Pozole heals MS

OK, Maybe the pozole won't heal my MS but it sure went down nicely with the fresh cabbage and radishes on top.  The flavor wasn't too hot as I mild it down for my folks using about half the spicy ingredients.  But it did the job and I fell asleep sipping a hot noddy and watching Family Guy.

Talk about lack of control - I just found out that Pepper is not coming next week. May not ever come or ...  That's OK, I have enough to ride as it is.  Actually I would love Ty to get on and rider her some. That would be great.  It just was a bit frustrating.   And I blame all of my frustrations on my MS when that shouldn't be the case.  Or doesn't need to be the case.

Well, whatever the case is, I am off to the barn to play with my pony.  I have two weeks to figure out how she can earn her living.

I made a doctor appointment on Thursday to check my throat. It just doesn't feel right and I've abused it over the years.

Of course I'm concerned.  It doesn't feel right and I can't blame MS on this one.  Maybe the pozole will heal my throat as well.  But for now I need a little mind healing.  Some play time with a pony.

The hound dog gets to come with as it's quite cool out.   A good day for all.

catch you later...

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