Multiple Sclerosis beats my clock

OK.  I give.  You win.  For today and for yesterday.  But not for tomorrow.  Well, maybe tomorrow but not the rest of my life.  I will give you today.  For now.

But MS, listen to me, you will not conquer my life.  You are the catalyst for me to be strong.  Because you, MS, are weak.  You are a pathetic weak variation of some cultured illness that one day will no longer be listed in our dictionaries. 

I can already feel the change.  The strength coming back into my legs that you so viciously stole from me yesterday.  Of course the physical abuse to my legs, liver and lungs this weekend was enough to put anyone in the hospital and I graciously appreciate your kindness as to not allow worse suffering on my part.

I will be off line for a bit as I take some RR.  Not sure - it's the fact that I'm going to a place without wifi so not sure what my accessibility will be.  At this time I cant drive.  My legs are much to weak for such exertion.    

I took some meds, double-dosed my ShenTrition and used a cane to walk the dog.  More on canes later.  It's been a challenging day but I am moving along OK.  We'll see.

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