Reagan Library, MS on the Road

Wow. Just lost my entire post. Was having issues with the videos. Hit one button on computer and lost it all. Nothing would undo. Frustration!

But wow, my adventures to Reagan Library on Wednesday were wonderful. We are heading there to celebrate my fathers birthday and to see a special exhibit on Lincoln including a lunch where Abe himself comes and speaks. He must have slept in Tupperware. Very preserved after all these years!

First things including assessing this MS body. What am I gong to need for a few hours walking in a museum, the drive, plus the subsequent activities throughout the rest of the day.

Had time for a little chat and free flow session before heading west.

I don't drive much in the highways since my MS for various reasons. So today I'm being chauffeured by my folks. Not bad at time and no driving!

Arriving at the Reagan Library is always a treat.

Entering the gardens...

And always a treat - The Berlin Wall!

A small tour of the wall, the view (or lack of it today) and parts of the garden:

After an incredible lunch, beautiful exhibit on Lincoln and a very large life like head of Abe, time for a tour of the garden and memorial site.

One of three signed Emancipation Proclomations. Thank you Abe!

Wow! what a moving exhibit. And my Ms stayed at bay. I survived! And I thrived. Often I can't keep up with my folks but today I could. Here they are by the fountain. Today, MS couldn't take me down.

Wrapping up the library and preparing for some gardening time before the required events for the Chamber of Commerce and for dads birthday dinner.

We did it! MS, take that!


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