Steelhead, horses, photography, good friends and so much more!

So psyched! I'm planning my first MSontheRoad adventure and leave in two days!

MSontheRoad is the travels of this girl with MS promoting MS awareness around the world. On this first trip we are traveling to a 500 acre spruce ranch not far from the Oregon coast outside of Seal Rock. The ranch belongs to a good friend of mine, Sue. We met at a barn a few years back and I ended up training a couple of her horses. Our friendship has grown ever since.

She has a new horse for me to ride, Phil, photographed below. I trained a half sister of his, Pepper, and love the disposition and athleticness of this line. Nice, stable horses.

And not only do we get to play with ponies but the steelhead are running. Haven't even seen a fall steelhead run in over ten years. And the salmon are in. One of the ranch hands, Quip, will show me some secret spots. He's going hunting before hand so fishing may comes later in the trip. But wowza! I'm so psyched.

Not my fish but let's get inspired:

The folks just bought me a new fly fishing vest for my first MSontheRoad adventure and a few other odds and ends that could be helpful. I've fished mt whole life but fly fishing not as much. And I love it. The whole process from tying flies to enjoying the wilderness.

I went on a bit of a binge last night and tied a bunch of crazy flies last night. Started having too much fun exploring a wooly bugger pattern and had some wine and well, some crazy flies! Sometimes fun trumps practicality.

I don't have gators or proper boots but that can come later. Ill just imagines the young men in "river runs throuhg it" and fish with what Ive got. I just like being where fish are. Ive been researching and reading a lot the last couple of days, everything from expected hatches in the area to fly tying to gear that should be in my arsenal.

In addition, I am getting photography and horse gear together. My good 100-400 L series lens is a bit wonky with focusing. Didnt take it for repairs in time but am taking the camera as is. In addition I will take my GoPro camera and tripod. I like to wear my gopro when I ride as it fits great on my helmet. I'm thinking gopro with tripod will be good for other video needs. The iPhone rocks for quick vids and uploads.

Here are some of my photography from earlier visits to the ranch: photography

And I just heard from the director of the Oregon State University's Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Program. It starts next Wednesday and goes from 11-12. I'm heading over at 10:30 to chat with the director and then participate in the program. Then maybe Sue and I will go to lunch. Corvallis, Oregon, is a great little city.

I'm looking forward to meeting this group and seeing what great work they are doing!


I am Feeling so blessed as to how everything is working out. We even have a birder friend nearby ready for some siteseeing and photography. As im writing this i. Waiting for an MRI of my brain for my MS. im giving up an hour for that disease but the rest of the day is mine and its da kine!

Soooo, Take THAT MS!


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