MS today

Yeah, I was wiped today.  completely wiped.  I knew the extra couple of hours in the heat, sweating, would pay it's toll. But oh how it was worth it.  I got a great ride in on last Saturday:  trail, field, arena and jumps all on the same horse.  He rocks. 

My MS - what a day. I woke up, read some Baldacci, and then prepared for the day. My legs were gone. Spent.  I might as well have run a half-marathon yesterday and kayaked Redsides.  My body is gone.  That is MS.  Steals you of strength and spirit. 

I need to remember that Monday is my Saturday or Sunday.  My weekend. I'm spent. gone.  done with. adios.  But still, I rev up to get through the day.  I want to spend the day catching up on laundry, email, cleaning and such.  Honestly, after I ride each day, I'm spent.  By noon.  No more.  at Least a siesta at 1 or 2. The Mexicans understand hard work.  We are spoiled here. 

I miss the country roads on horse back.  It might be nice to bring a horse up to the property.  We'll see. 

Take care.  More later. 

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