Hot weather, Horses and the Rhythm of the Oaks

It's getting hot again. Always good for the MS!  I wasn't paying any attention to the weatherman, which is highly recommended when one is hypersensitive to heat such as I.  

With the increasing heat I will need to get an earlier start with the horses.  But my morning yoga/meditation was greatly appreciated and a necessary habit to reacquire.  Today was pretty good.   Yeah, it was good.  It's just the heat and PMS/hormonal change has magnified my MS and I'm a bit off kilter.  The horses were awesome though which is great.  I didn't do much with K-girl.  She's so ouchy.  And no need really.  I'm not keeping her as much as I would if I could. 

No that's not true.  She's too old to be that green.  I was more impressed when I thought she was three years old.  But heck she could be seven or so and just saddle broke.  And I tell you, she humped her back the other day when I got on her.  I thought she might want to buck me off.  If she wasn't sore she probably would have tried.  At least it's not a long fall.  Too green for that any age beyond three.  It could have been due to soreness.  I think she's just in pain. 

I'm a bit beat up to be falling off horses.  I doubt my neck could even take much more.  I tossed the MRI's.  They looked horrid according to the neurologist. 

All I really need is to trot around and feel the rhythm of the oaks.  Ahhhh.    The Rhythm of the Oaks.  That's what we need at the barn.  A new feel.  A new rhythm.  A Rhythm of the Oaks. 

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