90 degrees predicted...whatcha going to do?

While 90 isn't that hot, for someone with MS it can mean the difference between playing inside or out. And while in the past I've spent more time outside in the warmer months, the heat does take its toll. This summer I am committed to spending more time in the cool A/C. Boring!

For someone who has spent the majority of her time outside, spending this much time inside can help one go crazy. I have my outlets. Today it's the Olympics. The other day it was a novel. In between comes this blog and a couple of work projects. Whiskey helps. Fly casting in the street with yarn. Cards. Friends. Family. Distractions. Productive distractions are best. But staying inside gets old after awhile. So how to escape?

Click here for article on heat intolerance with MS

Hmmm, where to escape where it's cool, interesting, inexpensive?

Options: Museums, beach, libraries, movies...

Must consider finances for right now. After this last relapse and a change in priorities I put a hold on some potential work which means I'm living off of fumes right now. That's ok. Humbling if anything. So, with this in mind we can't drive, use gas or spend money. So, time to find out what museums are open when and which ones we have memberships or free days.

Click here for FREE museum days in the Los Angeles area

Watching kayaking on tv is working for right now. Olympic white water. Just remembering how the water feels is a refreshing image for this girl with MS...And refreshing images are necessary for a healthy approach to MS.

Visualize yourself thriving in a life with MS. Realize your limitations and redefine your life. Realize your limitations and redefine your life. Realize your limitations and redefine your life.


 Originally posted 7/30/2012

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