Getting this MS body moving after a full Day

Had a great full day yesterday and am paying the price. Went to church and breakfast with the family. Then recorded a small blessing of my own, remembering the importance of my faith when I was first diagnosed.
Then off to a friends book signing at Vromans Bookstore in Pasadena. Author Patricia Olson wrote Tall Jay, a story about blue jay with legs too long...yea, I can relate with my MS. Sometimes you just don't fit in.

Temperatures reached the mid 90's which for MS can be quite tiresome. After a little relaxation, we played our nightly card games. Cocktails and cards at 5. Dinner around 6. Jeopardy at 7. Pretty routine but its nice to spend time with my folks who are a very lively 78 and 81.

After a run of Mexican gin the folks gave me a few bridge lessons. There's a lot to remember in bridge...

Well it was all enough to make this feel like a true Monday morning. I made the mistake of taking half a klonopin this morning when I woke up. Thought it was about 3am but it was closer to 6am. Klonopin helps with muscle cramps and other MS issues but it creates fog brain. And I don't like fog brain. So here I am, slowly waking up the mind, body and soul. Getting ready to take this day by the horns and run with it!

Part of a morning free flow session...

Take THAT ms!


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