Take this Multiple Sclerosis and shoot it out the window!

I'm heading to Texarkana tomorrow for wedding and family reunion of sorts.  Wahooo!    It will be a blast.  Lots to do.  Lots of photos to take.  People to see.  Parties to attend.  It is all good.  And best of all - almost the whole family will be there including my sista and bro.  Unfortunately some can't make it but it will be a hoot. 

I had enough of this insipid disease today.  I stayed in bed like a good girl.  I stayed off the ponies.  Remained in A/C and rested my worn out body.  My obnoxiously worn out body.  But I got it done!   What exactly?  just a bunch of stuff that needed doing. 

Cleaned the closet, reorganized accumulated possessions that I left behind during the fire but seem to want to keep now, in my little one room/office.  Interesting with MS how its necessary to follow routine.  Especially when I am extremely sick, I don't remember to do things.  If I can stay in order.  Put things back where they belong.  Not say, "I'll do it in just a minute", but rather, "I'll do it NOW". 

Of course with MS you can't always do things NOW.  You have to do them when your body and mind are ready.  And sometimes that isn't on My schedule darn it all!  

But then again, sometimes it's a good reminder that we are all human.  Our time here on earth is so precious.  How can people ask what the secret of life is when we have so much right in front of us? 

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