Morning MS

You are probably wondering about Doodles and LeLe if you read yesterday's post.  They will play a bigger role as we continue.  Sometimes it's easier for me to understand MS if I put it into another character or person.  In other words if I can assume that LeLe is me and I can manager her MS from the outside as well as the inside, well it just helps manage the disease.

But for now it's Sunday morning.  A nice quiet morning with not a lot on my agenda.  Which was my plan.  Sundays and Mondays are my mellow days.  I will go to the barn to see Kalua and take some photographs. Not a lot to ride right now so it's easy.   Of course I have my many projects that I want to accomplish but that again is part of my MS:  keep myself full of projects so that when my mind and body are ready to get to action I have something productive to work on. 

I'm still having some over wrought emotional issues but they will fade.  I know I've done the right thing on various levels and now it's time to breathe deep and relax.  Nothing more I can do.  Enjoy life.  Find new things to enjoy.  New friends.  New horses.  New adventures.  

I think I'll take little hound dog on a walk.  It's amazing what a little fresh air and exercise does to those with MS, dogs, and everyone else! 

Have a great day and remember, MS can be a state of mind.  Be strong.  Live strong.  Visualize how you want to live and keep the focus. 

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