Symptom Free? Really, Dr...tell me more

After reading my doctors reports on me and I wonder who they are speaking of? It says here that I'm symptom free. Oh really? Why am I in bed, legs on fire? Why is my right hand not wanting to work? Why is it that I'm weak and out of balance today? why is my eyesight fidgety? Why are my spasms and neck pain so bad? Just because I looked great at my last visit doesn't mean I am great.

This is a report from my new neuromuscular specialist. She has nothing to base my history on because my neurologist doesn't have my medical records (they just informed me) and the ones they do have are not accurate. I do not talk about every little MS detail or I would be in the office all day. Not to mention that I've had the same symptoms going on for years. I can manage them to a point. But reading all these errors about me. Saying my life is a dance on the park. This is just so wrong!

Doctors are supposed to be your advocates. They are supposed to do the right things.

The report said I denied having insomnia. Night sweats. Fevers. I have these all of the time. And it said I denied a chronic cough, swallowing problems and sore throat. Hello? I've had chronic bronchitis my entire life and its be really bad lately. Swallowing, gagging and other issues have plagued me since my illness.

I want answers. I have two more MRIs coming up. Brain and cervical spine. According to the doctor's report I haven't had an MRI in five years due to insurance copays. So not true. The doctor never asked me to get one.

The report says I refuse any more medicines? Like what? They've never offered me anything. They've never even discussed medicines. Why should they? According to them I've been exacerbation free since the 1980's. twenty years prior to my diagnosis. Wow. They have ESP.


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