MS is inconvenient to say the least

I had great intentions of getting some additional projects worked on today, but alas, another nap.  The exhaustion that comes with MS can be so inconvenient.  My body is on a "healing" mode and has slowed down.  I must listen and abide to it.  The body.  You can't fight the MS.  But you can try and that is what one does with all of the western medicine for the disease.

Most of the 'medicine' is just a band-aid to cover up the disease's effects.  I tried so many anti-fatigue drugs such as provigil and couldn't stay healthy.  I kept getting skinner and was dry-heaving all day long.  My MS gave me a sort of gag reflect with food.  Which was fine for the first few pounds but when you could count every bone in my body, that was too much.  My neurologist was threatening to send me to the hospital for anorexia.  I just wanted to calm my system down enough to eat.  and not throw up.  That was when I tried THC for the first time as a medicine.   And OK, things are going to be different from now on.

Over time I found that the majority of my symptoms could be controlled when I found a better balance between my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional cornerstones of life.   There are several part so of my treatment that are necessary to my success with MS:

Friends and Famiily
Medicine/Alternative/Herbals for your needs
Fresh Air
Mind stimulation
Hand eye coordination work - roping, fishing, golfing
Mind eye coordination work - i.e. typing, computer programming, art, etc.
Stress-free living
OK - getting off track.

off to a memorial service.  Take care - remember.  MS is a state of mind.  I'm in a low one right now but will come out of it.  I'm feeling a bit trapped but am playing hooky in a few days which means a road trip to Los Olivos for wine tasting and picnics and beautiful views.  Ahhhhhhhh.    That is what My MS needs!

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Cathy said...

I am here for you. MS is such a monster sometimes.

Enjoy the time away. Hope it helps. Call me anytime, my friend.