MS - the distraction

MS is a disease.  It's a distraction.  Multiple Sclerosis.  I get it.  Many scars. But what a name for those who often lose their ability to speak or enunciate.  That is so annoying!  I can see the word but can't get the lips to say it right.  and then try to say Multiple Sclerosis.  Heck.  And MS?  nobody even knows what it is.  I didn't.  Unless you know someone with the disease it's difficult to remember all of these many idiosyncratic diseases.

And here's for distraction.  I noticed with my MS is that sometimes I absolutely need time for me.  Maybe that's why I never really considered myself to have children.  I know I need time for me to be healthy.  Sometimes my housemates don't quite get that.  And I'm sure I'm just as bad in reverse.  Sometimes though, I just want some quiet time to write and chill.  But then, be careful for what you want, because quiet time around here could mean that something catestrophic happened.  And I don't want that.

I'm want what I have right now.  How often do you get to say that?

content.  desire for a bit more.  pleased with the past.  embarrassed at times.  fun most of time.  god bless~

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