Boundaries, Safe Spaces and Safe Places

Wow! Amazing how we have to really slam down our boundaries at time. We need to to stay healthy. When friends and family continue to push and prod you into an emotional wreck you must take care of yourself!

I had a horrible day the other day nears and all. Anger so hot it burned inside.

I found a safe place: a walk by myself.

I found a safe space: meditation through the anger to find peace and happiness.

It is OK to scream and rant and rave when one is angry as long as its not directed at anyone else. This wasn't. I ranted and raved for three miles.

And amazingly as the anger came out of me the peace flowed in. With each breath I would shout my anger and exhale all negativity. Then inhale the beauty surrounding me and visualize peace, joy and grace.

Boy did it work. But it took 45 minutes to realize that when I am upset I can only change the things I have control over. My safe place and my safe space. One physical. One mental.

In order to thrive with MS: Boundaries are necessary. Knowing what is in my control and what isn't is crucial. Seeking a safe place and a safe space is critical.

I am in a great mood today. Woke early and visualized the negativity flowing out of me and the positive beauty of life flow in. Ahhhhhh.

Off to take a walk with a dear friend. Safe place. Safe space.

Let's do this!


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