MS this morning

I'm a little more MS-ie today than usual.  Had a pretty mellow day yesterday.  Got my nap in and went to memorial service.  Had some wine, good dinner and a little whiskey when I got home.  Worked on some fun projects last night - just really some good e-surfing and stuff.  My legs feel OK, not too crampy.  Had a nasty taste in my mouth this morning.  Better double rinse today. 

I'm a bit out of rhythm today.  The horses will fix that.  I don't know if I have any more than one to ride today.  There hasn't been many on my list lately.  All I want to do is ride.  Riding is critical to my MS success.  But it doesn't have to be riding for everyone.  It's the movement.  The physical activity.  The emotional connection with the horses.  it's a hobby.  A focus.

Everyone with MS (and without) will benefit from having a hobby to focus on.  I noticed when I was photographing the Galapagos that the heat didn't bother me as much when I was focused on getting a certain picture.  The focus helps me get through the moment of discomfort.  BUT, it means I have to be doubly careful afterward - that I rest and take care of myself and not continue to stay focused on activity or I will wipe out.

I'm also a bit emotional today.  I am most frustrated when folks don't understand my MS - many folks do, but men mostly, don't (relationship type men).  Maybe that's why I'm not in a relationship.  who knows.  Another time.   Now it's time to ride!

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