Surviving Summer

Today is the first day of school for many students.  Wow do they start early!  For us it was always after Labor Day.  To start when temperatures can still reach 100F is not a pleasant thought.  What's worse is that the parents doing all the driving and cooking may have MS.  And, if that's the case, then that can be doubly difficult.

For us in Southern California the summer heat can easily stretch through to the beginning of October.  Usually by the middle of the month we are free and clear of 100F days.  But it's only August 14, so we have at least another six weeks of summer in these parts.

Here are some suggestions to help us all survive that last warm weeks of summer:


Cook light, healthy and with efficiency.  High protein and lots of produce can help make the summer more tolerable.  Another trick is the use of some key ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and nutritional yeast.   This dressing is one of my favorites and shared on  

"What is best for anyone with a compromised health system is to eat with efficiency. For folks living with MS in the summer heat, this means foods rich in minerals and nutrients, anti-inflammatory foods, and those with cooling or neutral energies." 


Read this article for tricks that will help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the day while still taking advantage of the long hours. Select the rituals that feel right for you, then create daily habits of them to make the most of your summer.

If the heat is too much - than stay in side and play some video games.  Some of them are actually quite good for us!
Click here to read the which video games can help.  

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How do you say #takethatMS in the summer?  

Creating Your Own Health - Supplements for MS

Time to take charge with your supplements and say #takethatMS!  

We talk a bit about diet and nutrition but it is time to share some information about supplements for multiple sclerosis.  There are a variety of ones to check out if you have MS, and to discuss with your neurologist about the possibility of taking them or not.

The following supplements all have scientific research showing that they have the potential to be helpful for MS patients.  This does not mean you should go out and take all of them at once, but definitely do your research and talk with your medical research.

These articles are all fact-checked, substantiated, written by me and posted on

Vitamin DVitamin D May Help Prevent, Treat Multiple Sclerosis

High Dose Biotin - a Study Looking at High-Dose Biotin as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana Touted by Some as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

NRF2 activatorsHow Oxidative Stress Affects Multiple Sclerosis

It is nice to know that there are some steps we can take to creating our own health.  There are other supplements we will look into but this is a good place to get started!  

What are some of your favorite ways to say #takethatMS?   

Remember, I am not a medical professional, and share my own personal experiences and research.