Emotional overload

The natural flow of the sycamore held up through the trimmers.  Often not the case.  An umbrella but not harsh to the eyes.  Maintenance on trees is important.  No matter how many tears fall as the plentiful wildlife is disrupted.  Bill Peet is in my head.  The fat little racoon from Shady Glade is wagging his finger at me...Those big sad eyes.  Don't destroy our homes.  OK, enough guilt.  Emotion overload. 

One thing I often forget about relapses with MS is the emotional roller-coaster ridden in various forms and function.  Crying one moment.  Hysterically giddy another.  Granted the highs are pretty good but the downs can be heart wrenching.  And it goes the same with anger and frustration.  All emotions. 

We need to take care of our emotions.  Each and everyone of them.  Cradle, love, respect and take heed of them.  That's what I'm off to do.  Some meditation, yin yoga, ahhhhh...


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