Sometimes you just got to be bad....and good

Today I let caution to the wind. Went to a movie screening for a great documentary called "Walk On" and then to a feeding fest at a local bar with friends.

Walk On is a beautifully produced and directed film about a young man's challenges of being born HIV positive. While its easy for many to think that HIV and AIDS are not the threats they once were, we need to think again. Did you know mothers are having infected babies when it could be avoided? Social stigma around HIV has not yet been swayed. This is time for a change.

Each person in this film faces diversity with great strength and admiration for life. Two aspects we need every day with our battle against multiple sclerosis. While it doesn't take much caution throwing to watch a film, it does take it to live life to the fullest. To take the hand we are dealt and make a winner out of it.

Wile pondering the effects of being a winner we decided to go to a local eatery and bar, Fat Dog. Ok the name alone says what kind of food it is and it sure isn't MS friendly!

Started off with a pint of Mission IPA. Added some fried olives, jalapeño Mac n cheese w bacon and a braised short rib sandwich. Ok. Wow. Way too much heat. Way too many calories. But oh it tasted good!

Then, I came home, made a cup of Chinese detox tea and warm lemon juice, watched some silly television (NCIS LA) for a bit. Played some on my ipad and gently fell to sleep around 9pm. Which is probably why I popped up wide awake at 230am. Time for some water, breathing, meditation to calm the angst from yet another doctor mix up and more. Time for venting on the blog. Time for easing my angst by writing and breathing. Thinking of those that seem less fortunate yet have the upper hand on me. So much to learn from these folks. From life. So much....


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