Burnt hills

All around, and still burning, the mountains char.  Makes one want to eat sushi or something cold and clean.  Too much searing going on.

Today was another blessing as the weather/air quality improved I was able to ride a bit.  It's the rhythm and affection from the horses more than anything.  Not that the horses give a lot of affection.  But at least they acknowledge your existence and understand that a good time should be had. 

I don't have anyone to talk about the horses much so you'll be getting an earful.  The only one who even understands what I'm talking about is someone I'm not super keen on talking to right now.  But that has nothing to do with MS necessarily.  What does have to do with MS is the fact that my eyelids are trying to drop on me.  My fingers are faultering.  many many typos.  Need small nap.  re-energize.

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