Cleansing, Shmeansing

But boy do I need it.  And what a treat it's been.  Fresh greens at every meal.  "kidney eggs" (whites with turmeric) several times a day. Fruit all day long.  Bacon, because it makes everything taste good and I need some fat.  

Chard, turnip greens, Fuji's, Gala's, Bacon, walnuts, fresh Basil, fresh Tomatoes, Humboldt fog, hmmmm...neeed I say more? 

Sometimes I can't be as detoxifying as I would prefer but if there is free food around I'm not going to pass it up.  So I had some taquitos.  Go ahead and eat one or two but fill your plate with detoxifying radish salad and cooked greens not to mention organic re-fried beans. 

Make sure to add lots of fresh fruit and cooked fresh greens.  Avocado doesn't hurt either, especially if you need the calories.

more to come...

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