Remission or Re-management

When folks ask me if I'm in remission with my MS, I say no, I'm in re-management.  Each day has the possibility of being a complete setback if my health is mismanaged.  And I'm not that good at managing it.  I try, no doubt.  But i have my weaknesses as we all do. 

It starts with going to bed the night before, in a peaceful, quiet state of mind. I don't often achieve that so its something I'm working on.  When I get up I review my body. How is it feeling?  can I move my fingers, my toes?  sometimes I bathe and meditate.  stretch.  do some yoga.  Often I just go to the barn and ride.  Something to put me in rhythm.  Something outside that is fresh air and movement.  Some days I can't go outside, it's too hot or something, so I work on the computer.  My fingers often fail me and fall asleep so my time on the computer is taken in spurts. 

I start every morning with coffee.  If my housemates are gone I usually just drink decaf.  But if they're here we drink half and half.  I have always loved my coffee.  Sometimes it feels too dark for me and I drink tea which is more cleansing for me, but I love dark roasted coffee.  And I drink my Shentrition every morning. I mix mine up in a water bottle and take it to the barn with me.  And usually an apple and piece of cheese as well.  Seems like enough.  Eggs are good but I get lazy. 

I take some meds but not too many.  I had side effects with western medicine so limit myself to a small variety of medicinal herbs and pills along with nutritional dietary intelligence.  We'll get into that later. 

The most important thing for me right now is to take care of myself in this heat and the stress of the fire.  Time to chill my inner core and meditate.  I've been running a bit ragged lately and I can feel it.  Slow down.  Breathe deep.    Ahhhhhhhh.  

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