out of control with Multiple Sclerosis

What a morning.  Walking with the ol' hound dog and I break down in tears.  What do I have control over?  Everything from horses to when I eat to feeding my dog seems to be controlled by someone other than myself.  I know it's healthy to let go and I don't understand why I'm so angst ridden over it but maybe it's because the people making the decisions are often incompetent.  All my dog needs is to be on her basic diet.  That's it.  She doesn't need tons of treats.  If one wants to overeat themselves into a coronary then let them.  But leave the animals alone! 

Whew.  I need to relax.  find balance, like this sea lion in Galapagos taken by Tom Selsley:    I was unable to snorkel in Galapagos as my legs kept cramping when I got in the water.  So I decided to be safe and stick to land. Didn't want to be an accident for a guide or cause harm to others due to my ignorance.  I deemed myself quite fortunate to have been able to enjoy walks and adventures everyday while in the Galapagos.  And that's what I nced right now:  balance, enjoyment, laughter, breathing:

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