Shade trekking, cold showers and surviving summer

One of those weeks! Not bad relative to other areas but with MS it doesn't really matter past 80 degrees.

Time to get outside early and go "shade-trekking" which is just like it sounds. Cold water in tow, cooling vest if necessary, hat and sun protection on, we hit the shade. Fortunately we live in an areas full of tall trees. But one wrong turn can put you in the sun for over a block. And it's too warm for that! Our goal is a gentle walk that doesn't stress the body other than a nice physical activity. If its so warm that a cooling vest is needed then maybe another time during the day would be better for your walk?

Sometimes we have no choice and need to just get outside. Just remember to be kind to your body as its been through a lot. Kindness goes a long way with MS. To oneself and to others.

Trekking we went, diverting our course according to the morning summer sun. It's easier for me to walk a bit quicker if I start to get too warm. The strolling, if prolonged, can exacerbate my internal heat. This is true if I'm starting to enter the red zone. If I'm just lingering in the green to orange, and I see blue on the horizon, then I am ok. It's all about the zones for my MS management.

Today I could have gone into the red but I showed restraint. Visualized the blue on the walk home until I stepped into the cool shower and felt my core body temp drop. Then I stretched and prayed and slipped into a nice green zone for today's projects.

I've mentioned zones before but here are my visuals:

That's how this girl with MS is surviving this day with MS!

Now for the thriving this spot! 



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