Ms and PMS. Twice the Trouble!

I should know by now. My MS is always worse the week before my menses. PMS and MS. PMSMS. As if one isn't enough... This last week I couldn't get cool at night. I didn't experience the heavy sweats last night as in the past. But woke up and knew to get to the bathroom. I had just been thinking that it had been awhile and I should check the calendar. But here it is! A few days early. Being as I'm 45 I could be heading for a pause in my meno. The point is that there is a definite relationship between MS and PMS. Would like to figure out the hormonal details.

Today was a doozy with my MS escalated. Cramps and back spasms. Energy, vision out the door. In need of a gentle day. Stretching, yoga, bath soak, praying, thanking God, breathing deep...

Water. Lots of water. And half a Vicodin for the pain. Especially because yesterday I indulged in a margarita and some great Mexican food at Dona Maria's. Yum! Best chile verde around. That was after taking a great horse ride and stopping at farmers market for some incredible produce. A wonderful Saturday was had by all.

Sunday mornings are my favorite. Today was the invitational for the trail trials. Dreamy and I qualified twice. But neither Kathy nor I had the energy to go. And I'm glad. While spending the morning talking to God and being gentle I felt the motivation to write again. I go in stages, writing. Not writing. But There is much to share about Multiple Sclerosis or MS.

MS can often be managed by lifestyle, nutritional and other changes. Don't give in to all the western medicines being thrown at you. Look deeply into the options and find a solution that works with your life style.

I did and couldn't be healthier!

Fortunately, after six months on the Copaxone shot, I was submitted into a double-blind, three-year T cell vaccination study at USC, federally supported. After going off the shot I took matters into my own hands.

While becoming certified in holistic nutrition via Bauman College, the lessons learned about the relationship between food and MS were significant. In addition, because my MS hit so that the loss of vision and the inability to walk unassisted was devastating, yoga became a necessary therapeutic relief. And it still is to this day as I just wrapped up an intimate yoga session with God being thankful for my life with MS. For I have changed much these past ten years.

My main MS solutions in a nutshell:

  • Faith
  • Family and Friends
  • Lifestyle management. Reduce stress.
  • Priotize appropriately
  • Manage each day as a new day
  • Simplify. Continually simplify.
  • Manage external and internal toxins
  • Yoga, gentle movement
  • Exercise, horses, fluid movement.
  • Fresh, fun foods.
  • Photography.
  • Fly fishing
  • ShenTrition. A protein green drink designed by chimes medicine. Http:// Six years. Will not stop.
  • Anger management and stress relief awareness
  • Medical marijuana for many symptoms. Pain, tremors, fatigue...
  • Manage stress, anger, boundaries
Find a system or program and work it everyday.

And find good outlets. Mine include photography and writing....


See you back here. And stay cool!



Unknown said...

An wonderful and informative post. I like it! Can you also brief us on symptoms for multiple sclerosis ?

Unknown said...

Not only do I get hot I get crazy.

alex said...

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