The heat issue...again?!

Seriously. If a person with MS says its hot. It's hot! Deal with it. How dare you folks say, "well we have AC, they'll be just fine". Well. F u! Tell an alcoholic it's just a bar or just a drink and oh, by the way, you don't have a choice, the heat will hit and you will have had three drinks. Whether you want them or not.

It's amazing how frivolous folks talk about MS. Never would someone throw an alcoholic in a bar with free drinks. Or a diabetic into an ice cream shop unprepared. MS is a serious disease. Get it!

In fact Click here and read this right now from if you know anyone whom you care about who has MS

"How Severe Can It Get?

For some people, heat intolerance can be debilitating enough that they are unable to function well at even slightly elevated temperatures and must consider moving to a cooler geographic location. Deaths have even been reported among people with MS who ... lost the ability to get out of the heat."

That means do not even try to invite a person with MS to the desert or anywhere when the weather is over 90 and expect them to come without jeopardizing their health and well being. It is just rude, stupid and inconsiderate. How dare you.  Really?  Creating events in 90 plus degrees weather is one thing.  Expecting someone with MS to attend is ignorant and sad. 

So who is the bad guy? Me! Because I have the heat disease but they don't seem to understand why I can't just sit in the AC. Really? Maybe because the AC In the car has never worked right. Seriously. Some $$ POS car that doesn't have a good AC. And don't even bring up the siblings who still have no idea what my disease is about.

I'm the one crying myself to sleep and awake each day yet I'm the bad guy for sticking to my doctors orders and my boundaries. I am heat sensitive! Get it! I'm also extremely sensitive to sound and noises as well as visual imagery and I have been for OVER TEN YEARS. Meaning not a lot of noise, sound or other distractions.  Even these "!" are too much for me.  These are doctors orders yet they seem to mean nothing to family and friends at time.

Here's an interesting article about MS and dysfunctional thermoregulators...body temp stuff... I recommend everyone with a "loved" one with Ms to take a serious Look at understanding the disease. Stop hurting the ones you love and take ten minutes to understand. The ones closest are often the most ignorant.

Thank you. Feeling the love....Time to hit the road and walk as far as the shade will take me. Unfortunately I didn't wake up early enough for this to be very far...

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Unknown said...

my ms is new to me, only 6 months. Heat is my worst enemy, people wonder why I spend summer inside, I love your take on things. I eat LOADS of ice, cools me down a treat lol x