Chinese Medicine Experiment on Tremors Days 1-7

Day 1:

I've worked with several doctors specializing in Chinese Medicine and have had good experiences. So, why not try it again?

The benign essential tremors in my neck became exacerbated and I need help. Help beyond a pill.

Interestingly I look back and see what I changed last summer. I had stopped taking my Shentrition. I came a bit low on funds and held back. First time in six years. At least six years. Well, the Shentrition is back in. But I need a booster to get me going.

Today I start a seven day tea regime after receiving both Chinese massage and acupuncture. Tea is not the correct word. Herbs maybe is what they used. "Drink your herbs. You look much too old for your age." Thanks, cause I was actually feeling really good.

After a pulse exam where the doctor reads ones pulse for several minutes, I'm told I have severe arthritis in my body and its rejecting the cold weather. I need warmth. But more importantly my kidney yin is in trouble. And the negative energies were pulling my thinking mind down, suffocating it while destroying my life.

Ok then, What do I do? Thus the week of herbs. And not any herbs but pretty pricey ones. Each day is $17. Dump the herbs in a mason jar, pour a cup hot water on it. Drink half of it thirty minutes after breakfast and half of it thirty minutes after dinner. I may have poured a bit more water. It smells a bit potent.

As I taste the mixture it becomes familiar. Ive had similar tastes during an herbal detox program. Not horrible. And if it does the job then super dandy!

It will be interesting to feel the effects.

This morning I took the herbs after a pleasant walk with a dear friend, some good healthy eats, bath tub yoga and some inspirational time. Feeling the love right now.

Will keep you posted.

Day 2:

Well that was interesting! Not sure what is remnants of flu and what is from herbs but talk about a body flush. Feeling great this morning. Still having tremors but could feel a subtle calm and cooling effect in my body after herbs. Feel like I actually need more. This may be an expensive habit but if I could build my blood tonic and kidneys, Ill be ready to kick some MS booty!

It tastes like fermented tree bark. But I'm craving its goodness. Off to make some for this morning. Had my Shentrition already. Plus some fruit and water. Having a lovely and productive morning but glad I'm. Not too far from the toilet!

Days 4-6

Feeling pretty darn amazing! Grouping these days as they have all been pretty similar. aware of very nice settling sensation in my lower back. And a calm sense Throughout. I feel content and sensitive to toxins again. A couple of beers and I was done! Ready for water and herb tea. I like this feeling!

Day 7

The tremors are still here but i have felt a change since the Herbs. They are spendy but I wish to continue them another week or more. The anti inflammation qualities are pleasantly addicting.

In addition to the Chinese herbs I'm taking "Calm" magnesium/calcium supplement, Standard Processes' Catalyn and a vitamin B/C complex. And today I started the Standard Processes' kidney detoxification and support, "Renafood".

Looking forward to feeling more positive effects with these supplements.

Catch you on the flip side...



Margla Clerk said...

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Caroline Craven said...

Thank you! I will check it out.