eating.  Beautiful summer produce combined with beans and grains cooked fresh are making the table.  Herbs from the garden and cheeses and meats from local farmers inspire this cook to create.

Some of recipes for your enjoyment:

Anti-inflammatory Rice Pudding

Obsessive Gaspacho 

Juice Recipes

Chia Pudding

Words of Advice:

Try different diets.  Work with nutritionists who understand MS and the different trending diets.  This is your health - it is your body.  Do not try whack-doodle eating schemes.  Try stuff that has worked for others, the key word being "try".  Give yourself a chance with different foods and see what you might be sensitive to.  Everyone is different!  

Add color and energy throughout your house with fresh flowers.

Here is my article on Diet as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.