Feeling burned

I'm feeling burned in several ways.  Regenerating in others.  There's enough green on me to keep growing.  I actually thought that Buzz would come down from the fire.  It's been five years since we separated.  And I actually thought that she might reappear. 

17 March 2004, the worst day of my life to date.  I lost my hound dog, Buzz.  And I would talk about it but I've cried enough today. 

Or so I thought.  I just found out that I offended the one person I love the most with my blog and it's only the first month.  So here I am, crying again. This blog is about me.  My struggles with MS.  And here's a good one.  Sometimes when the MS acts up it puts the emotions on a roller coaster and right now they are way high.  Or way low is a better way to put it.  So basically I'm an emotional mess and have been all day.

What's the date?  Ah so.   PMS.   Which really stands for P____   Multiple Sclerosis.  I don't know what the P stands for but something like "magnified".   MS is the worst during pre-menstrual cycles.  Something to do with hormones. 

I would like to stay home tonight but I think after my last mistatement I should just keep my mouth shut.  I'm tired.  MSie all the way.  But it will be nice and an early dinner with the folks.  I do like my dinner with the folks. 

more later...

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