The smoke is clearing a bit. Always better in afternoon since the fires have started. Different then with my MS which is better in the mornings, usually. Or after my naps. I seem to have become familiar with afternoon naps. Especially in this heat. It's been around 100 most days. The ash and smoke was bad for days but it's actually showing blue sky right now.
Twenty five years ago I had my Volkswagen packed with dog in tow. Last week it was the volvo v50 wagon. And ellie, the plott hound mix.

Several folks asked about my MS in the weather/fire, how it was affecting me. At first I thought "not bad". But I was in "go" mode. Which is when one doesn't think of the consequences of their actions and proceed with daily activities belonging to those younger and healthier. During which they may feel fine, even a bit high from the endorphins, but sure enough, 12 - 24 hours later and whammo, no feeling in the arm, vision blurred, nerves on end. Time for rest and quiet.

Rest and quiet. Two aspects in life that can be quite difficult to accomplish. I, who don't even have children, find it difficult to find rest and quiet. For different reasons. One, I am hyperactive by nature. It's difficult for me to sit still. I'm nervy. And it doesn't help when I do things that promote the nervousness (like not doing my yoga, taking my shentrition, etc.). And when I'm nervy it usually means that my MS is on the rise. The two go hand in hand. Think of urination frequency. That's a sure sign. A lot of pee means I'm not taking care of myself. Which usually means some real rest and quiet. no interruptions. No children, parents, friends, etc., except for calmness. Everything is calm. Breathe deep. Breathe deep...

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