Let it go!

First off, it's just not my issue. The fact this business wants to redo a perfectly good website because of ignorance is a waste of their time and money. As the original designer it is sad to think they are changing it to what is live now. Antiquated!

Breath....breath...it's not my issue. It's their decision to make whether it's right or wrong in my opinion.
Breathe, two, three, four...Breath, two, three, four....
Wow. How I can get so hung up for some 15 minutes over something I have no control over still amazes me! But at least I've learned to breathe through it. This is VERY Important for MS survivors - learning to let go and breathe through a situation. Our bodies do not need any extra stress or anxiety added.
Handy tips to reduce unnecessary internal toxins:
  • Visualization
  • Distraction
  • Happy Place
In order to reduce unneeded stress and anxiety we must move from being a "power player" to being one of "finesse". Visualize the grace of a rock climber, lean and agile, scaling the face of Half Dome. Imagine the lithe, quiet movement of gazelle on the tundra. Remember the simplicity and freedom of playing as a child.
Learn how to optimize your energy by learning how to redo each chore and activity utilizing less energy. Like right now, while typing this, I performed a quick body analysis: is there tension in any muscles? Yes! From the legs to fingers there was energy to be preserved. How is my breathing? Tense as well. Stop typing. Arms up. Deep breath, chest high. Shoulders relaxed. Let arms fall by your side. Exhale, Ahhhhhhh.
Analyze the body. Legs tense again? Wiggle and waggle. Exhale, Ahhhhhh. Amazing how quickly we can overuse our energy and we do not have any to waste!
Visualize what and who you want to be. Do not let MS define you. Survive and Thrive!

I use grape seed oil which can also be used for baths and body oils and is great for skin AND internal use mits an all around superfood!


Go to a happy place. Get out of your head, mind and body if you can. Go horse back riding, painting, writing, whatever it takes. Get happy! Readjust the attitude then go back to the project at hand. Today my happy place came from good friends, good coffee, and a quiet zone to write uninterrupted for an hour. Yes, that and topped off with some Hawaiian slack key guitar music, once again we have a state of nirvana.

A quick Body analysis proves that the tension has left. Energy is being consumed like the battery side of a hybrid car, conservatively, which is what we want.

Only we know when this excess energy is being burned. Our awareness and honesty with ourselves. Do we need to slow down? No one can answer that question but ourselves. And only if we want to have this choice in the future must we manage how our energy is spent today. Conserve and Preserve.



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