Anti-Inflammatory Dessert Recipe to Astound Your Friends!

Now here is a recipe I can respect!   Medicine in a bowl.  Thank you Alex.  Always the resource of wonderful remedies.

For those who haven't met or checked out Alex Jameson, check out here website and amazing healthy meals to get you on track!

Anti-Inflammatory Dessert Recipe to Astound Your Friends!

Town on Fire

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One of my favorite photos. The city of Banos, Ecuador. The lights to the right represent the new evacuation route as this is volcano country. Taken from the lodge at Luna Runtun. Loved that place!

Flying Tortilla

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Mobula Ray, Galapagos Island

To remind me about the importance of patience.  Each of my photographs, every image, a result of an inner peace found when one reaches the zone.  But with multiple sclerosis sometimes it's difficult to be in the zone physically and mentally due to a variety of symptoms the disease brings about.

Wildlife photography provides a zone for me.   A simple walk around the block, in just the right light, will sometimes yield the smallest of miracles.  Like this Mobula Ray taken from the National Geographic/Lindblad tour.  This was a real catch.

Colors of life

Taken by the Green River in Ecuador on travels from Banos to Amazon.  The sun was out.  A brief rain had fallen.  Butterflies were out dancing - not to be forgotten!

Periander Metalmark [Rhetus periander]

Times like this where I am thankful that I can focus on a butterfly and ignore the debilitating disease is multiple sclerosis.  Wildlife works for me. Nature.  Photography.  Especially because there is image stabilization.  Necessary with my shaky hands.  

But now, the fingers begin to fail. No more typing. No more doing much of anything.  Time to rest and take a read or something.  Probably all the chocolate I've been consuming lately.  Nah.  It's never the chocolate!  

Forward ho...ho...ho...

7:52PM Bedtime?

So the toddlers are gone.  The house is instantly quiet at 7:52PM.  Should I cede to bed as well?  go out to celebrations around town regarding school board elections?  stay home and get caught up on friends and family?  Yeah. The last one. Friends and family.  Always a priority.  With Multiple Sclerosis one must define priorities.  Bummer at times but helps in the long time. 

January will mark the year 2010.  I remember Y2K at Mt. Bachelor.  Dogs.  Snowboards.  Skis.  Sofa surfers.  It was all good.  Now.  Ten years later and it's all good.  Just different.  The sofa surfers are 4 year old toddlers and the skis haven't seen this side of snow since Sundance a few years back. 

I am content catching up on personal items.  A much needed project after this month of illness, children and life.  None of which I would trade in for anything on this planet.

So tired.  Eyes heavy.  More later.  Sleep well.  Take care, be safe, eat healthy.

Stop and smell the roses

A priority with MS - stop and observe the roses, it's critical. 

I had not realized how run down my body had become after this summer.  I had a flu shot which has never happened.  Maybe it was good.  Maybe not.  But after several colds and my first dose of antibiotics in over ten years, my body needed time to rest and rebuild.  Multiple sclerosis will steal your body of vitality.  It is our responsibility to manage our energy as we would the fuel in our automobile.  And at the price per gallon for oil that means quite judiciously we will act! 

Stop.  Smell the roses.  Bless your family and friends.  Bless yourself.  Tomorrow is another day.  Thankfully.