Prima Dona

I was just told by one of my friends that I was acting like a prima dona.  My friend who has been in bed all day.  I have been working.  But I chose to eat twenty minutes after they did.  How dare I?!

This sort of crap makes me want to move.  I have offers.  Maybe it's time.  But I don't think so. Not yet.

Sometimes with MS you have to be a Prima Dona.  Boundaries become mand-A-tory.  Most of the folks that have MS, whom I have met, are all "go getters".  Folks that may have a few issues with boundaries.  At least I have had fault with keeping to my own guidelines.

On another note, the mountain, as I'm watching it today, looking east toward the west-facing slope of Winery Canyon, doesn't look as bad as it could.  Probably the lighting is just right but there are some oaks still standing.  Hope of some photosynthesis already taking place.  Nature's way of healing on the spot.

The sounds of sirens - eerie yet I don't think there is anything left to burn.  If our house had gone they would have taken their stand at foothill.  We would have been Palos Verdes with a lot more disasters.  Whew.

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