angry wildlife

I've been bombarded by liquid amber pods struck down from above by angry squirrels.  One of which scolded me for at least five minutes while I was in his or her way to get home or something.  There are rats the size of bobcats scrambling around the backyard.  I'm pretending not to notice. they just need salvation. Don't we all!

One thing above all that I have learned with my MS - salvation.  A struggle to see it but once I experienced it, I felt all good inside.

I can smell the burn now.  Still, thankfully, no winds.  Nature is doing it's thing.  And I'm doing mine.  I may not ever get to a book but there is quite a bit about MS that I want to share to help others.

So, take care of yourselves tonight!   that means light on the wine and whiskey and heavy on the detox tea.  Read well.  Breathe deep.  Sleep in peace.

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