Hydrating and Cooling Tricks for MS

Finally! Getting some good sleep. Good food, activity, supplement balance.

There are different kinds of vests and systems. A lot of trial and error goes into thriving with MS but there are many more options these days.

We Have a "trails trial" this Sunday so I am prepping for the heat. Cooling vests out and ready to freeze and cool accordingly. Here I am on "Dreamy" in my blue Cool Medic vest.I have an Artic Heat vest on underneath the sun shirt. Some vests are water cooled. Some frozen and some carry ice blocks in them.

I was nervous for this day as it was a 7-8 mile/10-12k in the open desert with predicted temperature around 90F. And I had never been on one before.

My packing list:

CamelBak with lots of ice in bladder.Chill bladder in refrigerator overnight add ice in morning.

Cooling vest #1 - Arctic Heat cooling vest, activated and in freezer.

Cooling vest #2 - Cool Medic cooling vest in cooler, to get wet right before ride.

Cooling neck wrap, activated and in freezer.

(2) quart size zip locks with ice for inside boots after ride.

(1) sun hoodie from Solumbra

(1) pair fingerless, sun gloves from Solumbra

(3) bandanas in cold water in cooler

(2) gallon ziplocks with ice for cooler


Layers and

sun shirt

Light weight jeans

4 bottles water at least

2 coconut waters

Banana or orange juice or both

Morning of event: Shentrition Coconut water Water Banana.... I'm ready for this!

And it was a success! I stayed relatively cool, body didn't get out of whack and even placed seventh overall. A good day was had by all.

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