Julie, Julia and MS

Nutrition - one of the top five medicines for Multiple Sclerosis.

Everyone has an opinion.  I go with what works for me.  In addition, I studied and became certified in holistic nutrition education from Bauman College in Northern California.  The awareness my studies brought me continues to play a significant role in my health and well-being. 

Tonight it's Julie and Julia with MS.  So, what did I choose?


Not your typical MS choice during the summer as it's a bit warming but let's look at the benefits:
  1. The weather is much cooler today, my body isn't screaming "cold shower"
  2. There was frozen pork in the freezer that needed using
  3. Jalepenos, though warming, are high in Vit C and other nutrients - good to cleanse out the sinuses and they are growing in the garden
  4. Radishes - excellent kidney cleanser and tonic.  
  5. Hominy - how comforting!  and nothing wrong with that. 
  6. Cabbage - cleansing again and easy to get at farmers market right now
  7. Because I've been craving it and sometimes it's good to feed the beast.
  8. It's Sunday.
  9. I've worked hard all week
  10. I've eaten cooling and healing foods all weekend.
Since I still feel guilty about eating Pozole I'm doing some research to negate my own fears:

Chili peppers/Cayenne Pepper:  aids in digestion, improves appetitie, stimulates secretion of salivary glands and gastric juices, blood circulation when used topically, and helps with frost bite, rheumatism, and lumbago, according to:

Pork:  Neutral, sweet and slaty: used to lubricate dryness; affects the spleen, stomach and kidnes.  Good for diabetes, underweight, dry cough, constipation.

"Chinese Natural Cure; Traditional methods of remedy and prevention" by Henry C. Lu.

Radishes:  "Cool; pungent and sweet; affects the lungs and stomach; detoxicates; downwards movements; promotes digestion and elminates hot mucous discharge".  heck - I'm going to grab some now....Just a second....ahhhh, much better. I just chowed three or four.  Then coughed up a big ugly mucousy thing.  Never mind that.  I'm trying to cleanse out my lungs and throat.  They are a bit rusty after the fire.

Check this out:

  • Drink fresh radish juice to relieve intoxication.  Gotta like that one!
  • Drink fresh radish juice mixed with ginger juice to cure laryngitis.  
  • Regular consumption of fresh radishies prevents common cold, flu and respiratory infections.
  • Good for coughs, asthma and indigestion.
So there are a few reasons to make Pozole. And oh does it smell good!

There are many recipes.  I tweaked a version I found on Recipezaar.com, where I have some recipes posted.  Didn't know I could cook?  Just a bit and nothing fancy.   Mine are listed under Farmgirl.  You will quickly notice that I have several identities.

Pozole Recipe from Recipezaar

Farmgirl's Recipes

And then I opened Paul Pitchfor'ds "Healing with Whole Foods" - a must have for any one interested in modern nutrition.  That will probably come another day.  I'm tired.

On another note, I need to make an appointment with my ENT tomorrow. There's something funky going on in my throat. I don't blame it - it's been through hell.  I just hope it isn't too late.  It needs some major TLC.

Take care - Eat Pozole!

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