Four days up and Four days down - That is MS

This has been my longest down time in awhile.  Four days and I'm just coming back to normal.  Having a cold/infection of sorts isn't helping.  I'm taking antibiotics for the first time in some ten years.  Not sure if it's doing the trick. 

I'm house-sitting and off the wifi for now.  It's giving me good time to rest and read.  Current read:  The Girl who Played with Fire. 

Still in an emotional funk but think that it's just the way life is for me right now.  I'm not strong enough to go ride yet, but next week should be better.  I don't feel like I have the strength to drive yet but walking is getting better.  At least the legs are moving in somewhat of a coordinated fashion.

Yesterday was caloric intake day for me:  stouffers lasagna, spinach souffle, cheese and chips and carrots and stuff.  I dropped near 8 pounds last weekend and need to rebuild. 

In fact - I'm off to read now.  My hands aren't really working that well and neither is my eyesight.  Heck, not much of me is working right now.  I better make some calming tea and do some meditation.  That will center me.  Yoga and meditation.  And the book.  I will be better soon. At least able to ride soon.  I hope.  This isn't fun. 

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