How to pack and wow, am I really going?!

Packing for my first adventure for MSontheRoad was a bit more than I thought it would be. First, we've got the potential horse back riding. Not a big deal but need boots, spurs and helmet to carry the gopro camera, as well as protect my noggin.

Then comes the photography. I stripped it down to one Dslr body and my 100-400 lens plus batteries, SIM cards etc. in addition we've got the GoPro camera with accoutrements is packed. Not to mention the handy iPhone.

Still doesn't sound like that much? So add some fly fishing gear, a vest, net, ties, tippets, etc. this is making for a very full carry on bag. Another bag is being checked. Of course the plane was so small out of Burbank that it had to be gate checked. Pencil plane.

My folks gave me this card this morning. Wow! Love my folks! Totally feeling the love!

Of course with the pending rain and cooler temps, my checked bag seems to consist of boots, boots and rain gear. And three hats! I couldn't decide.

I'm sitting in San Francisco International Airport, sipping a beer and waiting for some grub. I enjoy this airport and used to fly through here a lot on business. Now its just a treat. And I'll take treats all day long. Happen to be at a gate near the Anchor Brewing restaurant. Yum! This is always my northwest, dark, tasty beer! And the fire roasted quesadilla didn't hurt one bit.

And there is something truly magical about airports. Maybe its the possibilities. Knowing that you can go almost anywhere in the world. Wow! And so many places I want to see....

In fact I'm so psyched about this trip that my mind is racing as to where else I can visit. So many possibilities!

I'm really digging this whole MSontheRoad concept. Explore the world. Explore MS programs. Spread the word. Oh yeah!


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