Ann Romney - helping or hurting MS?

Is Ann Romney really helping MS or helping big pharmaceutical companies?

Do people really think that the biotechnology companies are finding a "cure" for MS or even providing medicines they might actually curb this disease or are they supplying costly placebos to pacify us all?

At best, MS treatments such as the daily shot, Copaxone, seem to "offer a 30% chance that they might reduce future attacks".  "Might reduce".  Well, I want more than a "Might"!    And I would prefer if the treatment cost less than rent.  $1200 pre insurance.  For a 30% chance that it "might" keep you from feeling like crap on some random day next month.

Here is one article.  I can think of much better ways to spend my time, money and energy and feel a heck of a lot better!

MS survivors see hope in Romney's fight
Boston Herald
Ann Romney's poise as she addresses the Republican National Convention gives hope to 2.5 million multiple sclerosis sufferers, while showing how far biotechnology companies have come toward curing the once “untreatable” disease, experts told the ...
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MS Survivors see hope in Ann Romney. The Boston Herald seems to think so, 

What Do you think?

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