Exploring Newport Oregon with MS

If you haven't been to Newport, Oregon, it's a definite must see. An arts driven community, it has a variety of good eats and places to explore.

Up and over the bridge we go...

While the weather was a bit soggy, it's always nice to see the Pacific Ocean.

Local Ocean is supposed to be great restaurant (located down by the working wharf) and with the 30 minute wait I wasn't surprised. Just one look at their fresh seafood caused a small drool on the tile floor for which I quickly blamed a nearby dog.

But not being in the mood to linger outside in the rain we headed to our second option, La Maison, for a hot cup of chowder.

We headed into some fun, almost predictable art galleries and stores.

Down by the water we drove by this cool old hotel, the Sylvia Beach Hotel. Each room is designed after a certain author in history. Just think, I could stay in Ken Kesey's Cuckoos Nest. Seems appropriate with my MS. It definitely looks like a fun place to come back and visit.

Due to great local support, there is both the Newport Performing Arts Center and the Newport Visual Arts Center.

If you want the best bakery go to Paninis. We were headed for cinnamon rolls. Denied! Get there early...

They were out so we drove to Seal Rock and stopped at the fudge shop, Indulge Sweets, where we had 1/4 of a brownie. Intense richness. We picked up some citrus doodles for after dinner. Um, well, we ate a few of them. And they were not small at all. But, All in the name of MS!

Staying comfortable, warm and dry is essential for everyone's health. But it is definitely essential with the MS! Leaving la Maison and off for some more adventures...


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